Date men and women from United States / Arkansas, 43 year old

Date a man from Arkansas, United States. I am a single parent whose not much into the bar scene. I like to dance, dinning out, and catching a movie. I love to try new resturants and new things to eat. I can be quiet at first, but warm up quickly. I love to listen to the eighty's channel on sirius radio, however, my daughter has got me listening to the current pop music. I actually like some of it, lady gaga...LOL
I would like to find a nice lady who is not into drama. I have my daughter and she is priority #1, but I miss having someone to talk to and to go dancing with.

Meet people from Arkansas, United States. Im a fun guy that likes ti help people . I enjoy kids and family things like ball games going to eat and the lake .I can make a woman laugh , i try and have fun in whatever i do . Looking for a woman that can just be herself and have fun .

Date a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. I just want to say hi to everyone and good luck on finding your perfect match. I have a good sense of humor, probably a little bit sarcastic at times. I like doing pretty much anything if it involves being outside. I enjoy doing anything mechanical, from working on cars or motorcycles to doing paint and bodywork. I like sports, both watching and playing. I am a razorback nut so if they are playing I'm gonna be watching or listening. I like most types of music, I have a wide variety on my ipod that I listen to while working. I have a landscape and lawn maintenance business and have been doing that for about 13 years now. It slows down some in the winter so I try to take some time to do a little hunting. I have a couple motorcycles so it would be nice to find someone that enjoys riding. I usually just go for rides around locally, nothing long distance. I also like taking the boat to the lake and just relaxing and doing a little fishing or just swimming and taking in the rays. I am a gun person and enjoy taking a few guns out and doing some target practicing. I enjoy going out to eat and will try almost anything but it's hard to beat a good steak and a cold bud light or I am up for staying in and cooking. I grew up helping my grandmother in the kitchen when I was little so I learned from her. I am a pretty good cook. I can fix anything from fried chicken to a homemade pie. I have 3 outside dogs, all labs. If there is anything else you would like to know just ask.

Meet someone special from Arkansas, United States. I'm a pretty good natured guy, and try to get along with everyone. My work keeps me in contact with families and children constantly. I like to travel sometimes spur of the moment. I have 2 children and see them often. I was married for 17 years and value a marriage the way it should be. Looking for someone who shares the same values. Someone who is secure in themselves and ready to enjoy the rest of their lives in a solid relationship. Looking for a positive attitude with a flexible sense of humor, someone who appreciates honesty and a sarcastic sense of humor as well as sensitivity. Looking for a woman that wants a good man not just another source of income. II enjoy all kinds of music and have no problems going to Memphis just to get my Blues on, I like going to the movies and don't mind seeing the chick flicks just don't point and laugh if moisture builds around my eyes. I enjoy dinning out but love love love a good home cooked meal and have no problem cooking or dishes. I like to spend time with my kids, if thats a problem don't bother. My kids are great and have no problem sharing them with a good woman. I am raising them to create and enjoy their own lives and would like to find someone to share the rest of mine. I do work some on weekends and tend to have a lot of free time during the week. I am self employed so I can adjust my work schedule to accomodate the right person not the wrong person. I don't consider myself a jealous person and expect to be trusted equally by my partner. I'm looking for a woman with a career and goals, but still be able to cut loose and act silly. Attitude is everything!! if you are pissed and fighting with your ex or cant get along with people, then you won't get along with me. I don't live life like there's no tomorrow, (that seems to be a common outlook these days), I want to enjoy life now and in the future. I plan and prepare for both. I don't run marathons but will cheer you on and train with you if thats what you do. (I can out run most kids though and prove it often) I am a muscular large man with some insulation. I do exorcise, not always 1-2 times a week that was the only other choice besides none. I'm pretty low maintenance. If you have kids, believe me I know my place, I have kids as well. I love to travel and do often when able. I'm looking for a woman that is able to bring an equal amount to a relationship and treat me as well as she would like to be treated. It worked for my Grandparents who were married for 70 years. I want to enjoy life now while I can and hold your hand on the porch and reflect on it later.

Date men and women from Arkansas, United States. Fancy cars, big expensive houses, and the fast paced, materialistic lifestyle is not for me. I rent a cozy country cottage/house in Cato, AR (Sherwood / NLR) on 15 acres with horses, a fishing pond, and a large garden. I am a misplaced Texan who now resides in AR with an establish business here and moving is not currently in the picture.
Traditional values are important to me, as well as honoring your marriage commitment working through any issues. I'm a romantic at heart who believes marriage is unto death do us part, but unfortunately I did not have that option because of a reckless choice my partner made in our marriage. I'm fortunate that NO kids are involved.
I'm 43 years old, born on New Year's Day, 6'4" tall, 175lb, type-A personality; fun, creative, ambitious, innovative type of guy. I'm an business entrepreneur for over 25 years with a good job, but wouldn't mind a complete career change in the future. What I'm doing now is not what I want to spend the rest of my life with, but I found comfort for having job security for being self-employed and having several months living expense saved.
I'm creative, adventurous, spontaneous, and very competitive. I built the world's largest Delta kite (65 feet by 100 feet) and am registered with the Guinness Book of World Records is my claim to fame. And, I'm a Texan who once owned, bought it on April Fool's Day, but it was no joke! I gave it back to UofA after a little media exposure.
Relationships are VERY important to me and I go all out. I'm a 100% giver and would like the same, or rather a balance. I do not work well with selfishness: a relationship is all about "we" and not all about "me"; and sometimes it requires making sacrifices in order for it to work. Spending quality time, physical touch, and words of affirmation is my love language that is important for me. Because of that, I prefer someone nearby as long distance relationships do not work!
Although physical appearance is important, beauty comes from within. I am typically attracted to medium to LONG hair (yes, I have a hair fettish), and am a sucker for BLUE eyes. Unfortunately, short hair does not do it for me at all, nor do curly perms. I am totally acceptance to size and am not critical about someone's weight. Personality is a plus, and being romantic is a must!
I don't smoke, don't do drugs, no criminal record, no excessive alcohol, and absolutely NO porn! I have certain somewhat old-fashion values and a strong belief system. I absolutely despise infidelity (physical or emotional) as the ultimate betrayal of another human being! I've never, nor do I don't believe there is ANY reason to hit another person, or mentally abuse someone with degrading words. When dealing with emotions of the heart, I hate dishonesty, lying, game playing, and all the other negative aspects of a relationship that some people choose. The Golden Rule really applies to my life and especially in my relationships.
I am a one-of-a-kind find and I desire an exclusive, monogamous relationship that hopefully will lead to marriage. I want truth, love and faithfulness in my relationship as I will give you my all and I want the same in return. I’m not a quitter, and neither should be you. I am the Grand Prize and not a consolation prize, and you will be one too. I'm looking for a woman who wants to be treated like a Mercedes and not like a Kia as most men do. I know how to cherish a woman and understand her in all her essence: I know that a real man never stops trying to show a woman how much she means to him, even after he’s got her. I’m not looking for a one in a million kind of girl, I’m looking for a once in a lifetime kind of woman. I don’t want a perfect person. I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well, and loves being with me more than anything.I need a special unique woman who complements me like salt and pepper, and who will be with me for a lifelong journey. Is that special woman you???

Meet single man from Arkansas, United States. I am a 43 year old father of 3, 2 girls 18and17 and my best buddy in the world 11year old boy. I am very involved in their lives. They have been and still are first in my life. I have been divorced for 8 years and i am ready to find the one i will spend the rest of my life with. I am a very outgoing person and it doesnt take much to make me happy. I coach all kinds of youth sports and love to hunt and fish. My kids are ready for me to find someone as well. They ask me all the time if im talking to anyone. I dated a whole lot right after my divorce but for the last couple years i have been concentrating on my children having a stable home. I consider myself honest,caring,loving,hard working,clean cut,decent looking family man. I am looking for a attractive,honest,loving classy lady and i will not settle for anything less.

Date a man from United States. I own my business and work for my self , summer I usually do not have much free time. A refrig, is the ICE to look for, (Van Buren),
i am at crawford co speedway on sat nights in the pits .999 i am a pit crew member. my other hobbies are walking , watching movies , sharing time with others, driving my OLD car, being with friends, riding my morotrcycle, enjoying life for what it offers, and just being out with others. smiles 2 u , aplus you can look for,and not be far, from the grade,
my ice sales are seasonal So I drive a school bus during the school year,

Meet people from United States. I think my friends would descibe me as a person that walks to the beat of his own drum. I've never been one to follow the majority. They would also say I am funny, easy going and loyal.
I have a 16 year old son that lives with me full time. Of course I have to say that he is the best kid a dad could ask for.
I would like to meet somebody with some of the same interest that I have.
Warning !!! This next part is corny!!
I would like to take a journey through life with all its ups and downs with someone. A friend, a soulmate, a lover.

Date a soulmate from United States. I am me. Maybe that doesn't make any sense but that's who I am. I love my kids. I enjoy anything to do with water fishing swimming etc. I make decent money which I pay most of it in child support. Im not going to try to be something im not. I was married for 19 yrs have 4 kids ages 11 13 16 20. I have a big heart I know how to love and treat a woman I just forgot how to date! I love to cook hate to clean and I whine when im sick. Im a good person I think but who am I to judge. Never been in jail so I guess that counts as something! Im not looking for the flawless perfect woman im looking for a woman with a good heart that can laugh and bait her own hook.

Meet someone special from United States. making sure the lady im with is spoiled and pampered. making sure she is number 1 and my best friend never let anybody disrespect her stand for her honor. i want a lady who is honest and faithful witty and smart. somebody who takes good care of themself and takes pride in the way they look and carry themself.

I am a 43-year old white male with no children. I am a very nice man who likes to make women laugh and smile. I'm a bit of a flirt, but nothing rude or obnoxious. I am a big man who has lost 140 pounds over the past 16 months! I'm in the best shape I've been in since the late 1980's when I was finishing High School. I'm proud of how I look and I will definitely stay in shape the rest of my Life. I have often been told I am handsome, very sexy, passionate, smart, intelligent. I have a very good sense of humor that is well mannered, but if the gloves come off the comedy can get crazy! I love my family even though I don't see them much due to being hundreds of miles apart.
I like to make a woman laugh, smile and generally have fun. It's great to bring happiness into a woman's life. Children are great. I was a step-dad before and I'd love to be step-dad or "dad' again. Those were very fun times in my previous marriage. My step kids were a step-son 10 years old, and a step-daughter 5 years old.
I enjoy good conversation. I enjoy talking, but I am a good listener too. I like going out to eat, see a movie, or simply walk and talk.
I listen to my instincts. They are usually correct about people being good, bad, honest, fake, etc. I am trusting and open with my Life. I have lived a rather interesting one! There are things I'd like to change. If someone abuses my trust, it's the end of everything. My time is far more valuable than games, lies, gold-diggers, and users. I do not hit people or throw things, I am strongly against violence in a relationship and in Life overall. I am looking for something to develop. There has to be a physical and emotional spark. If those are not there, nothing chemical / physical will happen.
3 things that are deal makers / deal breakers:
Good, preferably straight- all- WHITE teeth
SMILE in your pictures; or at least in one of them. I find it much more attractive if a woman is smiling in her pics vs. a frown.
Hygiene: bad breath is repulsive on anyone.
*** I am not into seriously overweight / morbidly obese. ***

Meet single man from United States. i am single and ready to meet that special person who want two come in my life with out games or drama be with me and treat me and beside me at all time and some that will enjoy wakeing up with me and enjoying them selves with me and doing other wanderful things together