Date men and women from United States / Arkansas, 64 year old

Date men and women from Arkansas, United States. I am now retired after 40 years with DOD private contractors.
I piddle in my shop when the weather is nice working on my old cars, go to car shows, antique stores, casino's, open to your suggestions. I have a two seat glider on my back deck, one for me and one for YOU???
I would like to find someone to go places and do things with.
I have two sons and two grandsons, one close by and one far away.
I like country, old time rock n roll and Gospel music.
I do like to fire up the BBQ grill, If you will fix the salad and baked potato I will grill us a big ole juicy steak. I also like going out to a nice resturant and whatever we might decide to do afterwards.
Would be nice to meet someone that lives within 20 miles or so from Camden Arkansas.
I am debt free, not looking for a woman to support me.
Look forward to hearing from YOU!! Thanks for checkin me out, Wayne
PS Orrrr, may be, you would just like some one to spend time with, go out to lunch, get a donut in the am,
Go to the Sandbar for a big ole juicy steak in the evening????? Well I don't know bout YOU but I sure get bored out here on this hill by myself all the time... Jus sayin, a little company might bring a little happiness
to both of us!! I know I am OLD, just got my Medicare card in the mail, but I ain'T dead yet.. Are YOU????? LOL
PSS ORRRR may be that you know a retired Gal that would like an old retired guy to share some of this so called
Golden Time with... If so, tell me how to find her, or tell her how to find me.....

Meet a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. Most people that I know compliment me by saying that I am a good person, whatever that means, and that I have a good heart (not in a physical way). I consider myself independent, a self starter, and creative. I do not lie, cheat, or steal and do not tolerate those who do. I do not need money so don't expect someone who can't pay the bill at dinner or cover the tickets for the show.
I live a simple life in the country and would like to share some time with a kind heart and simple lady.

Date single man from Arkansas, United States. 64 yrs old, retired military, vietnam veteran, great sense of humor, well educated both in school and in life. I am a one woman man. Always will hold your hand, your chair, aand the door. I send flowers when they are not expected, and call you up every once in a while and say I miss you.

Meet people from Arkansas, United States. I believe I owe my potential companion absolute/total honesty. To tell you what I am like is a waste of time. This is not an auction of humans. I know what I want to be perceived as but that is a sale-pitch and most people are liars. At my age, if you like my photo and/or my income that is the key to want to get to communicate with me. Get to know me and then you tell me what you think I am made of and then I can post Ms. Right's opinion.
Personally. I would like to be pen pals, text or email buddies then possibly dining out buddies with anyone that loves life and appreciates each day as a gift.
I am a USMC combat infantry wounded Vietnam Veteran. My political views would be compared to a Libertarian. In my opinion people write about themselves sometimes mistakenly describing themselves as they want to appear or what they want others to think about them. It is my opinion that 5 different people or 50 different people would each have a different opinion of me. With that being said I have had people to tell me that God made me the way I am and he would not have me any other way. Well, I believe there is just cause in thinking that God does not make mistakes thus if he made me the way he wanted me then I am perfect, ask God.

Date a man from Arkansas, United States. I'm ready to move on and enjoy someone special in my life.
I’m a terrible tease. A good laugh makes my day. Sunshine seems to revitalize me while rain and puddles are also fun. Who said I am not an adolescent at heart.
I enjoy volunteering principally at a local “soup kitchen” and dishwashing seems to be my specialty. Dish pan hands?
" Love doesn't make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile." --Elizabeth Browning
I have lived in many cities: Detroit, Chicago, LA, Milwaukee and NJ, like a white collar migrant worker. I was raised on the East Coast and have travelled extensively.
There is nothing like a convertible ride with someone special. Looking for someone very special companion in my life. Hopefully you are a caring honest person, who can laugh and enjoy the humor all around us. You believe in living passionately and enjoying its into adventures. And everyday includes smiles, joy, laughter and a great ME.

Meet someone special from Arkansas, United States. What I'm looking for is a soul mate, a best friend, someone to share the rest of our lives together. I believe soul mates are not predestined but made by 2 people willing to do whatever it takes to equally make it happen.

I enjoy listening to music, dining out, long walks/ hiking, bike riding and movies. I enjoy visiting historic sites. I like to browse in antique stores and flea markets. I love riding in my pickup truck on the back roads with no particular destination in mind. It's nice to stop at those out of the way restaurants and small stores in small towns or anything interesting to see. I like lakes, rivers and streams or any part of nature. I try to eat healthy, and I walk and work out every day to stay in good physical shape. If you don't use it you lose it.
To quote a Neil Diamond song "I don't have a lot but with me that's fine whatever I got I know it's mine. I don't spend a lot of time worrying about things I'm not."
I believe the best things in life are indeed free and we should live every day as if it is our last. God, the Creator gave us so much to enjoy on this earth and we allow ourselves to get distracted by this busy life. We should live in the moment and remember every event is judged by our perspective at the moment. Some things may look like the darkest hole that we will never climb out of but someday be seen at a turning point to our happiest hour.
I see life as a journey, not a marathon. Every day is a new beginning and what we do with it is mostly our choice. We all have our ups and downs but life is to be enjoyed.
When you get to know me you will find that I am easy-going, affectionate, dependable, loyal and will treat you just like I want to be treated.
I'm a country boy and I would hope my soulmate would at least be country at heart. I like to wear jeans and you will rarely see me in a coat and tie. I live in a rustic cabin with modern amenities in the Ozarks. I love the beauty and close proximity to nature and would love to share it with that special lady. I don't take myself too seriously and would hope that she would also have a good sense of humor. Together we can enjoy the simple things of life. If you enjoy some of the same things I would love to hear from you. I know some women like the man to make the first move but it would be nice if you would at least wink to let me know if you're interested.

Date men and women from United States. My only dependents are Luke and Harley, a collie and Linnemur mix, respectively. We are all former strays and a little rough arond the edges. They think I'm the smartest guy on the planet, so we get along together pretty well. None of us have any adult supervision, but we're happy as clams. We all bark too much and misbehave on occasion.
I'm the only one that's been married -- twice.
I'm a former Boy Scout -- though the highest rank I achieved was Tenderfoot. Our Scoutmaster died just before I made Second Class scout. I still strive to be kind, reverent, true, and brave.
I tend to challenge injustices, though I try to keep a low profile and stay out of serious trouble.
I am easygoing and seldom ruffled, but admit to needing a little improvement in the ruffling part.
I am independent-minded (perhaps maverick) in politics, religion -- most everything.
In my notion of a euphoric state, the only rules would be The Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I enjoy people and life.I try to live a healthy lifestyle.I lean a little to the left politically.I am a retired teacher.Taught 23 years in aninner city school district.I'm looking forward to enjoying my retirement.

Date single man from United States. I recently lost one of my compass points but still have my faith, my friends, and my occupation. I enjoy cooking but I am pretty much a man cook (Bar-BQing, grilling and smoking). I am an avid fly fisherman and wade the White and Norfork rivers every chance I get. I have the world’s greatest job. I get to teach, practice my profession, and do a little research. Doubt that I will retire any time soon even though I am getting close to the age. I love to read good fiction but am addicted to crime novels. I am a 7th generation Arkansan and a 3rd generation St. Louis Cardinal Fan. I am looking for someone to share life's experiences with and to walk hand-in-hand with into the next chapter. It is my prayer that God’s will and my will are close.

Meet people from United States. .It amazes me how many people on here do not like public displays of affection. SO: If you don't want your hand held when we walk together, You may stop reading. If you would find it offensive if I were to hold you while we waited in line for the theater, You may stop reading. If having me kiss you while in the checkout line at Wal-Mart would repulse you, YOU MAY STOP READING. I'm an open person. What you see and hear is what you get. I love to laugh, don't take myself too seriously and neither should you. I enjoy people and love animals. Little kids are great...fried...LOL. No seriously, I'm a sucker for the little ones. I enjoy travel, reading (even cereal boxs) and fishing. Not a macho kind of guy so if that turns you on...keep on looking. Looking for a fun lady to spend time with.

Date a man from United States. just an older man whose retired and looking for someone to share my time and life .a good woman in same stage in life whose not looking for someone to take advantage a decent person with same or similar values as mine. someone easy to deal with some understanding

Meet someone special from United States. I AM A 63 YEAR OLD DUDE, Gray Hair ( what little I have left) I like to Hunt ,Fish, sight see,, Dance, and Party occasionally. I don't Smoke and I do have a few beers now and then.
My health is fair and I try to eat healthy and exercise.
I am looking for a nice lady who shares some of the same things I do.