Date men and women from United States / Arkansas, 54 year old

Date men and women from Arkansas, United States. i enjoy horses and camping hunting and fishing i like to go sighting and look at stuff on the road . i live alone kids are gone they stop by sometimes i dont like too argue with any one i try too treat people like i want too be treated i like to go out sometimes and ilike too cudle up on the couch and watch a good movie. im looking for a good women too love and do things with.i am a faithful person and im looking for a faithful women too spend time with.i want someone with a good personality and kind .i love animals and people i like too have partys and visit with folks i like too ride my motor cycle and go on trips i also like to cook and bake things

Meet a man from Arkansas, United States. Like all sports,traveling and being outdoors. I travel for work during the week 3 days and like to enjoy the weekends. Like to ride my Harley and take the boat out on the lake. I enjoy being around people at social events and like to attend charity events I spend time with my boxer at the dog park. I like to plan trips to new spots either in the mountains or by any water. I spend alot of time in the Tulsa area. .Looking for someone that likes family, enjoys to travel and doesn't have drama.

Date someone special from Arkansas, United States. Outgoing, gentleman, love the outdoors, enjoy good converstation, honest, and normal (I guess). I would like to meet a nice attractive lady, who would like to be friends first, and take things slow. I'm in no hurry. Would like a lasting relationship.

Meet single man from Arkansas, United States. Recently divorced after a 28 year marriage. I have been a successful executive most of my career before buying my own business. Seeking someone who desires a long term commitment. I enjoy adventure and have always been a risk taker throughout my life. I have always been faithful and believe in commitment.

Date a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. READERS DIGEST VERSION
I consider myself to be Intelectually Balanced, but a bit Eccentric. An Independent Entrepreneur. A Rustic, "Rebel" at Heart, Cleverly Entertainingly, definately an "Old School" Romantic, Respectful, Sincere Gentleman. Yes, I am a Confident and Proud Individual, and have earned it.
Things I enjoy include the Outdoors: walking, hiking, (resting, lol ). especially River walks, people watching (not stalking), quiet, intriguing lunches, drives in the country, and anything Vintage. If it has some age on it and is still in good condition,( kinda like me, lol ) then it will elicit my interest. My "Passions" include Writing and DAILY, appreciating all that has so graciously been given to me by the "Powers Above". Favorite thing to do, SUNRISES & SUNSETS, ANYWHERE!
I refer to myself as a "Vintiquer". I spend my days searching for Arkansas Treasurers, in and around Central Aransas. Surveying Estate Sales, Flea Markets, Auctions, Garage Sales for that 'Diamond in the Rough' or 'Nugget of Gold'. I would truly enjoy having a Friend and Companion to join me in some of these quests.
This is merely an introduction to a uniquely complex, but not complicated, lol intriguing Gentleman.
I am seeking a Woman to be a Friend, a Peer and a Companion. An Intellectual Equal, Savvy, Confident, Compassionate, Caring Woman who enjoys lively conversations about current affairs, politics, or whatever else may interest her "with a passion". I appreciate a woman with strong convictions about topics they care about and are informed about. Not always serious though, must be able to savor a simple smile and relish in the joy of heart felt laughter.

Meet people from Arkansas, United States. I like to go fishing and watch movies. I like to hold and cuddle with my woman. I am a serious but fun guy. I have a sense of humor. I do not like playing games with someone elses life and I'm not looking for any games in mine.

Date men and women from United States. Finding the one seems to be harder than what it really should be. I am single I have a job, a car, a place of my own. I like to laugh and have fun and try to enjoy life. There is nothing I can do to change the past but I can try and improve the future.
I like the outdoors, a good movie and a nice dinner. Just about anything is fun when you’re with someone. Not much is fun when you are alone. I have grown children and I have grandchildren and I have a life. I am looking for a companion, someone to enjoy life with. I am not desperate nor am I needy. Just looking for the fairytale. They lived they loved they laughed and lived happily ever after till death did they part. She is there somewhere I just know it. Is it you?

Meet a man from United States. Hello Everyone!
Please read the whole profile, if you can focus :) I'm not sure whether I'll subscribe so you'll have to be creative if you want my attention.
Hmmmm.........let's see. I moved to Bella Vista a few years ago from Central MO. I have spent this time getting settled into the new digs. Now it's time to branch out and see what else is out there. I look and act many years younger than my chronological age. That is just a number. I could lie to you and tell you I am much younger, and you would believe me. But that's no way to start a relationship. I have been told I have a unique sense of humor. Look me up and maybe you will get to enjoy it..... or be annoyed by it.
I will retire somewhere tropical so if you're allergic to the sun, pass me by. Panama?
I know what I like and won't settle for less. The physical attraction has to be there. Things have to be in the right places. Some think that makes me shallow. I may be aiming too high, but then why not? No one should ever settle. Besides, gorgeous friends are always great to hang out with, even if it never develops beyond that. But, my goal is to find that last woman I will spend the rest of my life with. I'm a one woman man. I cannot settle.
MONOGAMOUS only! One at a time please! If you're hung up on, or are still talking to an ex, please pass me by. If you're into juggling multiple guys, and are a serial dater, please pass me by. Neither of us will end up happy with that life choice. I'm a one woman man and I expect the same back. Please understand that I get happiness from making my woman happy. In a sensible manner of course. :)
To be compatible, you would have to be financially secure, and not be emotionally connected to your credit cards. Credit cards! YUK!! You also have to be mentally stable. I know that's a difficult combination to find. But, I will not settle and that may be why I'm still single. But, I would rather be single than deal with the drama that comes from being with someone that is unstable. Been through that. Won't ever settle for that again.
A wise man once said, "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But, if life gives you a bunch of crap, don't make anything". Trust me on this one. If you have any questions, just ask.
See ya in the funny papers!!

Date someone special from United States. Well I'm not sure what I'm looking for but you bet she will fun to be around. She'll be witty, smart, & have a laugh like kisses in the sun light. loving in the right ways not to much but just right for whatever comes her way.

Meet single man from United States. ..happiness is not in things but experiences. i am looking for someone who is already happy with herself i can be happy just reading a book. i like to go out in the fall and just smell the leaves. i like to watch colledge football

Date a soulmate from United States. Lets see, I am honest, outgoing personality, laid back, and a positive person. I am caring, loyal, a romantic at heart and always striving to be a southern gentleman. I treat everyone with respect and expect the same in return. I enjoy riding my bike, car, boat, and horses. I also enjoy a quiet evening at home. I love to laugh, have fun, cut up, and watch movies. I am old school in believing that a relationship will start as freinds and progress naturally. It takes time to build trust and loyalty. I Like a girl that has a great smile, positive, confident, makes me feel comfortable. I'm not into any drama of any kind. All of us have a past but we don't have to live in it. It would be nice to have someone to share experiences. Good or bad (haha) The pic I posted was taken in the last few weeks. I will work on getting a few more.

Meet people from United States. Like everyone else on this site… I’m honest, loyal, intelligent, friendly and fun to be around. OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way, I guess you’ll have to read the rest of this and judge for yourself.
First, I’m a father of two awesome teenagers. They bring great joy and pleasure to my life. Both are very involved in theater… at the Arkansas Arts Center, Weekend Theater and Public Theater. Absolutely love watching them grow into young adults.
I work to live, not live to work. I’ve owned my business for 26 years, and have been successful thanks to a great and loyal staff and incredibly dedicated clients. A clue to who I am is simple… a couple of my employees have been with me for over 15 years, and several are multi-year staffer.
I’m a big kid at heart. I do take the important things seriously, but I don’t take myself too seriously. I realize I’ve been blessed by God, and nothing I have is my own doing. I love to laugh, be wacky, spend time with friends…not doing any one thing in particular. Finding someone that I can’t get out of my head would be awesome, and I’d like to be that person for someone too.
I’m comfortable in my skin, and I hope you are too. I love to experience life, instead of reading about it, or watching someone else do it. Vacations and travel are part of my balance to work and busy schedules. I’m adventurous and like to be on the go…or planning the next big adventure.
I’m a red wine junkie, so an annual trip to Napa Valley in search of the next, big cult Cabernet is a must. But I’m open to other great wine country destinations as well… or maybe the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky?
Beach vacations are also a must for me—at least one, maybe two a year. Not so much Florida, but Caribbean islands like St. Martin, Jamaica and St. Thomas. Ready to explore even more islands with someone. When an extended weekend on the beach is needed for a short getaway, I like Cabo or the Mayan Riviera. Dying to rent a catamaran for a week and drop the anchor near a secluded beach and just chill.
Close to home, I like to head to the lake about every other summer weekend, and just lay in the water on my float with an adult beverage, and chill with my friends on G-Dock.
I’m very comfortable in the kitchen and around the house. Dinners out are great too, and I’m blessed to live close enough to walk to several great Hillcrest restaurants. No chains for me please, except for YaYa’s and Bonefish. But I’m also just as happy grilling a big steak and chilling on the veranda and listening to music. I like music I grew up with, but really enjoy discovering new artists. (Huge fan of the digital music revolution.)
During football season, it’s off to see the Hogs play…love tailgating in LR and FAY. I don’t make every game in Fayetteville, but usually the big ones. My daily driver is a convertible and I keep the top down. If you don’t mind throwing on a sundress and letting the wind blow through your hair on the way to the lake in the summer or a Razorback game on a beautiful fall day … that’s a great start.
I’m looking for a friend, lover, companion and partner...and more... who understands that life is what we make of it. We all take little chances every day. But with greater risk comes greater reward.
If you want to find out what I’m really like, well, that’s part of life’s adventure isn’t it?