Date men and women from United States / Arkansas, 59 year old

Date single man from Arkansas, United States. I'm an ordinary decent guy, who enjoys life, family, and friends, and treats other folks as I would like to be treated. I don't cheat, lie, or steal, and expect the same from others. Life is too fragile and short for unecessary drama and petty behavior. I take one day at a time, and thank God for each day. I really enjoy quiet walks, conversation, and a good book. I much prefer talking to someone face to face, if possible, rather than texting. I'm conservative in most areas of my life, and do have convictions that I won't compromise. I do love to laugh, and enjoy having FUN!!! Love my kids and grandbabies, love to spend time with them, you can learn a lot from a four year old! I have a big heart, a big house, and lots of love to share with the right person. I suppose I could best be described as the classic "Southern Gentleman". Couldn't help it if I tried, it's the way I was raised. My Father taught me many years ago, by example and words, that women are to be treated with respect, always. I still believe that.
One of my favorite quotes is from General Robert E. Lee: "Get correct views of life, and learn to see the world in it's true light. It will enable you to live pleasantly, to do good, and when summoned away, to leave without regret."
Like most folks my age, I've had my share of disappointments and joys in life, but am looking forward to better days ahead, and a lot of fun and laughter! You must love the Lord, have a sense of humor, enjoy children, and small dogs. I would like to find a good friend first, then we will see how things develop with time. Don't mean to be blunt, but you need to know that I am NOT looking for one-night stands, nor am I interested in being your "sugar-daddy". I'm a very friendly, down-to-earth person, and would like to find someone with similar values and interests. Your age is not so important as your character and emotional maturity. Please be reasonably sane, and no smokers, or drug abusers, please!

Meet men and women from Arkansas, United States. looking for someone to enjoy doing things
together, going places etc.
I enjoy traveling and just doing most things
that include the outdoors.
I also enjoy just staying in and enjoying a
good movie with popcorn.

Date people from Arkansas, United States. Fun to be around, very commited, very true to the person I am with, I like the outdoors, would be a good person for someone looking for a good man, very happy person, I like a good movie, I am working to get myself in better health

Meet a man from Arkansas, United States. I've been married, don't have any children. Not to sure if I want to get married again but I'm looking for someone that needs a friend and companion. I like to eat out or stay inside. Not afraid to try out new places. Mainly looking for someone to share my day with, listen to how their day went.

Date someone special from Arkansas, United States. I, for some reason trust
I am 59 years old, live on the lake, have a cool old boat, am in the sales marketing and Product Development business. i've had more jobs than Rod McCuen and am going the have the best ten years of it now and next. I'm not wealthy, but my life is rich and I've got a good income, a boat, a house and as Mitt put' "he drives a couple of cars."
I love King Biscuit, I love white table cloth, champagne and atmosphere. I love the lake, the cats, the yard, the air we breathe. if all goes well the book will become an income and travel source, and the price of poker goes up. The deal is, all good things take time and the current moment is not to be missed either.
This guy is full of life. Inclined to laugh and live life to it's fullest. I've been divorced for seven years. My son is grown and an artisan cheese maker. He's my pride and joy. I represent two Napa wineries, two Oregon wineries, sell food items to a few mass retail markets, and I create sell spice blends and sauces. That about wraps up the "I, me, me mine" segment. wow
Maybe not, I was a chef for years and worked with landscaping in college. So, whether, porch, fireplace, lake, or traveling i enjoy them all, these are a lot of the things that I do.
As far as adventurous; in life and work. Just finished writing a book and it is truly exciting. That's another story. Should be travel related to NO, DC, and Europe. Fingers crossed.
Monday was one of the best days in my business ever and yesterday was one of the best days of my life. The National WWII Museum gift shop ordered 15 signed copies of "Nazis' Nightmare". What an honor to my Dad and the men of the CIC.
I've tried these on line things before, to no avail. The relationships I've had during 7 years of D-I-V-O-R-C-E did not span out so well. I am about done with trying to make things work with, just, not the right match. The right person for me won't have to be "working on a relationship" I'd rather be alone, or date fine nice ladies. I like all women (mostly) and have many good lady friends (later possible references lol)
Christian beliefs are very important. I am an active Episcopalian. So don't worry about any Bible thumping and "hell fire and brimstone" in my spiritual beliefs. However, I'd like a girl like grandmama said, "A nice Christian girl" Episcopal girls were always fun, successful types (back in the day).
Life is grand, company and business are mature, and solid; with opportunities to grow them both.
I would like to meet someone, that enjoyable, smiling, and just having fun in life. Maybe that develops into a mutual " I'm seeing someone," and go we go forward from there.
I'm not interested in one night stand or jumping to tie a knot. However, I do enjoy that compact universe of skin, breath, and hair.... Passion, lady, lover, best friend, would be passion nice..
Maybe she's in my travels or right here? I just still believe it. Everyone talks about honesty and being cheated on; Honesty and Honor come from the same place. There are two basic reasons not to dishonor with cheating 1) Honor, I had to learn it. 2) Love, you just wouldn't... the best one is at home.
So, if you want to hang out with an old 59 year old "platinum" dude, you might just find someone that would treat you like a lady and a queen.
Cheers to it.
Re: her; Don't know, other than fun-loving, balanced, attractive, who knows what else.

Meet a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. Easy going guy. Very civic minded. Retired at age 55 and moved from Florida to Arkansas. Wanted a nice place in the country to retire and just have fun living the farm life. Currently remodeling old farmhouse and loving it. Lived and worked abroad for many years. Once retired had enough of abroad and want to explore and see places in the U.S. Let my passport expire with no regrets! Looking for a good hearted honost gal without a lot of excess baggage to deal with. I am at that point in my life where I want to live drama free and the less stress the better. I tossed away my alarm clock when I retired and when I decide to get up I do and when i think it's time to pack the car and go somewhere I do. I enjoy great foods and on an occassion a cold glass of wine to go with it. Living abroad for many years was able to eat a lot of different foods from a lot of different countries and sample lifestyles others live. Everyday is a great day although there are some days that have an occassional bump to deal with. But all in all I like living life to the fullest. I am looking for the right woman who likes to eat out and sightsee and enjoys a good movie. Must have a good sense of humor. No smokers and defintely no tattoos!

Date single man from United States. looking for someone to bring something to the table other than me. I share all I have and will have. I want someone that can look at me and know without question he's there for me. Be ready for a ride and be able to hold on with both hands.

Meet men and women from United States. Like to meet someone who is independent, loves their work/career, confident and optomistic, likes to travel, not needing anyone, but kinda good to have someone to bounce ideas off of from time to time and converse on wide range of subjects.

Date people from United States. a good man generous husband and father looking for the right woman who could enjoy life as partners in life like the country living clost to shopping likes to cook asian food bbq enjoy family life with no worries .i have a wonderful large home with few neighbors raise the chicken and ducks to sell and eat love children and willing to be father figureto them

Meet a man from United States. Been on this site too long. Met many people, made some friends. Tired of flaky women who must be looking for Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Match has been responsible for a few relationships that ALMOST made the whole way! Now it seems women just want to email or just ignore you totally. No movie star good looks, but not an Ogre either, a genuinely nice guy, educated successful and etc. so not sure what the deal is. Anyway my subscription will soon be up and I will likely be done. No more sending emails with no reply. No more getting "interest" notifications and then hearing nothing. No more meetings and find out the person's photos were from either 15 years or 25 pounds ago....or BOTH! OK, that's my vent, now on to my profile....for a little longer:
I am an established local professional, long divorced who enjoys a wide variety of things including meeting new people and traveling to new places. I have toys and enjoy sharing them. Travel, horse training/riding, boating, RV camping, snow skiing, Harley riding and scuba diving are a few of my favorite things. I love sports, animals, and new experiences. I want to share adventures and make memories with someone special.
I also at times enjoy just being alone to contemplate things and relax. I am accused by my friends of sometimes not "acting my age" which I choose to accept as a compliment. I mean growing old is manditory, growing "up" is not! Though I enjoy kidding and joking around, I have a serious side as well. I can be serious, no nonsense, detailed oriented when/if the situation calls for it but prefer to try to live life on the lighter side. I have incredible patience with some things and very little with other things (people who lack respect for others, or who are dishonest are a couple of examples).
I love laughing and making people laugh, which I can be pretty good at most of the time. I also have a very sensitive side which requires getting to know me to see. I like long, deep philosophical discussions concerning everything from true love to the state of the world and Man's inhumanity to Man.
Would love to find someone who enjoys exotic travel, seeing and experiencing new places and cultures. Someone who likes people (though not afraid to be alone), can feel at ease in most settings and is not afraid of INTIMACY (I'm refering to TRUE intimacy which I define as an unbridled willingness and capacity to share innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions). I love a quick wit and a playful nature. I enjoy being around people who are "aware" of many things in life that we often take for granted. A FEW of those things are the value of truth, sincere passion, the awesome staggering beauty of planet earth and it's creatures and gratitude to be living in a free society! I love to give and receive affection (no problem with PDA's) and understand the meaning of commitment.Okay, that's probably enough for now!

Date someone special from United States. I have a great, twenty-three year old Son who is currently attending college. Needless to say, family is very important to me. I am easy to talk to with a great personality, definitely witty and fun to be around. Sense of humor is very important, no doubt laughing is "food for the soul".
My music interest is mostly Classic Rock and Motown. Both are timeless. My other interests are wide range and flexible. I am way past the late night club scene, I'll leave that scene for my Son and his Posse. However, I do enjoy dining out, travel, golf, weekend get aways, fishing, current movies, classic 1940's era movies, cooking together, TV, sporting events/Razorback games, concerts and having friends over for backyard cookouts. Of course, it's not all about me, so I am usually receptive to new ideals and interests from the one I'm with. Taking interest in each others interests and enjoying each others company whether it's out on the town or at home is important.
I'm a non-smoker and like to maintain weight and cardio by exercising at least five times a week.I believe mutual respect, making each other laugh, missing each other when you are apart and trust are key to develop and maintain a lasting relationship.
If you have similar interests, it would be nice to hear from you.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I am a mostly retired international developer from Florida.I do still design build at my lake project as a creative outlet and to stay involved(not bored lol).I have had so many successes in my life it is hard to be anything but totally grateful for the blessings I have received.Well earned and thoroughly apreciated as they are I am still very aware of the role my inherent luck(path) vs. any real talents played in my life unfolding as it has . I wonder at times whether talent ever really had much to do with success.Maybe Fate,Joss or ?I do know my failures were the real test .Anyone can handle good times .It is the real deal when one's character /integrity is tested severely from a failure and they rebound successfully . I will say that is the huge life lesson I 've learned. Anyway I do enjoy an enviable lifestyle few ever achieve.I have several homes in what most would consider highly desirable locales .I come and go as I choose. As the seasons or my whim drives me.I can do pretty much whatever I want , when I want, and I do.To that end and because of my unusual lifestyle I need a VERY special type of woman to share this experience .As defined :
She must be as beautiful on INSIDE as OUTSIDE.VERY very smart (42 -48 mol).Love to travel .Want an Alpha type male in the best sense of the term who is mature, world wise(maybe delusional lol) ,erudite,kind to all life forms,fairly sophisticated,SANE ,Stable and NEVER HAD A REAL JOB.Always been an entrepreneur .An OUTSIDER by nature.Collin Wilson's book defines the state.I consider myself a citizen of the world and am a devout Zen meditator and lean towards apolitical and non secular agendi.I see little reason to argue about much of anything.I have nothing left to prove and there is just too much good livng to be done.
She will be able to devote her full attention to the relationship as WE choose to define it.VERY sensuous.I am a great fan of womankind.I have learned profound respect for the nature of women in general.My best friends are women.I am friends with most of past girlfriends and my darling Mother thinks I rock. I am an afficianado and connoisseur of all art and beauty in general,women inclusive.I came to this venue in hopes of finding the ONE who can share this incredible ride with me .She will get this all intuitively and know it is for her.Only takes One.The One with whom these words resonate .I am too kind to be rude so I wrote a lot more than I feel comfy with to be very clear in my selectivity.Basically more humble and private but this venue sort of requires a very direct approach.
I am passionate about everything.Very littlle fails to interest me.Simple idea or String Theory.I am easily intrigued .I am a health nut.Own part of a gym for serious trainers and live a very health conscious life.Degreed in Philosophy with grad work in Oriental.Which incorporates my spiritual endeavors with the physical nicely.I am 59 and blessed with great vitality and health.Single for over 15 yrs. My Caribbean doctor tells me I have the physiological health and the body of an in shape 40 something year old man(direct quote).HOWEVER to be fair he is a dear friend ,I pay him very well,who knows where he got his med degree and he does tend to drink more than he should! LOL
I am a CASUAL man .Unpretentious and no ones fool.Dont care what others do or say.I go my way quietly LAUGHING my a-- off at the ridiculous nature of most of mankind. If I feel compelled to dress it is Hugo Boss and Feragamo but CASUAL and some body better have died LOL! I much prefer the company of my dear circle of friends and animals to the masses of humanity in general.
ALL the pics are very recent ,some with dyed beard .Most often asked question :"Are you real?"Answer is EXTREMELY .Oh and "Where are you now?" Answer ,here! One more thing I must add PLEASE have real pics.What is it with the tricky camera angles and lies about age/weight?I am EXACTLY as portrayed..