Date men and women from United States / Arkansas, 49 year old

Date a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. I am an outgoing person who enjoys spending saturday's in the fall at Razorback stadium cheering on the hogs, my ideal match would be someone who likes being around other people and enjoys the same interests as I do.

Meet men and women from Arkansas, United States. O.K. I'm going to go about this in a more suttle approach, Because my first (About me and what im looking for has only led) me to lady's that are not sure about who they are because i have met ladies that have posted pics of what they were 10 years ago not what they are today, or even 6 months ago. Whats up with that, We all want what we have all ready had, Or we thought we had. I have had real love and i blew it, My fault, I don't no if we ever get a second chance at the (One that makes you melt) But there are people out there that makes you smile and make you feel wanted, I have already had the Fairy Tail now i want my BEST FRIEND.

Date people from Arkansas, United States. i'm laid back, humorous,supportive,compassionate,and a good listener. my ideal match should be supportive, loyal, emotionally available,great personality, and affectionate. i would like for us to be able to do some things together sometimes, have great conversation and communication and not take life so serious.

Meet a man from Arkansas, United States. I like to have fun and she should also. I like to travel and see the world. I have been in foreign countrys and almost all of the states and Canada and Mexico. I an not a big sports fan that watches them on tv but will go to the games, I am a doer not a watcher when it comes to sports.

Date someone special from Arkansas, United States. Open to everything. Searching for a relationship
With a female, prefer college gal. I have three kids and would be open to more with the right person. It all depends on the right person. I love the outdoors and going camping.

Look forward to getting together.

Meet single man from Arkansas, United States. Great guy looking for a great lady! Ok, so it appears there needs to be more characters. Adventurous, outgoing, positive, likeable, spiritual man with a lot to share. I take good care of myself; mind, body, heart. I like myself, and don't deny myself good things... and so my heart is that much more full to share with others. Tall, masculine, competitive, and hard working. Just as confident sampling wine and stepping out for salsa or country dancing. Well traveled, and am ready to see more of the world with a partner who will make every experience even more delicious than the last. A good listener, who enjoys learning. Not so easily rattled! Looking for a woman who has life figured out, is happy, fun loving, outgoing, fun to pick on, and not bitter over what life has dealt her. Likes to travel and have fun with friends and family.

Date a soulmate from United States. Very reluctant to try this but feel like its about time. I divorced (not by my choice) 6 years after being married 20. I have devoted the past 6 years to raising and supporting my 3 children and to my own personal growth. I am now to the point that I believe I am ready to begin developing friendships and open myself to the possiblility of a new relationship. My faith in Jesus Christ is the central focus and drive of all I do in life. The relationships in my life are very important especially family. I am a very optimistic person who loves to laugh and have fun. Also, love deep discussions about the more meaningful things of life. I love my job which is also one of my callings along with being a dad. I am very involved in my church and love serving others. I also love going on mission trips and experiencing new cultures as well as the travel. I would love to travel more once my children are grown. I am looking for a women of character who is devoted to family and persuing life with purpose and passion.

Meet men and women from United States. First I am NOT a cowboy or redneck....I have pics of my newest hobby (cows and horses) and enjoying them.....I am from Chicago and clueless as to what I am doing! LOL But I don't let my cows know it....It is something to do for now and can sell out any time... I have all my teeth, floss regularly, make my bed, fold and put away my clothes, rarely come to a complete stop at stop signs, change my own oil, split my own wood, prefer a black or white car, love chocolate, bathe, pray, love animals and I like dogs more cats, own and live in my own home in the city, have a ranch with home in the country with cattle n horses.. I like to help others, if I say I will do something I will, I cook, do dishes and I keep my house pretty clean, I don't like to stop under over passes or on them.... I like most food...spontaneous is great....if there are three events happening in one day, I will try to do them all... I have a lot of energy...I like movies, dinner, love a night out on the town or in is great too and raining nights are great for sleeping.....I like to work hard and play hard too... Humor is a huge part of my life... I smile, joke around, laugh and often the life of the party...can have a good time in about any situation...I have an artistic side... usually positive happy person ...I'm pretty much at peace with no drama...Have been told I'm to honest and I didn't know that was possible....I enjoy life and smile a lot......
I enjoy golfing and a pretty good teacher, playing/reffing and watching sports, board game and cards. movies. dinner, chill at home or going out with balance, live music but not rap if that is actually music, concerts, walks, bonfires, love being around water and beaches,warm/hot/sun/fun are my...going out on the lake on my boat and watch the sun set,..In the winter a good fire in the fireplace or wood stove is great or bonfire.
I would like to meet someone that is honest, confident, affectionate, intelligent, appreciative, passionate, positive attitude. Someone who likes to laugh n smile cause I will be, a touch of rowdy/goofy is good, a playmate, best friend first, spontaneous, would like to travel cause I want to, Likes both jeans and dressing up...I am a playful person, kid around and it would be nice to meet someone who is too but can also be a serious when appropriate....A good blend is nice... likes to be treated with old fashion respect.. doesn't mind a door being opened for her... peaceful.....
I make a Daytona trip every year in July for the Nascar races. so if u like racing or not but you like fun, sun, eating, beaches, you should come with me!

Date people from United States. I wanted to throw this 'disclaimer' of sorts up front to let those very nice people who have emailed me and who I have exchanged winks with that I do intend to join Match as a full member soon.
I moved back home to Arkansas a little over 3 years ago after working in the medical education and communications field for 15 years in New York City. My life has centered around my career and caring for my sweet Mom who unfortunately passed away in April.
With a new chapter ahead of me I am very interested in dating and seek a long term friendship and relationship with someone special.
I like the arts, history, social events, MLB and college football, traveling, dancing. Spending time outdoors.
I do enjoy time with friends and my family.
I like a good joke and I like to sing. Try to imagine a bit of Sinatra mixed in with southern charm. I love a sense of humor (which is a good writer charges me exorbitantly). I am big on passion and romance. I appreciate what life brings. I try to keep all things in perspective from day to day. I do work hard, and play a bit harder. I take life as it comes.......and remain the optimist.
I am a Southern gentleman. Easy going. Kind. Intelligent. Stable. Confident. If this is the kind of man you are looking to spend some time with, then I would like to get to know you!

Meet a man from United States. I am dependable, honest and hard working. I like to be around people with a positive attitude who believe doing the right thing is always best. Coming from a long line of Service to our Country and being former Military I love America and am very passionate when it comes to the foundations this Country was founded apon.

Date someone special from United States. I would like to meet someone who wants a good friend and be open to more. I don't want a needy person but someone who can be committed to one partner where trust is everything. I don't need anything from this but a companion.

Meet single man from United States. I'm just a regular guy who does regular things. I work a lot. You have to work if your going to have anything. i like to watch tv, go riding in my old jeep and go out and eat sometimes. Oh, seems like I'm always fixin stuff too.
Looking for,,,, Well,,,, I just wanna drink a beer n see somthin nekid once in awhile. Ok, Just kidding. Really,,, I would like to go on a date every now and then and enjoy the company of the opposite sex.