Date men and women from United States / Arkansas, 62 year old

Date single man from Arkansas, United States. I’m a 61 year old single male ,Ive been marred twice but never divorced (you figure it out ).What to write – I draw a blank . I’m kind of shy until I get to know you ,then I’m still a little shy.(lol) . I’m not looking for anything . Maybe a new friend to have coffee with go to diner some time . One step at a time .

Meet people from Arkansas, United States. I moved to Little Rock in 2006 after living most of my life in Texas. I was married for 25 years and have two beautiful (grown) daughters and three grandkids. I am the president of a manufacturing company here and while I do work long hours, I also enjoy having a good time! I enjoy roaming around Hillcrest and the Heights - after Dallas, being able to walk to the grocery store, cleaners, church, haircut place and several bars and restaurants is probably my favorite thing about Arkansas. I enjoy reading and just hanging around with a glass of red wine on the porch. I really like to travel. I've been all over the country in my work (I have friends stashed in just about every part of the US) so for pleasure I really enjoy international travel - especially Europe. I'm just back Switzerland and Italy (alas, alone) this summer and had an amazing time - great food and good times. I am pretty outgoing - most people think I'm very outgoing, but I'm pretty careful too. I've really enjoyed being single - probably more than I should admit! - and I've met several really nice ladies on this site. I'm a big believer in "chemistry" - I think we know immediately if there's a connection or not.

Date men and women from Arkansas, United States. DISCLAIMER: Be serious about looking, because If we meet, you just may like me. Nice guy, retired, laid back, very easy and comfortable to talk to - get to know, kind, upbeat, great sense of humor - like to joke, understanding, intelligent, passionate, some college - mostly self-educated, responsible, a romantic, financially stable, 6' 2", 185, toned swimmers body, searching for a permanent relationship. I am a member here. I am not a player, but I play well. Whew, LOL!
Around the house, I can cook, fix, wire, build things, discuss stock picks, write a fair business letter, be literate on variable topics of conversation, and make nice homemade wines. I come from a family of educators, and appreciate teachers and the arts some.
I'm often found outdoors, staying in shape by hiking, cycling, kayaking, geocaching, shooting hoops, etc. But, I mostly enjoy just hanging out, and spending romantic evenings with that special someone, watching TV (perhaps while massaging your feet), and it never has to be raining to put me in the mood. I once hunted, fished, enjoyed woodworking, photographed wildlife, shot skeet, bowled, and could enjoy those hobbies again. And maybe it's about time to take that Caribbean cruise, and get pampered for a week.
My companion should be height/weight proportionate, a non-smoker, both young and good at heart, financially stable, working or retired, enjoy the simple things in life, and ready for plenty of love and affection, including lots of hand holding, hugs, and long kisses. Hey, if we are together, we WILL have chemistry...chain reaction...can't stay away type! In time, we should easily "feel" each other's emotions and moods, and strive to be positive and supportive in each others lives. She should also like getting outdoors regularly, and taking me out for a little exercise, occasional travel, and visiting family some. While I would want a lot of your spare time, I'd respect your family obligations, hobbies, and your need for some personal time and space. My only daughter and 2 baby grandchildren live out of town, and we visit several times a year. On children, I would prefer to spend the majority of my time now together with you, rather than raising another young child. But, I would certainly not rule out someone with a high school age child. Heck, me and him/her may just sneak off and go to a movie, bowling, play disc golf, or something.
Evenings at home... open a bottle of wine and cook a meal together, perhaps with some music and conversation. Afterwards a little hot tub time, then cuddling up for a good TV show or movie, with the lava lamp, candles, or fireplace going. Or we could retire to the patio and make up a few smores in the chiminea, watching the stars, a good deep conversation, just enjoying each other's company. We've had a lot of years apart, and I bet we have many good stories to share.
Weekends. we could just kick back and relax. Or, work on a project around the house/yard, spend time on our hobbies, hit the lake or water park, drive over to Petite Jean and hike some trails, rent a mountain or lake cabin somewhere, do a little shopping/flea-marketing, bike riding at the Big Dam Bridge and along the Arkansas River trails, dine out, take in a movie, or go dancing. Maybe you'd wanna try some whitewater kayaking with me, or just float down the Buffalo or Spring River. If we lived near a river or lake, perhaps we'd go sailing, powerboating, or just paddle our kayaks across the water for a picnic.
Relocation. I have a nice place here in a great town. But offhand I like Hot Springs, Greers Ferry, any beach, along any river or lake. I'm flexible. Perhaps we could both sell our homes and move to a location we prefer.
Life should not be spent why would we waste another day? Let's meet now, get aquainted, and see if we can have a future together!
Those without pictures.. acceptable, but you'll have to contact me first.

Meet a man from Arkansas, United States. All things become possible once people find they can be good friends. Without friendship first, all else remains implausible. There is no tall or short, blond or brunette, heavy or thin, white or black to friendship.
So, what am I seeking........?
-Outside of a lunch counter, tables set for one are difficult to find. On the other hand, tables set for two are much more abundant.
-I enjoy laughing. I guess because I am so darned funny. If you don't believe it, ask me.
-I am not looking for the perfect woman. I am looking a woman who is a joy to be with--someone who makes me smile because she
is simply there.
More about me........
-I probably have more education than needed for retirement.
-I am a veritable renaissance man as long as my interests and knowledge don't have to be too varied and extensive and my talents
too great.
-I am still contemplating writing the Great American Novel. All I need is a topic, characters, a plot, inspiration, etc. All the rest I
already have.
-I have lots of money. Thousands of pieces of money. Why, I have one two-gallon jar totally full, and they're not all pennies, either.
(Here's what the means. The jet has been parked for some time now. I do not have a new Mercedes. I am not taking you to
Europe or Tahiti, though Alaska may be a different story.)
-I am not perfect.........well, somebody else said that, not me.
-I am not trolling for a new wife. I am looking for a companion, a dear friend, a kindred spirit, not a soulmate. If good fortune brought
two kindred souls together, then I would embrace the good luck. Yes, there was a play on the word embrace (racy, huh?)..
-Let's face it. We may say we are happy as we are. We may be coping with being alone just fine. But we all know we have
something missing in our lives. We may be happy, but we know we could be happier. Some may be feeling the pain of
loneliness or heartache directed toward the past. We should all be able to understand that. So, we may have to unwrap a lot of
packages before we find what makes us feel truly alive and happy again. So, let's get at it. We're not teenagers anymore!
-I answer all emails. And, I answer them honestly. I think that is polite and courteous.
Good luck and good hunting, Ladies!

Date a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. nice personnel smile, neat apperance,likes to snuggal,likes fishing,but must bait your own hook lol,like to cook out,be safe driver,decent looks,keeps a neat place not a spotless place.treat others as you want to be treated.likes to walk up from the rear and give happy with yourself.

Meet someone special from Arkansas, United States. I am hoping to attract a beeautiful woman with long hair who enjoys going to an enchanted forrest to see why I asked you to go there. Be adventuresome , loving,funny,serious and silly at times. Love life and be glad to be ablee to do the thi ngs you are capable of. Bed compasssionate, passssionate, iintelligent, witty and sensual. Love to hold hands and walk in the rain, go skinny dippin, travel and be content. Be wild at heart. Be yourself.
Be able to handle a lasting relationship... will explain why I am married yet need some one else too. Ask me.
Love horses, dogs and the mountains.
Enjoy watching movies all cuddled up while eating popcorn.. ennjoy good music and slow dance ... be romantic.. be seductive.. enjoy thunderstorms and rainbows..
enjoy being treated like a lady and enjoy being a woman. Enjoy being touched,and kissed and lovemaking.
enjoy cooking and being a woman who knows who she is and what she wants.
be comfortable in jeans and a halter top, or in the most sexy dress you have with heels and lipstick..
Love the outdoors.. enjoy campfires and fireplaces, and candle lit dinners or jusst candle light, wine cheese and fruit and french bread.
sleep nude sometimes sit up till dawn.. listen to music and dance and make love all night long.
take rain showers with me be like a child again be free. Fly kites, walk on the beach holding hands and searing for seashells..
Need I say more?

Date single man from United States. honest, minded.and sincere are the main things i try to live by and like a person who wants to be treated that way and returns it to her partners or friends. I lead a quiet and organized life but could change if the right person comes into my life.

Meet people from United States. I see you as a long haired beautiful lady of the lake. Fair and sweet. Laughter that sounds like fairies.. gentle but wild heart. Loving and kind. A lilting voice. Full of passion. Eternal love and faithfulness

Date men and women from United States. I alwys believe things happen for a reason. I never thought i would be on a dating site. I thought i would give it a shot.I'm really looking forward to finding that Special Lady in my Life.
I am old school: I am a hopeless romantic.Opening your door,giving flowers on a Special day. Calling or emailing to tell you hi and letting you know i was thinking about you. I'm not just looking for dates. I want that Special person that makes my heart beat faster when i see her and brings a glow on my face when i think about her.I'm not afraid to show affection.Very passionate person,also am passionate about my job.Kind,caring,loving,hard worker,really funny and will make you laugh. I always say when you look in the dictionary under the words funny and laugh you will find my picture there. Have a big heart. love to hold hands where ever we would hugs and kisses.we always are looking for our best friend & soulmate,but i want to find a friend first.I want to find that special lady to give her my love and my Heart.Want that special person with the same interests as me.Love to go out to the movies but love to stay in for a movie,it's hard to cuddle and snuggle in a movie theatre.i like to go out to different restaurant.Love to cook so just staying in and cooking for that special person or cooking together would be food channel.I'm not into bar scenes.looking to start making memories together.Love kids whether they are mine or someone elses.i still a kid at the beaches,destin FL,aruba,paradise island bahamas,or just pack our bag for a few days in Branson MO.I always say that you don't have to go anywhere as long as you are with that SPECIAL PERSON.
I have 3 grown children,2 boys and 1 daughter and between them i have 4 grandkids,3 boys and 1 little girl angel.My family means the world to me.I thank God for them.I coached them growing up in all sports.I'm very athletic,played baseball in college and went on to play Minor league baseball for Oakland A's.Been playing competitive sotball most all my life still play now.One of my favorite things to do is watching my 10 year old grandson play baseball or even play catch with him.My other grandkids are 2 and younger.
Perfect date would be anywhere just holding that SPECIAL LADY in my arms watching the sunset together....AWESOME

Meet a man from United States. Genuine. Sincere. Caring. Loving. Funny. Sexy. Buff. Smart. Good-looking. Honest. Loving. Grateful. Faithful. Optimistic. Sensitive -- sometimes overly so. True. Strong. Goofy. Traditional. Peaceful. Warm. Hard-working. Capable. Lean. Healthy. Sharing. Contented. Easy-going. Talented. Dapper. Mature. Conservative. Traveled. Well-read. Old. Youthful. Casual. Clean. Messy. Picky. Musical. Christian. Family-oriented. Moral. Disciplined. Reliable. Spiritual. Affectionate. Persistent. Pleasant. Solitary (at times...). Gregarious. Deep. Athletic. Laughing. Serious. Alcohol-free. Smoke-free. Mischievous. Constructive. Passionate. Thoughtful. Confident. Considerate. Straight. Neat (but not too...). Self-possessed. Experienced. Handy. Creative. Adventurous. Eclectic. Artistic. Plainspoken. Patriotic. Interesting. Interested. Unfinished. Friendly. Independent. Articulate. Cooperative. Refined. Lovable. Tasteful. Tactful. Fatherly. Complicated. Did I mention imperfect? The word cloud above describes how I perceive myself to be. I could go on, but talking about myself bores me. I am attracted to women who are strong, feminine, genuine, warm, loving, sincere, affectionate, petite, slim, sexy, beautiful, funny, independent and smart. I don't have time for dishonesty, manipulativeness, insincerity or self-centeredness. People who see themselves as victims don't appeal. I believe mutual trust and mutual respect are the foundation stones for any worthwhile relationship -- especially for an exclusive, monogamous one. I especially enjoy being with people from whom I can learn something - people who interest me, or whose virtues I admire. I love my life single, but there is room in my home and in my heart for a kind and caring woman to share my love and my life. I am a quiet man (except when I am singing or making love...) and I lead a quiet, peaceful life. I am serious, but I don't take life -- or myself -- too seriously. I prefer the comforts of home and hearth and the society of a few close friends and family. I meet people easily, but I can be slow to open my heart. I have the courage to be totally open and totally committed, but only with a rare woman who is trustworthy and true. Where art thou?

Date a soulmate from United States. I'm just a fairly nice guy, most of the time. I like to make people laugh, and tend to do that a lot. I think I have a pretty dull social life, sort of like an observer. I never know what I'm looking for, but I'll know it if I see it.

Meet someone special from United States. i will be 62 years this sunday. looking for a lady that makes me go wow. i am a businessman getting ready to retire. what to travel and see the country. play golf,like movies,like the outdoors. history interests me. what a lady that can play in blues by day .look like a million dollars in a dress at night. if you thing you fit the bill let me know.