Date men and women from United States / Arkansas, 67 year old

Date a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. I enjou the fitness lifestyle as well as being called very laid back. My home and sportscar help keep me busy on the weekends.
I'm looking for someone who is as young at heart and enjoys a good laugh.

Meet men and women from Arkansas, United States. Iam outspoken on some, very quiet about other things, I like to listen to what other people have to say, I try to give other their space and at the time like to have my space anf time and think it makes for a better relationship.

Date a man from Arkansas, United States. not to lose, have fun, wild life out side , love the river or lake or the parks, be honset
well that is the way you like it ok with me
I am what i am so be it for you too. love good food a little wine, good times not way in a hurrey

Meet single man from Arkansas, United States. II'm sure it must have been as difficult for you to summarize a lifetime in a few short paragraphs as it is for me, so I trust you will be be gentle with your critique of my humble effort.
I've had a very full life (and plan on continuing that way). I grew up as an Air Force "brat" and lived in Japan, Germany, and numerous places in between. In 1963, my father retired back to Arkansas where he and my mother were both from. I went to the University of Arkansas, graduating with a BA in psychology in 1967. Upon graduation, I was commisioned as an officer in the Air Force and soon after was serving as a combat crew member doing signals intelligence collection over the Gulf of Tonkin and Laos.
After getting out, I spent a few years in southern California doing personnel research work, then came back to Arkansas to attend law school. Unfortunately, following in Clarence Darrow's and F.. Lee Bailey's footsteps was not my calling - too much reading and too much Scotch.
I eventually started my own computer programming and consulting company. Those were to early days of PC's (floppy disk drives, 256 K of RAM, etc) and there were few people working as application developers in the PC world. I spent some twenty-five years in the field, either working independently or for several corporations that preferred tkat I be on their payrolls. But please don't get the idea that I'm some horned-rim glasses technonerd. I loved doing what I did for the creativity that those early days had available. Being able to analyze a client's needs and turn them into productive programs did have a neat rush to it. Fonally, though, it was time to turn the logrithmically changing world of computers to the young. It just became to exacting and impossible to stay abreast of new technologies.
So much for the work history. I've been married multiple times - and fondly remember the good from each of those relationships. Admittedly, I can be somewhat overbearing (some might say "arrogant"), but I'm working on it. By my second wife, I have two wonderful children - born 364 days apart. My daughter, the elder, is 5 months into her first pregnancy and I'm excitedly awaiting my first grandchild. My son (like my daughter and her husband) live in Tulsa.
II have my interests and a few passions. As for interests - fly-fishing, the arts (Renoir, Matisse, Serrat), theater (I've been in some 20 community theater plays), folk music, poetry (I've had a few things published), travel (good old high school classmates are in Germany with a guest room available - wanna go?), and Razorback sports.
And passions. Golf is certainly up there. My grandfather was a teaching pro an my father the Captain of the West Point golf team, so I come by the game genetically. I've never played the sport at their level, but find it a spiritual pursuit -especially when you know that it's the only game in which you call the penalties on yourself.
But then there is that other kind of passion that I (and hopefully all of us who walk this planet) desire. That is the passion of deep emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual intimacy with that one (and only one) someone. It's having that special person in my life that gives me the "warm fuzzies", depends on me to meet her needs and, in turn, is there to meet mine (in an interdependent, not co-dependent way), to know when to hold each others hand, give each other a hug, and, yes, feel that spontaneous urge to find a secluded getaway place (as close as the bedroom or as distant as the moon) .- those are the core yearnings that fire my hopes.
If you've read this far, I thank you. If you haven't ..... (see, there is some humor in there). I hope I've piqued you interest a bit and that we find a way to unfold more of the letters of our lives.

Date people from Arkansas, United States. Smart, easy going happy-go-lucky person. Very generous when careing for someone. A serious saver and investor, with a passion for interesting things. Looking for someone with a strong passionable, romantic, loving and supportive person.

Meet someone special from Arkansas, United States. i am just an easy going guy who enjoys the simple things in life and nature.I enjoy being with a woman who is attractive to me and me to her and we converse and share social activities and satisfy the intimate desires of each other. just quality time together is what i seek with the right person.

Date a soulmate from United States. I'm laid back most of the time. Love this Country and the freedom we so some times forget. You must honor our people in service to this country for they put it on the line every day for us Enjoy a quiet surrounding with out the noise of the city. Love life in the country. Life is short and it is to be enjoyed at this point in life. Do things because you want to not have to. Not even sure I want to be here to be honest

Meet men and women from United States. f un loving depenable careing .Seeing kids playing and haveing fun.My children are my big accomplishment in my life. I am grateful for my health.I am looking for a loving and careing person in my life.things that make melaughtout loud is a good joke.I am looking for love and coment in a relationship.

Date a man from United States. ex trucker retired I dont do a lot I drove for 38 years now just enjoy staying home work around the house visit with my grandkids. looking for someone to talk to maybe have a cup of coffee just enjoy each others company.

Meet single man from United States. Music is my passion, and I've been playing guitar since the age of 15. Played in Classic rock bands during High School and College, jammed with professional musicians who played Bluegrass and Classic Country for two years while living in Tennessee; and for the last several months I've been teaching myself to play Chord Melody Jazz - the hardest style to play on guitar.
Enjoy riding my Harley-Davidson, going on road trips, and exploring new places in Arkansas, Missouri and elsewhere. Riding to new and different places on a Harley, smelling the scents of nature, and enjoying a panoramic view of all the things around you is an adventure few people ever get the opportunity to experience. If you've already had that experience of "freedom", then you can relate to what I just shared. Not into riding with the "bar-hopping" biker crowd, but value and enjoy people from all walks of life and their worth as a human beings. An occassional glass of wine or a frozen strawberry margarita with a friend can be a special treat. Antique shopping, or really almost anything, can be fun if it's with that special someone in my life. Enjoy photography and creating interesting photos from pictures taken on bike trips and in travel with Adobe Elements. While not an avid golfer due to the time it takes to play, I still enjoy playing occasionally. When it's cold outside, nothing beats a cozy warm wood-burning fireplace to cuddle with that special someone. The aroma of wood burning and a hot drink can also add to the enjoyment of the moment...
Easy going, laid-back type of personality, not much ruffles me in any situation. Drama and conflict between mature adults is totally unnecessary, so I have no desire to be involved in that type of lifestyle - life is too short!
People tell me that I look 10 - 11 years younger than my age, and I believe that I feel and act like it as well! Exercise and eating healthy also has a lot to do with keeping in great condition; and I'm very much into both of those endeavors. Here's my weekly exercise routine: 600 pushups; walk over 30 miles; work out with weights 3 days per week. Take Saturdays and Sundays off for R & R.
My career started out as a top-selling Special Agent with Prudential Insurance Company, spent several years in Management with Prudential and Guardian Life before establishing my own Financial Planning Firms, both in Arkansas and in Tennessee, with insurance agents, stockbrokers, CFP's, and CLU's working out of my office.
Seeking a woman with a "good heart" which can be evidenced by the things that come forth out of her inner most being. If you're looking for a man of "substance", I'm here! If you're looking for a man of "means" (rich man) continue your search, as more often than not, they don't come in the same package.
My interests are varied, and I view each day as an adventure to be experienced and enjoyed. Looking for that special "someone" who can relate to the things just shared, and who is sincere in their search for a life time partner. I'm not into "serial dating", just desire to find that "special lady" who is looking for a "special man". If that's you, then by all means, send me a wink or e-mail...

Date people from United States. I am a divorced white male that is open to most anything that my mate wouldn't mind! I like to explore the country side. All music, movies @ home or theater. Live theater, both musicals and productions.

Meet someone special from United States. I think that my friends would describe me as faithful.
I am a musician(?), so good music makes me smile and even laugh aloud. I am grateful for everyday.
I would like someone who is gregarious, and well spoken. My social life revolves around my music and religious activities.