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Date a guy from Arkansas, United States. Hi I am Wayne im 26 years old soon to be 27 and I have 2 kids aiden 4 and Peyton 1 I was married for 5 years and it ended very badly I was heartbroken and I am looking for someone to settle down with who doesn't mind that I have kids and likes me for me and doesn't have to change me my perfect match would have a great sense of humor outgoing and down to earth and not bad if she is easy on the eyes either lets face it looks isn't all that matters but you have to be attracted to someone. Would love to find someone I can laugh with and someone that can cry on my shoulder when they are down. Anyways I look forward to hearing from you

Meet a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. This is the hard part.. I am very outgoing and obviously looking for someone to start the rest of my life I like spending a lot of time around the house but if something sounds interesting then I'm all in to go. I want a woman who likes to b home and isnt a party animal. I want her to b thrifty and like to do arts and crafts or just have some sort of hobby to make her interesting. I am very proud of my house and my dog Bitty.. She's an Australian shepherd and kind of a daddy's girl.. Im not very good at talking about myself so if there is anything you would like to know then don't b afraid to send me a message and ask..

Date people from Arkansas, United States. I'm a single self driven man. I'm not on here for games, I have a good job and at the next chapter in my life to share something special with someone. I like to travel spontaneous and planned. I'm a huge razorback fan, I love the outdoors and I like to cook. I look forward to hearing for

Meet someone special from Arkansas, United States. i am looking for someone who has the same zest for life i do. someone i can listen to records with, share my thoughts and feelings knowing that they will understand, and someone who has passion. passion is everything

Date a boy from Arkansas, United States. Ok, here's my story and what I am looking for. I am an honest and respectful man. I work hard and play hard. I am truly looking for my best friend to go through this life with. I stay active and I love being outdoors. I really have alot of fun. I love my life and am looking forward to sharing it with the right girl.
I have a degree in criminal justice but have yet to pursue a career in that field. I found my real passion lies in engineering. I found out I am really good at fixing problems, and I succeed in working with electricity. There is usually a method to my madness. No really, I am very organized and goal oriented. I am continuing my education in that direction. I would like to find a girl who is settled in her career or on her way to being so.
Family comes first. I love my parents for bringing me up right. My dad is the by far the coolest guy I know. He taught me how to fly. For fun and recreation I enjoy many things. I ride ATVs and motorcycles, I love flying, fishing, hiking, shooting, camping, boating, and playing the guitar. I am an avid deer hunter and a solid marksman. I do believe I could survive a zombie apocalypse. Lol. I love a good movie and I am always listening to the best music. I would consider myself an awesome cook yet I enjoy going out for a good meal. I recently trimmed off around thirty pounds and I feel great. I run every morning as soon as I rise and sometimes at midnight.
My father has always said, "You have to love what you see in the mirror before you can truly appreciate anything else in this life." I would hope for you to be honest, caring, compassionate, loving, somewhat smart, hopefully living with good morals, and an awesome personality. I do know how to treat a lady right and I love children. I am seriously looking for love but great friends are also hard to find. If I seem like what you may be looking for, just message me, it is that easy. Chad -

Meet single boy from Arkansas, United States. I am a self motivated and driven 26 year old man. I am recently divorced from a 7 year marriage, and I have 1 wonderful son who means the world to me. I have never been single or dated and I am very interested in meeting new people and having new friends and experiences. I love to go out on the weekends, or maybe a random night during the week to change things up. I enjoy going out to dinner and a movie, and would love to meet someone to go with me!
I am looking for a friend to spend time with and just help me learn to enjoy life again. I am very easy to get along with and I am VERY confident in all that I do. Currently working as a CIO in a Small Town Hospital and work alot so I dont get many opportunities to meet new people.

Date men and women from Arkansas, United States. Ok here i go..Will start off with i have a full time job here in Texarkana, I race Dirt Track on sat nights, that is when we don't get rained out...Im looking for a caring, nice girl but yet one that likes to have fun, but can also get serious when she needs too. Im not a picky person, My family means alot to me i like having family time and love cookouts, but then i like having alone time with my girl. If u wanna know more all u gotta do is ask me, Im honest and a straight forward kind of guy, i won't put up with cheaters and i hate a liar so if you r any of those don't even try and talk to me. Lets have a good time and see what happens...

Meet a guy from United States. My name is Silas. I'm an RN working and going to school. Planning on applying to anesthesia school soon! I would consider myself a good guy that's very down to earth and easy going. I have a close family. I like to goof off and have fun. I love being outdoors hunting and fishing, and I ride 4 wheelers a lot. I like things that go fast. The only sport I really watch is football. Big Razorback football fan! I like to workout and stay in shape and want a girl that does too. I am divorced but it ended well and we remain good friends. I do want a family in the next few years. I was raised going to a Baptist church and it is important to me. I would love to find someone who feels the same. Accomplished women are attractive to me.

Date a soulmate from United States. Where to start??? I have an interest in just about everything. There's not much I haven't dabbled in, but I'm always open for a new adventure or experience. I not one to make plans. If it sounds like fun, even for a second, count me in. I work two weeks on and two weeks off. I spend most of my days off on the water, wether it be hunting, fishing, or relaxing at greets ferry in a quiet cove. I'm looking for a woman that enjoys these things, and has other interest that might get me out of my comfort zone. I am at a point in my life where I would love to find somebody to see the world with, but the greater goal would be starting a family. Be it my own child or one I could help raise, that may look back when he/she is grown and see that I made a positive influence on his or her life.

Meet people from United States. I'm a self motivated person currently going back to college and working for a roofing company operating the forklift and throwing bundles of shingles and delivering them also. I'm very happy in the morning that's the highlight of my day waking up and getting started I'm almost always in a good mood or try to be. I think that life is what you make it and if you want to have fun you have to make it fun. Attitude's are contagious so beware of those you rub the wrong way. Only the strong survive so instead of sitting around, you should probly in some way prepare for the fight of your life. I think I talk too much also.

Date someone special from United States. I'm a network engineer, and love my job. I have been in sports my entire life. So much of my life has revolved around being active and on the go. I'm athletic and work out regularly, but I can still lay around and chill. I played college football, so I have lots of friends living in other cities, giving me an excuse to travel and see them. I love the outdoors; hunting, fishing, 4wheeling, camping, etc. I like to be out in the country, but I also love the big city. (I do not consider LR to be a big city) :) I'm a beach bum for sure! I like gizmos and gadgets, fast cars and big trucks. Lastly, I know how to treat a lady.
It's so hard to find people with good values and morals, that's first on my list. I would be interested in someone who is exciting, active, and outgoing. I don't like downers. I like a sense of humor and sarcasm. Things said for shock value are very funny to me. I truly believe a relationship is not 50/50, but 100/100. I like women who are confident and strong, able to handle things on their own, but humble enough to accept help when they need it. Finding a Christian girl is so important to me, it's the overall most important I'd say.

Meet a boy from United States. Im a pretty good guy. I would like to really find the one i can have a conversation with. Im one of the few that still believes in opening doors for my dates and saying ma'am. I am a goal oriented type of guy with a good sense of humor. I always seem to stay busy but definitely know how to relax. Im a big outdoors type of guy too. I have an awesome career ahead of me and im very self sufficient. I figured that it'd be easier to find someone than this but obviously that's not the case.
Im looking for someone who is easy going like myself. Someone that'd like to have drinks and cook out. Lying is a total turn off and I can't stand it. Im honest so I expect the same. Would be nice if I could find someone who would be willing to travel with me. One day ill make it to ireland.