Date men and women from United States / Arkansas, 38 year old

Date single man from Arkansas, United States. I am a single dad just recently divorced was married 12 years, I am looking for someone to spend time with not looking to get married again right now but who knows. I want someone who likes to get outdoors in the warm months and loves to snuggle in the cold. I love getting out on my motorcycle and just riding.

Meet someone special from Arkansas, United States. Im a Christain, and looking for the same in a partner. Ive been putting my children first,Im a single father with custody of a 4 year old girl an 3 year old boy. they are my life, an i thank God for them. they are a big part of all of my discisions. God has blessed me with a wonderful family, and a very successful career. Im looking for the right woman for me an my children to be with an love. I dont nessarialy need help, we need love and companionship. Honesty, an loyalty is very important to me, when im committed i dont stray. Ive been told im to picky, i just cant help it, ive made enough mistkes in the past. One of the main things im looken for is a Christain woman that dont smoke, drink, or do drugs. Were in church a lot. I dont wear suit and tie, im very succesful blue coler. Im not a saint by no means, i have long hair, and ive definitly sowed my wild oats, and I am thru sowing them! If you think you may be interested just let me no!

Date men and women from Arkansas, United States. A tall healthy black man from chicago a professional mover who travels sometime and a 36 years old a leo loves to cook my trade and i need someone who accepts me for who i am man who miss having a woman to come home to

Meet a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. I am 5'10" tall with a stocky build. I have experienced that turmoil of the streets and I have changed my life in order to be a great father for my children. I have raised my kids alone for 10 years and love that I have them in my life. I like to live on the edge and take chances. I am looking for a women that is not judgemental and will ride with her man no matter what. I know I am asking for a lot but my lady will be number one in my life. I love women that are spuratic and not afraid to get out of comfort zone. I am just looking to posibly meet someone that loves life and likes to have fun and likes to smile. I love to work hard and play hard. My closest friends would describe me as a very loyal friend. I love women of races as long as they are real with themselves.

Date a man from Arkansas, United States. I am a Retired combat veteran looking for someone to connect with. I just moved back to AR after being gone for 18yrs. I have a son in high school and 2 wonderful dogs. I usually only go out with my close friends for a good time, but I could be convinced by the right person to expand upon that. (Updated) I also love to ride my motorcycle. It helps me to relax and enjoy the open road. And I LOVE Razorback Football!! WPS!!!!

Meet people from Arkansas, United States. I'm a laid-back fella who doesn't take himself too seriously and enjoys taking in all fun activities that the local community has to offer.
During a normal week I might attend go for a long bike ride, go to a game (for the people-watching since I'm not really into sports), see a film with my movie club, attend a lecture at the Clinton School, or eat at a fun restaurant.
My hope is to meet someone who shares my interests and who likes to laugh at silly jokes. I'm looking for someone who enjoys being social and spending time with mutual friends. Since I love to cook, and consider myself a bit of non-snobby foodie, I'd like to meet someone who enjoys trying new recipes and cuisines. Most importantly, I'd like to spend time with someone who is comfortable enough to just be themselves. Is that you?

Date single man from United States. I'm am a Father of two girls, I have joint custody. They're with me every other week. I am looking for someone who I can trust and wont lie to me. Someone that I would be proud to bring my girls around.
I love reading, movies, hockey and love to spend time with my Dog. I believe the best relationships are based upon a friendship that grows into more. I have never been big on bars or clubs, I would rather have a dinner and conversation.

Meet someone special from United States. I am a very, sometimes too, honest guy. I am not in any way dramtic, although people are dramatic by nature and that's okay. It's just not who I am. I am a veteran. I am the grandson of a preacher and son of a cop. Yea, what a combo right? I am very independent and enjoy learning new things. I enjoy the outdoors, camping, hiking,kayaking, etc. I am kinda goofy and don't like to take life too seriously. Life is way too short to be serious all the time.
I am looking for someone that is kind, caring, strong and independent. Oh and can make me laugh. :)

Date men and women from United States. I'm passionate about making the most out of life - personal, relationship, family, career, helping others. I'm at my best when I'm active and working out, finding time to travel and experience new things/places, and spending quality time with friends and family.
A couple things I wish I could do more often... skiing, beach volleyball, sailing.
I'm looking for someone who is genuine with good values. Having a healthy balance in life is important too... staying active, balancing work and life ambitions, personal and emotional well being. And of course, a cute smile. :)

Meet a soulmate from United States. my frends say i need to get out more a good joke makes me smile and laugh i like to fish and be outside i love my kids i am greatfull fore my kids job and home and the good lord just looking fore a good girl that wants to love and be loved

Date a man from United States. I am a single dad with a 8 year old son. I have a job that keeps me travling on the road at least 3 to 5 days a week. sometimes more sometimes less. I have been there for 17 years. When i am home we like to spend a lot of time in the boat on the lakes in the summer. I guess that i am looking to meet a woman with a beautiful smile and a sence of humor. I am hoping to meet someone that wants more out of life.

Meet people from United States. I am a working professional with an extremely dry wit. I love to laugh and think the best type of comedy is that which makes you think.
I will admit up front that I currently work too much. However, I am certainly willing and able to shift a portion of my focus to a special someone. She needs to be a confident, smart lady that loves to laugh and who believes everything is fair game for a joke. This includes making fun of trite comments on profiles. If I read one more profile that recites "I enjoy living life to the fullest," or "I believe your life is what you make it," or "I have the greatest kids in the world and they are my life," I may take a long walk on a short pier. To the contrary, I never live my life to the "fullest" because I, like everyone else on this earth, know, deep down, that is objectively impossible. All I do is live life. Sometimes it's less than fun, sometimes it's not too bad. In any event, however, I do not see each day as "living life to the fullest," which conjures to me visions of sashaying the Austrian mountain tops with the Von Trapp family. Living life and laughing at other people's expense is more my cup of tea and gets me through the days.
As for the "I believe your life is what you make it," that's too easy. If you have this in your profile, take it out; we're all laughing at you.
Finally, my diatribe ends with the obvious: all parents believe their kids are special and smart and extraordinary (except my parents, and I think there is something to be said for that). I have a dog I am fond of; however, I don't feel the need to go on about him in my "about me" section of my profile. If you have a kid, good for you. And if you're inserting that into your profile to let prospective dates know you have a kid, it's already in the top portion of your profile so don't bother. Anything else you have to say comes from some need to be recognized for doing one of the least challenging activities imaginable -- reproducing. If it's recognition you're after, you get an annual tax deduction for the kid; leave it at that.
Recently, guy friends have stopped shaking hands and replaced it with a "fist bump." I apologize for my gender, ladies. I do not condone, nor will I engage in, a "fist bump." Gentlemen shake hands, no matter what meager accomplishment brings on the need for mutual celebration.
UPDATE: If you are crazy, have bats in the belfry, are a drip, a screwball, or are mad as a hatter, please own it from the get-go. None of us has time to invest in dating someone only to find out that she is "still seeing the ex," despite the wording of the divorce decree, or that her ex-husband dictates who and when she dates, or that, perhaps, the lady might be a drug addict, or a lesbian, or keeps a dead cat in her freezer. These are all things best to know in advance and not learned "on the fly," if you will.
Btw, most of this was a joke. If you didn't laugh but just got angry as you read it, I'm most likely not the kind of guy you're looking for. On the other hand, if you can truly take a joke, send me an email and we'll talk.