Date men and women from United States / Arkansas, 71 year old

Date single man from Arkansas, United States. I am a retired banker of 48 years. I am Divorced I hunt in winter play golf in summer. I just bought a house 8 miles east of Texarkana, Ark. I moved Aug 13, 2009. I have 5 bird dogs and two black labs.

Meet someone special from Arkansas, United States. I am searching for someone to share time with. I meet people one on one without any problem but do not like to be thrown into a crowd where I know no one. I would like to meet someone who is caring and tender and loving. I like to think of myself as a caring and giving person. My sister thinks I am smart, and I always follow that with;
you can see what that says of her, with a laugh.
At the present time my social life is almost non- existence.
My closest friends would maybe describe me a one who is dependable and honest.

Date men and women from Arkansas, United States. Christian man looking for a relationship with a christian woman actively involved in church. must be seeking the same. she should be interested in oudoor activities, such as fishing, cooking out, camping.

Meet a man from Arkansas, United States. Love life, enjoy people, but do not have any use for DRAMA. No room for jealously. If you're a head case, get fixed. I hope you are not so vein that you're all about you. If you are, there is no room for me. No BS, I am honest, sincere and loyal. I only ask for the same in return. Financially secure, enjoy life. I am a young 71 year old. Lot to offer the right woman and someone to laugh and have fun with. Photo is March 2012. I am a good catch. It could be fun if you are the right girl!!!!!!
I have lived a full and happy life. I plan on doing a lot more.

Date people from Arkansas, United States. Widdowed last year after 50 years of marriage,need a friend that would like to go out and eat and e-mail one another.I am not a silk purse but maybe a sows ear,kind of rough bur very funny,kind and gentel.

Meet a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. Love to mix with women who don't take life too seriously and I do the same as well. Traveling is definitely my bag and having fun. Grateful for having two beautiful children. Love to listen humor by Jay Leno and Rodney Dangerfield.
Looking to go exploring with attractive women who like to have fun and adventure.

Date single man from United States. My dating headline pretty much describes me and my attitude. What I expect in a mate will hi-lite my selfishness and I may have time to explain . . . we'll see.
I have been married twice and 'till
death did we part. My first wife passed away unexpectantly at age 62; we had been together 42years.
My 2nd. wife passed away last nov. 10th. she was much older than I but neither of us cared about the age difference. We were together nearly 11 years. Both of the women in my life were so different in character and yet they each loved me and were willing to follow me anywhere And do anything did. The fact is, I was spoiled. Each in their own way spent each day we were together proving their love for me and treating me as though I were king. I know I may never find
another willing to love me that way but surely it is evident why I want to try.

Meet someone special from United States. Someone as a companion, that likes to travel, and enjoy life. A person that would not object to an older partner. I'm not really into the social scene, prefer a quiet day or evening with my partner. I'm easy going and not hard to get along with. I'll treat you like a queen if you will treat me like a king.

Date men and women from United States. I am very active love to dance especially to the 50s and 60s I am a golfer I am in good physical condition and enjoy most any type of entertainment. casual travel exploring the Southern States, horse races, Tunica, floor shows ,dancing theater etc. would like someone with similar likes. I am easy going,and easy to get along with.I like my home and home time.I enjoy cooking, BBQ's sitting on the patio had having a glass of wine, I like to think that I am above average intellegence.I have been called attractive.I've been known to be able to find some one to talk to in a empty wharehouse

Meet a man from United States. I do not like to brag on myself, but I graduated from kindergarden, I was in the Air Force for a while really liked that, fished a lot and liked to camp out, boy was that fun...I am grateful that the GOD put me here on this earth to help other people, because he has taken care of me for so many years. I am having a birthday soon and I know that all of you young people out there know how wonderful that is. I have been married before and had a bad experience and also had a very wonderful experience so I am being cautious and am looking for a lady who will love me like the last love I had and not treat me like the first girl I was married to. I am very passionate about life, family, and relationships. I guess if you have read this far you know that parts of this are funning and parts are serious. I really enjoy life, I am a retired college professor, a graduated Le Cordon Bleu Chef, I have traveled extensively, I have a Doctorate in Technology...etc...want more lets get together and always ME

Date people from United States. I live in the wildness and dont have many friehds,like to stay and do things around thehouse,I have 17 ackers and live 500 feet from Bull Shoals lake, I have a boat ,but I havent put in the lake in 5 years

Meet a soulmate from United States. her & i to be kind & loving & spend maximum quality time with eachother; with laughter & making love as much as possible, because we "want to"; & please eachother in every way possible; always being honest & true with eachother; & never taking the other for granted!