Date men and women from United States / Arkansas, 41 year old

Date someone special from Arkansas, United States. I am outgoing with a sense of humor and stable home life. I recently turned 40 and have much to be greatful for. My two children are a great part of my life and they keep me smiling. I enjoy spending time around dogs, horses and fun people. I am very passionate about my work and spending time in the great outdoors. I have been a career Fireman for many years and I have enjoyed every minute. It has exposed me to increadible people and an awesome culture that the fire service has to offer. Visiting a new place is always cool, but I always like returning home.
I am in search of someone who will be predictable, calm, honest and willing to have a great time. My match would be physically fit and enjoy an active lifestyle. They would enjoy spending time with kids and helping them realize their dreams through hard work, education and being persistant. She would have a job, and demonstrate an ability to conduct business in a manner that makes financial sense. Attitude, work ethic, honesty, integrity and a willingness put family first and do the right thing are very important to me. Over the club scene and the attached drama is simply a must... Best of luck on your search.

Meet a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. I like to travel and I enjoy life. I have a great sense of humor and not afraid to take chances. I enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle and looking for someone with thesame interests. It can be casual or long term relationship.

Date a man from Arkansas, United States. Who am I? I'm a respectful, sincere guy full of fun, laughter and energy. I enjoy cooking, exercising / jogging, traveling and occastionally going out . But I'm also fine with quiet nights at home. I love to go to sporting events (especially the Razorbacks), play golf, go to the lake or pool, sit out by a bonfire and hang out with good friends. I love kids and they tend to like me too.
A night out for happy hour, dinner, or a movie is great, but I'm also content to stay home for a relaxing, romantic evening. Good conversation, ambition, honesty and sincerity are key attributes that are very important to me. I am full of laughter and smiles and want to share that with someone who enjoys the same. I don't like games or drama. Life is too short and has enough hurdles to overcome as it is.
Who am I looking for? I'm searching for that special someone who can be my best friend and my companion, to share in all life has to offer. Someone to travel the world, spend quiet evenings together, be active and social and see what life brings.
I have a happy, enjoyable life but want to complete it with the right person. I love kids and am open to having our own and/or warmly embracing yours.
If you are looking for an active, energetic, stable guy, who is also caring, romantic, and real, then let's chat and see where it goes.

Meet single man from Arkansas, United States. Lets go to eat at a new restrant and b to nervouse and interested in each other we forget to order ... lets go for a walk and hold hands and enjoy the little meaningless things we mention about the night .... Lets lay back and look at the sky and close our eyes just to enjoy the scent of the evening better .... Hi ... You know sometimes in life you have to be able to loose yourself in order to find yourself ... And then sometimes that speacial someone finds you and changes your life and future forever for the better ... Looking for that pretty lady i can admire and spoil with attentions and affections ... Im too honest at times ... A loyal freind to have ... Supportive and understanding and hope to find someone looking for the same ...

Date people from Arkansas, United States. I am a shy, quiet, reversed, and gentle man. If I trust someone then I will open up to them. I don't like cheaters, liars, rudeness or been taken advantage of. I always cherish the time I get to spend with family and friends.
I am a proud of
My Baby Boy
Career choice
Family and friendships I love and lost
Where my life is today
2 accomplishment I'm proud of:
Painting an orphanage is Brazil.
Being rescued by Lu Lu my Yorkie.
I'm grateful to have never slept a night in jail, & have a loving family all 23 members and 6 pets.
My life mate has to be accepting, compassionate, loving, kind, and be my best friend through thick and thin times.
I'm passionate about my feelings, family, friends, music, love, & being kind.

Meet men and women from Arkansas, United States. My close friends would describe me as very easy to talk to, very trustworthy, reliable, intelligent, and silly once you earn my friendship. I love being a dad and love kids. I am easy to please and low-maintenance, though good at things I won't name on here. I don't smoke, don't drink, and don't do any drugs and want the same. However, I am a proponent for having lots and lots of fun. I am family-oriented and have strong faith in God. I have been married only once.

Date someone special from United States. After reading so many profiles, I can't help but wonder if the girl I'm reading about in the profile is who she actually is, or who she wants to be. Some girls sound like they're living life by the seat of their pants, but I wonder if that's really the case. I mean, who is "really" living each day like it's their last? You say you want someone "real", well, "real" people don't live their life that way. If I was going to live tomorrow like it's my last, I wouldn't show up for work, I'd cash out my savings and retirement, I'd have some wild sex with a stranger or crazy ex, I may take a long distance sniper shot at someone that wronged me in my past, and I'd take off for somewhere really fun and do something that I've never done. The problem with all of that is that I hope tomorrow is not my last and I'd sure have a lot to answer for the day after. So, don't tell me how you want to live, tell me how you actually live. I'm a real guy that leads a real life with real responsibilities to myself, family, and friends. I simply can't always do what I want to do. For real!
It's like this......I'm the type of guy that fits in just about anywhere. I like muscle cars (I have 2), trucks (I have 1), a.t.v.s (I have 1), and boats (I have a bass boat). I didn't list these things to impress you. I listed them because they are things that I enjoy. On occasion I'll drink a Captain Morgan and Coke, whiskey and Coke, a tropical drink, or a Bud Light or Michelob Amber Bock (Haven't had a mixed drink in a few weeks. Have had 8 beers in the last 2 weeks). I like burgers and fries, steak, Italian, Mexican, sweet tea, and good coffee (Primarily I eat sandwiches during the week. I actually really like sandwiches). I like the smell of the great outdoors, a home cooked meal (Haven't had one of those in a while), cookie dough, and spicy perfume. When it comes to my taste in music, I like a mixture of 80's and 90's Pop, Southern Rock, Old School Country, New Country, Blues, and that gritty Memphis sound. I dislike people who cause others pain just for kicks. I believe most people get out of life what they put in to life. I think stores should be closed on Sunday so that people can spend time with God, family, friends, or whatever gives them comfort. I believe you should say thank you whether someone saved your life or held a door open for you. I believe you should say "Bless You" when someone sneezes. I believe you should always be proud of your country, but not necessarily those that govern. I like to hunt (Haven't been hunting in 2 years), fish (Haven't been fishing in a year), camp (Usually go twice a year), golf (Haven't golfed in over 3 years), read (Have read 2-3 books this year), learn (Loved Washington DC. It was like a walk-in history book), cook, experience fine culture, and goof around with children (I love my nieces and nephews). My life will not revolve around you. My life will revolve around us. Some days it will revolve more around me that it does you. Some days it will revolve more around you than it does me. I hope you can understand this. I have experienced much and I have become a richer man for it. In my opinion, I'm just an average guy. Some may say that me saying I'm average means that I don't hold a high opinion of myself; I say that my selfless pride doesn't allow me to to act/sound conceited.
Desiring the type of girl who has a great personality and the sense of humor to go along with it; a diverse intellect to be able to hold a decent conversation; can wear a bathing suit and not care what others think; likes to get outside and enjoy the things that everybody has access to, but usually overlook; sets a good example in front of their kids, if they have kids; doesn't have to have a man make her decisions for her; doesn't let adversity get the best of her; independent; a polished hostess in the living room; the desire of any man when dressed up to go out on the town, and an unbashful lover when we're alone.

Meet a soulmate from United States. i am easy going and i am not a great big person when come to conver. just to be talking but i will lesson sometimes anyway i try not to have too many freinds because that mean you just got somemore peopleto watch i just a loner that love to share time with a nice lady

Date a man from United States. Joke of the moment:
Visit To Ireland
A group of Americans was touring Ireland. One of the women in
the group was a real curmudgeon, constantly complaining. The
bus seats are uncomfortable.The food is terrible. It's too hot. It's
too cold. The accommodations are awful.
The group arrived at the site of the famous Blarney Stone.
"Good luck will be followin' ya all your days if you kiss the
Blarney Stone,"the guide said. "Unfortunately, it's being
cleaned today and so no one willbe able to kiss it. Perhaps we
can come back tomorrow."
"We can't be here tomorrow," the nasty woman shouted. "We
have some other boring tour to go on. So I guess we can't kiss
the stupid stone."
"Well now," the guide said, "it is said that if you kiss someone
who has kissed the stone, you'll have the same good fortune."
"And I suppose you've kissed the stone," the woman scoffed.
"No, ma'am," the frustrated guide said, "but I've sat on it."
Friendship comes first. Which means communication, honesty, and integrity. Games and drama are definitely not welcome!
Tired of the moochers, liars, game players and drama queens.
I am NOT here to find friendship with benefits, or to be anyones trophy.
I never thought it would be THIS hard to find a "Woman" that is Honest, shows affection, kind, responsible, great with kids, good with communication, believes in monogamy, and enjoys a healthy active life style! UGH!
A little about me:
I have 5 tats
I have made from scratch a set of Leather and a set of Platemail armor. (Medieval Europe)
I grew up on the West Coast
Honorably Discharged Marine
Honor does still mean something to me
I Love to cook!
I will not settle for second best
I am not shy in the slightest
I fully believe "No" does actually mean "No" Play that game with someone else.
Recently started dabbling in to Photography and getting back in to long walks,hiking, running 5-6 Miles AVG.
I am not the typical type of guy with no or low morals. So, if you are married, are not over a relationship, a moocher, do drugs, are a drunk, dislike children, have communication issues or have little or no intention of being at the very least friendly, then save us both some time and just F'n GO AWAY!
I do work out enough to stay healthy, I would like my future partner to be healthy as well.
I am far from being a Saint....ok well perhaps not that far....laughs....I do have a brain though! I won it from the scarecrow! Laughs

Meet single man from United States. Just enjoying the hell outta life while I still can! I'm 5'11" tall, dark brown hair, 200 lbs. I'm a jack of all trades and master of all that I survey! Not scared to try new things. Love to laugh.
What am I looking for? I've never been one to lay out an itinerary, especially when approaching mysterious territory such as this. Too many expectations often distract from the riches to be found right in front of you. People that have a life's checklist seem strangely perverse to me. Not that I haven't sought out certain things in life, and attained them, but to say what I want before I've even met you. Seems a bit presumptuous to say the least. Right now I'm open to the unexpected.
Who I'd like to meet:
A real WOMAN, any age, of course smokin' hot, self-sufficient, and a genuine appreciation of a REAL man who would do any and everything in his power to show friendship, companionship, loyalty, lust, love, and pretty much everything that a lasting and meaningful relationship should entail. All I ask for is consideration, loyality, a back rub every once in a while, a thank-you, and reciprocity(tit for tat).

Date people from United States. Confident, funny(I usually keep friends and colleagues in stitches), thick and not ashamed of it, smart and attractive dad looking for what most people look for; someone to spend quality time with and get to know. Sharing life's adventures and exploring the great things that this life has to offer. Taking the time to revel in the quiet moments yet always up for a last minute trip to dinner or a movie. Knowing when to be serious, when to laugh at ourselves, and when to take time alone. Being a faithful parent, as when we are together, all of our kids see love and kindness.
Being active means a lot to me and I have even taken up running/walking to train for an up coming 5k. I look forward to cooking and eating healthy to have a better mind and spirit to be active. I like the simple things that life has to offer and not afraid to venture onto the roads less traveled.
I am at a point in my life that I find true friends are few, finding someone to love is rare, and life is too short to not have both. Finding the one that seems to complete you, have commonalities with, shares similar dreams with, have alike morals with, and a great sense of family together, seems daunting. Life, undoubtedly is a roller coaster ride. With it's ups and downs, twists, turns and gut wrenching moments that seem to never end. But that, that is what makes life with someone you love great and gives you the sense that you both are ALIVE. If that roller coaster ride ever comes around, I assuredly will be the first one in line.
Telling someone who you are is like describing something in your hand blindfolded. It feels familiar but with out seeing it, description of it is taxing. Therefore, I see my self as loving, caring, solid, robust, jovial, trustworthy, loyal, endearing, passionate and giving. I know myself as nothing more and as well, nothing less.
If you have taken time to read this, then you will have no problem telling me in your message, that there is a a word I used and it is all caps. If you have not read this entire profile, please do not bother chatting me up.
Trying to pin down the perfect match is somewhat of a challenge. We never know what person will cross our path in life so we cannot clearly tell someone what we are looking for. Wit, charm, confident, educated, funny, family oriented, outgoing, challenging, and able to laugh at themselves is a few to start with.

Meet men and women from United States. I'm a funny, laid-back, self driven person. I'm definitely low maintenance and very spontaneous. My goals in life are to raise my kids right and have as much fun as humanly possible! He who dies with the most toys, wins! jk
I have a whole new outlook on life since becoming single. I'm living one day at a time, and actually stopping occasionally to take it all in. :) I don't live to work. I work to live... It's nothing for me to up and take off to Vegas, the beach, a beautiful lake, etc. I hate cold weather so no trips to Iceland, sorry.
I absolutely love the finer things in life. I have very high standards and refuse to settle for anything less than the best. I have a lot to offer and would love to share my world with the right woman.
Last, but certainly not least...if you don't have an insanely awesome sense of humor we won't click. It's a deal breaker. If you love to laugh, we'll get along great...because I will make you laugh til you pee. :-D

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