Date men and women from United States / Arkansas, 60 year old

Date single man from Arkansas, United States. Looking for that special person that we can enjoy each others company, and if it goes past that, well that would be great too. I want to enjoy the rest of my life, and want someone to enjoy it with. I am NO Robert Redford, but I'm not "The Hunchback of Notre Dame either (LOL) I'm not looking For Marylin Monroe either.
I enjoy the outdoors (when it's not 100 Deg) I like to fish, and I even tried Hog Hunting a few times, but never saw one (yet).

Meet men and women from Arkansas, United States. The pics are best I can do for now-could have posted worse. OK, you all say you want honesty. These are honest.
I am seeking someone who loves drama, lies, is disloyal and untrustworthy, loves to play games, despises family, and hates animals - -NOT REALLY!, I just wanted to read that on this site one time.
You: take pride in your appearance; are intelligent; dislike drama; financially stable through resources and/or income; interested -no, check that- LOVE - to travel; are confident and secure (but not a diva!); can and do laugh at yourself; are versatile in settings.
Me - career self-employed professional,. I have a combination of children/step-children, with whom I enjoy wonderful relationships. Also have a combination of 4 FANTASTIC! grandchildren - Devoted to their well-being and future. I am a combination of unconventional and traditional. Often think outside the box and challenge mainstream thinking and mores. I can be adventuresome, often spontaneous.
Children are local, Memphis and NWA. Discretion precludes airing TMI on a public site, so if you have gotten past the pic(s) and want to know more, drop me a line.
A few things about me - perhaps the following will assist you in initial evaluation of me.
Fox News is not news.. Seriously.
Some of my guiding tenets:
Let the Golden Rule guide your actions.
Fool me once - shame on you; fool me twice - shame on me.
Everything that goes around comes around. We eventually are rewarded, or pay for, our good actions and our sins. You really don't get away with anything in the long run.
Cleanliness is next to godliness.
Bigots, racists and bible-thumpers should pass on by. I have NO problem with Christianity - its just some of the Christians who get to me.
My liberal friends think I am conservative. My conservative friends think I am liberal.
I love to travel, and have recently instituted career changes to ensure there will be plenty of time for it in my future. I want to revisit some places (Sedona, Tahoe/Sierras/Yosemite, SOCAL/PCH, Hawaii, some major cities), and travel to other places and countries besides China and the Carribbean. I love the beach, but not to the exclusion of other locales.
I don't think relationships must be 24/7 365, requiring one to forfeit all autonomy and independence. Relationships should enhance and not suffocate. At any rate, I would not desire a relationship with a person who is not a complete entity unto herself already. I am not talking about an 'open' relationship, just not a suffocating one.
I have flaws, and have made mistakes - (at least) one of them a doozie. I have concientously worked to be a better person, but I am far from perfcet (sic). I don't have all the answers - don't even know all the questions. I look forward - not backward. Life is short, and we a long time dead.
No one wears anything as well as confidence. Nothing is sexier or enhances physical beauty more than intelligence and a sense of humor.
I LOVE college football, especially SEC. You don't have to. But know in advance most Saturdays in the fall are pretty dedicated.
I like golf. Golf does not like me.
I relate most easily to people who have raised children. Lots of commanality there.
I consider 'camping' as staying in a hotel w/o a bar. I do enjoy hiking tho.
I do NOT own a Harley. I do have a bicycle. I am ethical, forthright, and socially practical (if barely acceptable, at times).Finally, just so you know how superficial and shallow I am, pls be within about 20% of 'ideal' body weight.Oh yeah - this is where I say that I love moonlight walks, cuddling, sunsets and all that other stuff too. Actually, I REALLY do with right person.So, if you think you'd like to chat, then drop me a line. NO PIC, NO RESPONSE! Other than the above qualification re physicality, I am attracted to the entire gamut of physical types, from slender to curvy.And pls don't take any of the above too seriously.

Date someone special from Arkansas, United States. Just recently joined match although my profile has been here for some time. Seeking friendship to start then see where things go. I teach at a university in Arkadelphia. Looking for someone who still feels young, at least in heart, with the belief that true happiness is still a real possibility. Have many hobbies and interests, but it is always better with that special someone. Good luck in your search!

Meet people from Arkansas, United States. I'm a, pretty much, what you see is what you get kinda guy. I'm tall, athletic looking and have been all my life. I tend to look for sharp, intelligent, but playful types, that think outside the box, see fun in anything, and want to find out what's behind door number 3 instead of sitting around complaining and being bored. I love a good bonfire at the river with someone nice or alot of friends. I love good conversation, good, no, great food, whether it's out having fun or cooking it my self or with someone I like. I love the water, whitewater, canoeing or at the lake or ocean. I LOVE the hot sands of a white beach, whether in Florida, the Caribbean, or where ever life takes me. I love a good time, period. and I love adventure. I love watching sports, and if it wasn't crazy at my age to be playing tackle football on Sunday after noon, I'd probably be out there!! I'm up for anything but boredom. I love music in most forms. I'm a musician, and a real audio engineer. just going back to playing out of the love of it, but I love running a big system too. in short, musically speaking, I've been there and done that. and I'll keep doing it, probably til I can't. I love it. music is the passion of the soul, and I'd like to find someone that feels that way too. Concerts?? lets go! actually, jingle some keys, and don't blink, cause I'm probably already out the door!!
The women I'm looking for is open, intelligent, friendly, confident and not condemning. The type who's never met a stranger. She's not overweight, takes care of herself and has pride in her appearance. She's happy with herself, but she knows anything can change at anytime and she can deal with it, with out killing everybody around her, lol. I'm just looking for a real women, that can appreciate the little things in life and finds daily life appealing with out having to travel half way around the world. Duh, we all want to travel 365 a year don't we. She's settled, not changing the drapes every 30 days. Happy, but able to pitch in or even lead and make things work for US, not just one of us. One that appreciates and respects and understands we sometimes won't agree on everything in life and can let me have mine, just as she can have her's. Normal is good. She needs to be attracted to me just like I'm attracted to her. she's my best girl. my best friend. my companion and my lover. The one that knows I need my down and alone time just like she needs hers. Life's a funny little puzzle. some find things that fit, some don't. I've been divorced 12 years. I may never find her. but I still have to try.......thanks for reading.

Date a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. I would describe myself as a man you can trust and count on when times are tough. I don't give up on myself,family, freinds or in business.
I'm grateful to get to live in NWA where we have clear streams, lakes and trails to enjoy. I beleive you should take the time for your self to enjoy all that nature offers.
It would be great to find someone who likes the outdoors as well. Maybe a drive over to the Buffalo at the Steele Creek
area and watch the Elk in the fall, take pictures of you next to the beautiful water and rock formations.

Meet a man from Arkansas, United States. I am 60 years old, but I work like I'm 40. And I play harder than I work. I am generally conservative, but I will try almost anything once. I am working on my doctorate in Higher Education Faculty Leadership, and expect to start my dissertation next spring or summer.
My friends would say I am loyal, courteous, dependable, helpful, sarcastic and cynical. Most of what I read is either technical to hep me with my jb, or educational for my degree. I an just as happy walking around the streets downtown watching people, or in the art galleries looking at the art. I like the River Market. There is a lot to do there and it's close to where I live. I live by myself, but I'm trying to adopt a dog. I like to ride the River Trail in NLR, because it is prettier and more relaxing that the LR side.
I teach technology classes for UALR in th College of Education on occasion, and build Web pages for the College and the faculty. I am very good at building data driven pages and data collection forms. My Meyers-Briggs test shows me to be ISTJ, but I think I missed answered the introverted questions. I am usually out spoken when I have an opinion, but I am slow to speak, because I think out carefully what i want to say and how it should sound. I am very patient or so my students tell me. I enjoy teaching the things I teach. I have taught Web page design and develpopment before and still teach it in athe electronic portfolio class I teach.

Date single man from United States. ...about me who I'm looking for ....1st I mean 1st !!!...someone who can read, might interest me ...the "Headline" @ the top of my profile says ( and I quote ) ....."NO E-MAILS" ... how tuff' is that???? come EVERYDAY, I get new E-mails????...pardon me if this sounds rude...but either Match is trying to annoy me into joining again & again & again ...or, "folks" don't take the time to understand, NON-MEMBERS CAN"T READ/OPEN E-MAILS, NOR CAN WE RESPOND IN ANY WAY, NOR DOES A WINK W/O A PIC MAKE ANY SENSE @ ALL !!!!! ... SSOOO......what I'm looking for is "the one"...yes, the one that makes me join ""Match", in a Heartbeat....that said, if your in my favorites one day gone the next...chances are i was giving you a 2nd thought... don't be upset, I've been single a long, long time ...alone I'm used to ....reality is what I'm after....NOT Barbie Dolls nor makeup queens...a Lady w/ only a few attachments..... hopefully, naturally occuring physical attributes... 60 going on 25 doesn't cut it, "gym rats" i can do w/ travelers, I find dull & exceptionally boring....that said....perhaps, just perhaps sites like this can be of some use ... I'm looking to find a gal to spend the rest of my life w/ ... this boy will never again be a "meal-ticket" ... 'been there, done that.... we've all made our mistakes, mine was to put everyone elses wants needs first .... NO 50/50 me half way bring 100% of yourself...then maybe we'll have something to share for a life-time.

Meet men and women from United States. Hard working, honest, fun loving, just an outgoing person, as i can have an conversation with anyone, nothing special about me. Just love people in general. My jobs seems to be my life, as i love my job, as a supervisor, i love to teach the younger or trade.

Date someone special from United States. long haired biker that loves family and friends looking for that someone who turns my head and everyone elses also and who has the same values i have. also who likes to enjoy spur of the moment things like travel or outings just pack and go.

Meet people from United States. I am well-educated, personable, interested in new things, confident, willing to learn, and passionate about my career. My hobbies include golf, sailing, and reading. I am also interested in sports, working out, and many other things. One thing is missing though: a passionate, spontaneous, and fun "friend" to complete my life.
The woman I am looking for will be good at conversation, a bit adventurous, has a career or job she likes, is comfortable in her skin, and open to discovery. She should be willing to talk me about anything and listen to me as well. She should have a passion for life.

Date a soulmate from United States. I’m one who looks forward to whatever life brings, and I hope to include in that friends who enjoy good conversation on a variety of subjects. Be warned that I’m not afraid of controversial topics, they can be intelligent, informed and stimulating, and you’ll find I’ll be interested in what you think and what you have to say. I’m pretty happy with my life and I’m certainly not looking to change yours, but I want to explore new options and see how they work out.
The philosophy I live by is that you don’t have to be loud and gregarious to be interesting, and I always think of what I would want and expect and make sure all are treated with the same consideration. For me, an exciting date would be to head out with (or without) a plan and go where the night takes us. The perfect date wouldn’t end until the next day.
A romantic man, I’m even-tempered and don’t jump to conclusions, keeping drama to a minimum and life on an even keel. Thoughtful of others needs and loyal to a fault, I’m attracted to others with those same qualities. Men being the visual creatures that we are, an attractive woman who takes care of herself will certainly get my attention, but beauty queens are not required. I’m at a point in my life where the quality of a person is much more important than how they look on the outside. A caring woman with positive energy capable of multi-layered intellectual and political conversation would be very compelling to me! A pleasant physical appearance would be an added bonus.
Still reading? You may be the very woman I’m looking for, but I won’t know you’re interested until I hear from you. Send me an e-mail and we’ll take it from there. I don’t know where this take us, but I only know one way to find out, so I’ll keep an eye on the in-box and hope to hear from you soon.

Meet a man from United States. Balancing the sacred and sensual, the spiritual and tactical
Perfect evening:
The possible scenarios are boundless, but has to include just the two of you so close the world fades away, and either (1) you just know there's no one else you'd rather be with, even if all you're doing is laying around in funky clothes and watching a movie, or (2) things are ga-ga romantic, and when you look into her eyes you just fall in (pretty eyes and good make-up app required) . Of course when it's over reality returns and somebody has to take out the trash and run the kids back and forth to soccer practice....but for a little while - aaaaaahhh
Favorite movies:
Bull Durham / Blazing Saddles (The "I believe in...." speech, and "He ***** like he pitches: Kinda all over the place", and the immortal Slim Pickens: "Somebody go back and get a shitloada dahms"), Dr. Zhivago / Lonesome Dove (both sweeping epics with great stories about relationships that leave / come back and intertwine over time. In one they eat raw potatoes, in the other they chew tobacco) I know, I know, there's that stretch from one end to the other again...
Musical taste:
Too many to mention here, but usually fall into 1 of these: Rock it out (better be loud and proud) RB / Blues (Roadhouse RB like Delbert, or contemporary RB with a snakey groove -- loose hips are a must if you're gonna dance to it), Power pop (love those Rickenbacker electric 12-strings and killer harmonies) , smart songwriters and Tower of Power (I'm an ex-horn player, this shouldn't be a big surprise). Utmost respect for Tom Petty and Bruce: They're still knockin' it out, each has a GREAT band, and they're my age. And last but not least, a tip of the lid to James Brown - the man turned an entire band into a rhythm section that roared like a runaway freight train (Hit me -- hey!)
For the Ladies
Drop-dead gorgeous not expected (look at me - do I look like my dance card is filled with pro football cheerleaders and Hollywood starlets? C'mon....) but not turned away, either (It's the old one-liner "I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid!"). Please be able to have an intelligent conversation. College degree not required but does provide some common ground. Most important is your sense of self and sense of humor. Need to know who you are and be comfortable with it. Laughing out loud would a good sign, but so is a more reserved, but determined self-assurance. Ideally would able to wear a short cocktail dress and pumps if the occasion required , then turn around and wear jeans and eat barbeque with your fingers and not go "EEwwwww" - my nails!"