Date men and women from United States / Arkansas, 69 year old

Date people from Arkansas, United States. i am searching for a friend a female buddy a long term companion..(NO DRUGS) who has enough self confidence not to let the uppity's tell her who would work for her. if my ability to control a ball, my chronological age or diplomas are important to you please close this page and search another profile. if you are a independent thinker and want a man who lives the golden rule,and wants peace and prosperity for all please read on. my hair was brown now it's grey but thank god i still have all of it.. i weigh 250 pounds . i don't need income prestige or a roll in the hay . i am self confident so i don't need to dominate any one but i won't submit to domination ether.. i like doctors without borders and other benevolent organizations.
i love thunderstorms,nature ,rural things,family, pets i am contented beyond belief, generous to a fault. i am not a neat freak. i am not narrow minded enough to worry about when you were born. albert einstein said not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. i hope your age is not the most important thing about you. i don't follow the herd and let the herd make my decisions for me. i don't dance i don't night club. you must be through playing with other BOYS before you move in here. .a friends daughter after a lifetime of disappointments,never finding a long term companion,true friend, sustainer, daddy or husband. i said as long as she keeps looking where she has been looking she will probably keep on finding what she has been finding. einstein said doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results is insane. i am not spontaneous i prefer to think things through. your external beauty might fade but the beauty of your benevolence will endure.(i said it 2011) einstein said most people decide with their eyes instead of their brains. age appropriate = a term used by prejudice to demean and compartmentalize humans because of the year that they were born. i said it 2001. a epiphyte is someone who attaches to a celebrity , team, or other icon attempting to raise themselves to a higher level. i said it 197?. don't worry about your income i don't need a woman to support fact if you have no income that's fine with me . your chronological age is of no importance i am not narrow minded enough to rule out a friend just because of the year she was born. over 60 we do not have the instant physical attraction but i want a heart of gold .it is who you are inside that is most important. but i won't hold it against you if you are still attractive. for years i have proved i am not afraid to eat my own cooking and i can live without sex.but i want a female buddy, companion, friend to talk to ..,i am not in to eye and body language my verbal articulation skills are adequate.i like holding hands, hugs and companionship .right is right even when only a very few understand it and wrong is wrong even when most folks support it."i said it 2010. i don't need a barbie i want a buddy..

Meet a man from Arkansas, United States. I can be comfortable in jeans n T-shirt or a black tie affair.
I do think laughter is the best medicine.
Not sure exactly what I'm looking for, but a nice date or coffee never hurt anyone ;)
I'm a gentleman
I know how to treat a lady, old fashion values mean a lot to me..

Date men and women from Arkansas, United States. I embrace a healthy lifestyle, with plenty of exercise and eating healthy. (Tho an occasional oreo). I'm not really interested in hunting or fishing. Can't stand thought of finding pleasure in killing or causing suffering. I am regarded as a "funny guy." Have done a lot of little theater, mostly comedy, tho I did the role of Atticus Finch in "Mockingbird." Have done skit comedy with close friends. Some after dinner speaking.
Looking for someone with similar values, similar sense of humor (somewhat iconoclastic), and enjoys vigorous pursuit of healthy mind, body and spirit. Also that likes the idea of growing young.

Meet single man from Arkansas, United States. my freinds would describe me as laid back and i like to laugh a lot. i'm not to serious except when comes to faith, family and freinds. i guess i'm looking for someone to fill the hole in my heart that anyone has who doesn't have someone. i'm thoughtful and affectionate.

Date someone special from Arkansas, United States. I believe my friends would say that I am a gentle man. what makes me smile, a good joke, kittens , puppys, the lady I am looking has to be loving and be good in her heart I am so glad my kids grew up to be good adults, right now my social life is at a stand still because I don't like going out and mixing with people by myself

Meet a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. I would like my friends to say, he's a good old boy. I am looking for a lady who really wants some one in their life not here as a big joke.I have a love love and goodness in my heart for someone that honest and wants that in their life

Date people from United States. I am industrious, honest and trustworthy, emotionally and spiritually stable and mature. I enjoy enteraining at home and socially. I am seeking a lady with like attributes. I am very pleased that I was able to complete my education and secure and maintain a lifestyle that has be secure and stable.

Meet a man from United States. Loves to ride motorcycle, going crappie fishing with my friend. I have 6 rescue dogs and enjou their companon ship. Where I am sitting in the house they are by my side. I have no social life except for family visits and going fishing with buddy. Right now I'm just looking for someone to chat with on-line.

Date men and women from United States. what makes me smile,, a good joke,, a baby, my dog playing.. the main accomplishment is that in the ten years my wife and I were married I never one time did I run around on heri ment my vowles. I am hoping to find a lady who is able to be my equal not in front or behind me

Meet single man from United States. i love t fish.. enjoy spending time with family..i have three kids all live on their own 2 girls and 1 boy.. im currently living with my youngest daughter.. i was married for 46 years.. she passed away. so im currently just looking for someone to spend time with and see where it goes from there

Date someone special from United States. I am a retired electronic superviser after 32 years
with the phone company. I live on the Arkansas river and love to play on it. I would like a first mate to help me out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and also appreciates the beauty of the
grren trees and water.

Meet a soulmate from United States. overall i think they would say im a good guy.. im grateful for my kids. i would love to meet sumone who just enjoys life and would like to share their life with me.. my social life isnt up to parr just yet but im working on it lol. im just looking for sumone to spend time wiyh