Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Parker, 35 year old

Date a woman from Parker, United States. Down to earth, like to travel, see new things. I work hard and like to play harder. Life is to short.Want to spend time with someone for life. share the ups and downs. I like to open and honest. What you see is what you get.

Meet a man from Parker, United States. My passion is flying and drumming. Love being outdoors and fishing/hunting or just getting out and going camping. I'm looking for someone who would also enjoy these types of things in life. I am close with my family and I think I have some high morals. These things are also important for me when I look for someone to spend my time/life with.

Date a soulmate from Parker, United States. Just a hard working man who loves life and family. Just looking for the right lady on here to have fun times with. If you want to know more about me let's chat. I'm looking forward to it. Until then lovely ladies.

Meet people from Parker, United States. Easy going, I love hanging out with my friends and family. Summer is my favorite time of year. I'd rather be boating at the lake or up in the mountains. I am looking for someone that is outgoing and also enjoys the outdoors.

Date single man from Parker, United States. So here's a little about me.....I'm a big kid at heart. I have a huge heart. I will do anything for the people I care about in my life. I come from a large family, some of which live in Iowa so I have a lot of small town values. I have three sisters and two brothers so family is a big thing for me. I love to laugh. I like to think I'm the life of the party. I have few enemy's. I'm the eternal optimist. So if you can't stand someone that is fun loving, optimistic, and a gentleman than I'm not for you. HAHA! I think I'm a great friend and partner you just have to take a chance. I'm a provider by nature, and I want to be for my family. I own my own business. I'm a humble person. I have a dog named Loki. How much rambling can one do on this section. That's it for now hopefully I convinced you to respond,if not good luck to you in your quest for love!

Meet someone special from Parker, United States. About me:
I'm simple I like to get up early in the morning and drink my coffee first before the rooster gets up I am tender and tough. I am very humble and low key but I'm tenacious if I have to be. I try to be discreet about it but I am a very passionate person sometimes my determination drives me to want to bail the sunken ship even when it is a lost cause. I own a small construction company so I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule. I would classify myself as very romantic, could just be a rose on your windshield or maybe I pack the truck for a weekend trip tell you what to pack and surprise you when we get there. I'm definitely not the poetic type of romantic:) I have my daughters Mon-Fri. I would say that I am a reformed adrenaline nut but I still like to taste every now and then. I like toys as most and I like to have the fastest most powerful toys. I'm not afraid of being afraid. In the summer I have to work weekends sometimes but if I'm not working I'm in Ft. Collins sitting on the lake all weekend. I am very blue collar and extremely conservative economicly but I am ultra-liberal on social issues. We don't get to judge who is born or how they live everybody needs to mind there own business. Private rights should be a good governments first priority. I am a true believer in the free market. I was an all-state inside linebacker in high school. My dream is go to Bonneville salt flats and go over 200mph on a motorcycle. I understand that the fact that I am a serial clicker makes girls feel rejected if I click through and don't send an email. It's not anything like rejection I can't carry on multiple conversations at once as I don't date multiple girls at once either. I also find that smoking is very offensive to some people so if it says no way under your partners smoking habits I don't bother.
About you:
Someone real and true to themselves. No one is perfect some of us less than others:) Perfect to me is a smart girl than can hold a conversation, cute, humor dry or wet. Must be willing to travel I want to do some exotic things when my girls leave home. I want a girl that is proud to be with me. I don't spend any effort to portray anybody I'm not it is a poor investment with little or no return. I'm not interested in being a celebrity I just want peace. I am interested in a tender sensitive girl but I would want you to be daring enough to challenge yourself. You are compassionate, considerate, team minded and most of all a good Mom.
I know a lot of you girls are old fashioned and the guy is always suppose to be the cat but I won't feel threatened if you reach out to me. Cat and mouse is fun but only if both critters know the game.

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. I consider myself to be a laid back type. I enjoy laughing hard and making people laugh. Try not to take life to seriously. None of us get out alive. I'm looking for someone who likes to have fun, laugh and enjoy life. I am looking for a woman who knows herself, knows what she wants out of life, and is driven to achieve those things. If you are a Bronco fan its a plus but not a deal breaker. If you are Raiders fan, its a deal breaker. Lets be honest though who would make that kind of life choice?

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. About me: I am a transplant to Colorado from Pennsylvania. I have been here for almost 10 years, and absolutely love it here. I grew up in farm country, so I am truly a country boy at heart. I have a very secure and stable career that I love for some strange reason. I work nontraditional days, and my hours change on a daily basis sometimes, but I get a ton of time off, so it all works out in the end. I enjoy camping, hiking, hunting, and spending time with my friends. I love running, working out at red rocks, and other forms of working out. I really enjoy stimulating intelligent conversation, and have a true passion for learning about almost anything. I asked a very trusted friend to give me 5 words to describe me, and here is the response: loyal, honest, trustworthy, responsible, and intelligent. All of this talking about me is getting old fast, so I say we move on.
My rule to live by: I would rather make the difficult correct decision over the easy wrong one.
What I am looking for: I would like to find a true partner to be my equal. I prefer genuine people that enjoy a drama free lifestyle. I would like to find someone who shares my desire to exercise and take care of their body and mind. I would enjoy finding someone who is very motivated, and dedicated. The single biggest attraction for me is intelligence. I am looking for a woman that doesn’t feel the need to go downtown every night that they have free. I would like to find someone who can hang out at a small neighborhood gathering place, enjoy going to a baseball game once in a while, and sometimes just hang out at home. The final thing I will say is that I want to find a beautiful woman. This may sound really basic and simple to some people, but trust me it isn’t. All of the expensive clothes, makeup, and fancy hair styles in the world won’t make you beautiful, it is what is in your heart and mind that makes you truly beautiful.
If anything I wrote interests you, please let me know, and we can definitely talk more. Thank you for looking and reading.

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. Im 35 years old, I work a lot and am tired of the bar scene. I work long hours which makes it difficult to meet new people.
I am at an age where most of my close friends are married with children which also makes it difficult to go out. So, I thought I'd see what this is all about. Who knows?
I like to laugh and make those around me laugh. I'm looking for someone who wants to try new things and see new places.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. I am a fun and caring person. I will do anything for loved ones and friends. I value the relationships i have with friends and family...cause when it comes down to it...that is what makes us who we are.I love motorcycles....i own a crotch rocket right now and am looking forward to adding a Harley.I love riding my bike, it is a great stress reliever for me. I am a gearhead at heart...and that carries over to my work.I am a professional mechanic by trade. I just moved to this area recently and am looking forward to meeting new people. Like I said, i am a caring person and enjoy doing nice things for the people in my life. I am a very loyal and upfront person and am looking for the same in my partner. I hate liers. I enjoy being outdoors and to see new things.I have two awesome boys ages 10 &13. They will be moving here in about a month. I moved out here for more opportunity for my boys and myself.Have to be honest....wont introduce someone i am dating to my boys unless i know it is going to be a long term relationship. Dont want people coming and going out of their lives. I love my pitbull Bella even if she is a pain in the butt sometimes.My partner obviously would have to love dogs. Well that is a bit about me....more info if you are interested!

Date single man from Arizona, United States. A little bit about me...
I'm far from being just another average / normal guy and that just might be the best news you've ever read on this website.
Well let's just say normal doesn't seem to be working these days...
I mean, let's be your search for the man of your dreams you probably have high standards and that's not a bad thing...the problem is the vast majority of men on this website are 'normal' debt, emotionally damaged, insecure, extremely jealous, and absolutely desperate to win your affection and all the succeed in doing is disqualifying themselves from ever being with you and in the process cause you to slowly drop your standards out of fear of being alone and frustration at the lack of quality men in your dating pool.
All that to say, if you are looking for a normal / average guy I'm not the one for you.
I'm looking for a woman who knows What she wants and isnt afraid to do what it takes to get it.
I'm looking for a woman who has high standards and refuses to settle for less than her absolute best.
I'm looking for a woman who deserves to be treated like a princess, but also knows how to respect her man.
I'm looking for a woman who takes good care of herself and is looking for a man who isn't a couch potatoe.
I'm looking for a woman who wants it all...
I'm looking for a woman who can not only capture my interest, but maintain it.
If I've aroused your curiosity and your up for an adventure of a lifetime it's your turn to get my attention.

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. I am just looking.... If something looks promising then I would be more then happy to fill more out here. I am a real, funny, honest guy that has been busy working and trying to build a second career so I have not had time to even look at dating let alone dating websites. I really can be a funny guy, I used to do stand up comedy.