Date men and women from United States / Alabama, 69 year old

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. a woman loves me for me loves to laugh aand we just havefun bestfreind realtionship love living id hope to sttrsct my mrs rightt passionate about my family when someone does a good deed my life social life is goood

Meet a man from Alabama, United States. I enjoy playing pool, being with grandkids, boating and fishing, walking on the beach, a moon light strool on the beach, traveling, going to concerts, live music, going to the boats and muchmore to mention. The person I would be interested in would have to have some of the interests that I have, but I am willing to try most things. I am looking for someone that has taken care of themselves as I have. I'm pretty flexible.

Date people from Alabama, United States. It takes trial and error to find some one that you like to be with. Everyone is so picky they miss chances or don't take chances. Some how you know when you like to be with someone. The trouble is finding where the paths cross.

Meet men and women from Alabama, United States. Everyone says that I have a great sense of humor. And friends call me to make them smile, when they are "down". Humor has helped me through some very hard times. I try to be a very positive person and like to be around positive people. When I went to my daughter's house I would say "you will not believe what that idiot driver did", but she has almost cured that in me. I love to cook and everyone tells me that they love my cooking. I don't know whether I am a "good cook" or just dumb enough to beleive them, when they are only telling me that so they won't have to cook themselves. Either way I enjoy it.

Date single man from Alabama, United States. I like jokes when talking to friends, more the type of jokes heard on tv. I like a date with a lady with us going to dinner and then to a movie. After the movie drive around town, find a location that hopefully would show night lights overlooking the city, park and get to know each other much better to see if we have the same desires etc.

Meet a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I am a serious person that loves to laugh and have a quick wit that that makes others laugh. My parents were great people and they taught me as they were taught. My father was raised on the Sioux reservations (Pine ridge and Crow creek) in South Dakota. He was one half Sioux. My Mother was full Sicilian raised in Chicago. I learned from them the values that I keep today. 1. Respect all living things (the earth is our mother). 2. Never be or show anger. 3. Fear nothing. This is the basis of my belief. It is simple and easy for me to follow. I respect all other beliefs and values and don’t try to change anyone. Along with the aforementioned beliefs I am a Christian and Worship and believe in the words of the Bible. My Quest is for a lady that is bright, charming, easy on the eye,
one man woman, loyal and romantic.

Date someone special from United States. I am a happy well adjusted retired individual who really likes living life to its fullest. I am an avid motorcyclyst and am constantly on the go. I only work a little to keep myself alert. I do some accounting work.

Meet a man from United States. I am friendly and open for almost anything - are you? Let's get together and see the world on two wheels. I am looking for a free spirit and someone with no holds on how life is to be lived. Won't you join me?

Date people from United States. I am independent and pay my own way. I believe
a lady should be treated like a LADY. The definition
of a lady is Someone that makes it easy for a man
to be a GENTLEMAN. Get in-touch and let's see if there is a small flame or spark.

Meet men and women from United States. My closet friends would describe me as friendly, conservative, empathic and always willing to help. I like to smile when I see kids do the darnest things, my dog Shug wants to play, a good comedy on TV and my date tells me something that is humorus. I am proud of my two children. That does not mean that I always agree, but I repect their choices as adults. I have been the President of my graduation class RE Lee High School, Montgomery, Al, for 40 years and we have had some great reunions. Some remarkable people in my class. We had a reunion last year and almost half of them were Viet Nam War Vets. As an American I am grateful for out country, even though we have many problems, America is still the greatest ! My parents were chrisitans and guided me in that direction, what a blessing! I am also very thankful for good health and the ability to work and have a job. The person I would like to attract, is a positive, fun loving, down to earth and caring individual. This person would also have a loving and caring attitude towards others. Things that make me laugh out loud is a good joke, kids at play, a good comedy and a soul mate that gets into a funny situation, and myself at times. My relationship should be one that is a happy and joyful experience. Travel, good resturants, football games, baseball games, parties, etc. are part of a good relationship. I am passionate about my faith, my job, my family, my country and I would like to share my passion with a Lady !

Date single man from United States. Hell, I do not know what to say. I'm just a guy who is 67 years old, who had open heart surgery in 2001, and the medication I'm taking calls me Limpy. I like to hunt and fish and turkey hunt, not too successful in all but I enjoy getting into the woods. I'm looking for a mature woman who would like to correspond by e-mail. A physical relationship may be possible but I'll have to go to the Doctor for advice! A good Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, or Southern woman who knows how to clean fish and has a boat would be considered at the top of the list. I did meet a girl from Wisconsin who liked to deer hunt but when she told me how she cuts the xxxs off the deer and guts them out before skinning them it really scared me. She was also a nurse that worked with retarded children, I guess she understood me very well. Well, I've been telling you all about me and it is New Years Eve, oops....1:05 AM presently...Happy New Year! Enjoy the narrative. Well the net just jumped back up and said I did not say enough! Ladies, what are you looking for in a relationship and a man. As we get older a lot of physical aliments arise that we have to treat or endure. Do any of you have flexible , bendable, legs and knee's? Are you lower backs in shape so you can be on top and ride like Mustang Sally? Sorry, I'm just trying to fill in to send this.

Meet a soulmate from United States. i would like a partner who is respectful and keeps themself that way. ilike people who are willing to subject their self to ridicule and willing to accept the consquences. i am most passionate about people who have a definate set of values and abide by them.