Date men from United States / Alabama / Chelsea, 59 year old

Date a soulmate from Chelsea, United States. For the pass 25 yrs. I have been a helper doer work fire resuce and all the trama centers around B'ham, and transport on meda-vac so I'm looking for someone in the medical field and is or has worked around it and she must have a big heart and a christain lady

Meet single man from Chelsea, United States. The characteristic I have that is mentioned most, is my voice. I am athletic, well spoken, educated, self-employed, financially secure, witty, average height-average weight. I enjoy almost all watersports- boats, Sea Doos, the beach, snow skiing, traveling. I enjoy plays, dining out or grilling. My friends say I'm a good Dad, I want and intend to be. I have been told that I'm energetic, a good communicator, fun, intense, romantic, cute, strong willed;. I can be spontaneous, quick-witted and a good communicator. I have been fortunate in most aspects of life- family, career, and now I look forward to finding, and being a partner. My schedule is demanding, but flexible. I enjoy life, but haven't learned to scuba, Yet!! I enjoy dining out, but will actually buy, prepare, serve and do the dishes. Probably needs to be done on the grill, but not necessarily. If given a choice, (occasionally), I would rather go to the grocery store together, cook together, dine and clean up together. Have been gladly into great nutrition and a gym guy, quit for a period, back on the right track. Have owned and loved horses, but not now. I am a Christian, spiritual- but not attached to a religion. I lost my Dad thisa couple of years ago, still have my Mom, they were married to each other for well over 50 years!! Honesty, faith, simple common decency, is a must. Can and WILL give-- what I want. My 16 year old son is an integral part of my life- some weekends, some Holidays Thank Goodness for this special relationship! I am uniquely ready to BE, and have a friend. Still truly enjoy LEARNING!!! I'd like to meet someone intelligent, witty, good natured, happy, fun, spontaneous, cute, somewhat athletic or at least willing to try. Must be somewhat spiritual. Can you relate to- I can hardly wait to see what's next??
I would like to "deal with it", with someone, ONE someone.. I hope that makes sense?
I hope it matters to you, that I can listen, really listen.
I never sold "used cars" before this, but I have low miles, a nice shine, good tires (teeth) and smile, hair, (mine) AC but not DC, heat, kisses and hugs, (deluxe) sometimes 2 doors, sometimes 4. music- music, sometimes loud!! Extras include a sun visor, a rear view mirror that is hardly used. I don't have a spare tire, but have good tires, many miles left. I have plenty of "get up and go", yet I get good mileage. Late model, licensed, insured and read to hit the ground running.
I do enjoy the fireplace, grill, stereo, movies and desert. I like what I do for a living, I care what happens in the world, and especially here in Alabama and the country. I know how important education is, and think ALL should have equal access for the taking. I have a can do attitude, and actually like to solve, or help solve problems. I believe a "game plan B", is wise, go to "C" if necessary. If I'm there, I am going to try and help.