Date men from United States / Alabama / Bryant, 59 year old

Date a man from Bryant, United States. I am a laid-back guy and am easy to get along with. I have a good sense of humor and enjoy making people laugh. I am a romantic guy and enjoy doing special things for the people I care about. I am organized and like to keep a neat house, but I'm not a "neat freak". Although I am not what you would consider a gourmet chef, I definitely know how to prepair a good meal.Cooking together sounds like a lot of fun too!! I enjoy being at home watching TV or renting movies, but I am not a couch potato. I enjoy going out for a night on the town for dinner, drinks, and then maybe dancing at one of the popular spots. I enjoy listening to most all kinds of music and play an instrument. I also enjoy spending time outdoors just going for a hike, taking a weekend drive, playing tennis, photography, or other outdoor activities. I have lots of energy and look years younger than my age. Have been told more than once that I look better in person than in the pics and I'm easy to talk to. Please don't make a quick judgment on my pics. I really don't like pics of myself and the ones that are here I really don't like either, but I have some and they are all recent. I am in good health and try to get in at least three days a week or more of exercise. I'm dependable, honest, funny, serious, affectionate, loyal, and more. I am good at fixing most things, plumbing, electrical, automotive, ect., like to help my woman with projects around the house. I have a lot of good qualities to offer the right woman. I'm an easy going guy who likes to enjoy life and make others happy.
Who I'm looking for is someone who is willing to take a chance and meet someone who could be the one for them or at least, make a new friend. Someone who is not so shallow to judge someone just by a few words or a picture. You really can't get to know anyone's personality by words or pics, you've got to meet them. Not someone who's life is so busy with work they don't have time for a social life or someone who isn't serious about meeting the right guy to live the rest of their life with.
I'm down to earth and am comfortable in my life. Sorry to say to what seems like the majority of you ladies.....I don't own a motorcycle and don't plan on getting one. I've had two and the last time I was almost hurt/killed on the second one I sold it and never looked back. I do though have a nice sports car that I like to take trips in on the weekends or a trip out of state.