Date men from United States / Alabama / Deer Park, 59 year old

Date someone special from United States. well... the best way to describe me is to let you do it..i know that don't help..but i am me as anyone can tell you 2000 leters ain't enough, but let me start...i don't think i have any enemys....i hope..i try.try to be everybodys friend...because i'm in business for myself..sponsor ball teams, bowling leagues, cheerleaders, sherrifs dept, police dept, fire fighters.....makes me sound like a sucker huh???? i have been blessed and try to help the less blessed... i am hyer active ..until i crash.. at times i'm 50, but most of the time i'm 21...i bowl or play golf with my son at least 2 days a life in a nut shell... talk to my parents every day.. i know i'm their life..i smoke some, drink some, gamble some, don't cuss, cheat, or lie,AT ALL if i tell you something can take it to the bank... way i want you...ex wife is still my best friend because she is same way..don't get excited..been divorced for 5 years...ain't going there..just a good person, and can't throw her away..besides we have a kid together..anyhow you get the picture...anything else will hear these words again... I AM AN OPEN BOOK....IF YOU WANT TO KNOW JUST ASK... gets me in trouble but,way i want any questions just ask!!!!!! i would like to find my soul who likes what i do and can just be her self around me..i live in the woods and only go to town on saturdays..bath on friday night wether you need it or the way...must have a since of humor..of some kind...and some self worth and be not really dumb...blonds o.k.