Date men from United States / Alabama / Cusseta, 59 year old

Date single man from Cusseta, United States. I'm just your average guy who likes to live in the woods. Be away from the maddening crowd. Surrounded by silence. Listening for the still small voice. Somebody who could really be into my thoughts and see things the way I see them and explore life together as one is what I would be looking to find.
Just because it looks like I do little is really good for you. Why? More time to spend doing the things you like. If I don't want to do something, I'll tell you. If you want passion, marry a Latin. If you want loyalty, get a dog. Mostly I give love for respect. It's easy for me to cope with most everything except respect in a relationship. And love is not just huggy-huggy, kissy-kissy. It's a commitment. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Love means making a sacrifice. Not returning evil for evil. Not remembering past hurts and mistakes. Giving without expecting anything in return. Few people really practice love. All they know is the love expressed in songs and books and TV.
I believe each of us has a moral compass. Based on the same principles as the US Constitution. That is, a framework of guiding principles. Not the Ten Commandments. But more. Principles of knowing what is wrong and right; sometimes without even knowing how you know. For example: abortion is wrong. Yet elitists deceive you with knowledge. But not wisdom. They say 'the poor girl feels guilty' or 'she is embarresed or ashamed" They say it is not fair that she can't take care and provide (Where did church help and adoption aid go?). By taking away her guilt, they pass it on to another entity. Guilt, like waves on a still pond, goes on forever into eternity. Guess who the guilt is passed on towards? The only way to stop guilt and pain of consciousness and sin is not to play its game. To not fight evil with evil. To remain silent. To stare it down or even to be led like a lamb to slaughter. Guilt/pain/sin is like negative spiritual energy. It has its place. Good/positive/love energy has its place. The two can never mix. Guess who created this? Guess who is the person that takes away pain of consciousness for ever and ever? The ONE who does it because no one else on earth is capable? Anything that can become evil , or good, must be an entity with consciousness (awareness), a will (can make things happen), mentality(can think and reason), emotions(has desires and wants) and a spiritual essence. For lack of a better definition, evil is called satan. A person. Who has all the essence/capability of a person. But purely the opposite of good. Another example of pure good essence is a baby born in a manger.
I observe people are ego driven. The ego is Latin for I am. Guess who the great I Am is? The ego is fed by the desires of the body. It wants more and more. Like a hungry person. Eventually it crowds out the built-in good, spiritual values. The GOD-shaped vacuum is displaced. Our egos take us away from HIM. We say we will do what is right in our own eyes. We decide what is right and wrong. Then with 6 billion egos on earth, chaos reigns. And the biggest ego is elected leader. Just like in evolution. But evolution is where darkness rules. By hurting, by being more mean, by being stronger, by being more manipulative. Just like the modern sports are. Meaner and nastier ball games. Fighting. Biting. Killing. Evolution is a great thing to teach if you believe we came from slime.
I believe just the opposite. Except I explain it differently. I believe we were created. For a purpose. Don't know what it is? It's the same for all of us. It's the meaning of life. To understand the meaning of life. I believe the spiritual universe has laws just as valid and easy to define as the physical universe has. But if you are not open and honest and willing to see for yourself, then you are blinded. GOD takes away the blindness when we give up our own ego-guided nature and say we are broken and humble. To repent. This load of guilt is passed through who?