Date men and women from United States / Colorado / Colorado Springs, 27 year old

Date people from Colorado, United States. I would describe my self as out going, personable, thoughtful, creative and fun. I truly appreciate everything I have and who I am. Im the type of person that can talk or mesh with a wide verity of people. I enjoy the outdoors! and love to be outside as much as possible. My personality would be very laid back, it is hard to get me upset. Why sweat the trivial things. I like to surround my self with positive people and activities. I would consider my self a hard worker, it is always more gratifying to work for what you have. Then something be handed to you. I work for a major heating and cooling company. I like my job and am excited for my future in this field. Im looking for a relationship that is real and long term. I only need one special person in my life. Im not a player or a guy trying to hook up. I am looking for someone with similar beliefs and qualities. Someone who makes me laugh and makes me strive to be a better person. I'm looking for someone who is motivated, intelligent, and who loves to have fun. Im an open book if you want to know more just ask. If you just want to say hi thats fine to. I hate reading other peoples about me profile, that say please don't contact me if bla bla bla.... Some people are so stuck up it makes me sick. Anyways hope to hear from you :)

Meet someone special from Colorado, United States. i enjoy laughing and playin in the sun. i love my mother and my famly. i was allways taught to be kind and to love big. in a relationship it takes two to tango to be faithfull to oneanother physicly and emotionaly.

Date a guy from Colorado, United States. I figure this is a good way to meet someone without liquor being involved, Im passionate about music, I love almost all genres and I make beats/instrumentals for Dream Big Music.If im not working in the stdio youll prolly catch me in the garden, as im learning to grow organic, Hopefully one day I can have a bigger garden I find it very relaxing and it teaches patience... Other things I enjoy are taking my dogs for a walk, or riding my bike around. I try to stay pretty active and eat pretty healthy, I may not be e a total health nut, but I do watch what i put in my body, and try to keep it in decent shape.. Im from Colorado Springs and I love this place, but I also love to travel and hopefully I can meet someone who does as well. Im open minded and optimistic by nature.. Life is good
For the most part im not that picky when it comes to women, But I would say the most important things to me are communication and honesty, Im not perfect and niether are you but im willing to work on whatever it takes I want a successful, happy relationship with someone so we can enjoy and share the roller coaster of life. Of course there will be more ups than downs I promise...

Meet single boy from Colorado, United States. I moved to the springs about 4 years ago from a small town close to Chicago. I love all Chicago sports, but mostly the Cubs and Bears. I moved to Colorado for the mountains and skiing. I moved here to the springs because this is where I got a job. I have a ton of hobbies. I mostly like to do things outside. During the fall and winter months Im either hunting with my dog Boomer or skiing. I am pretty quiet if I dont know people very well, but I would not call myself a quiet person.
'm looking for a fun, energetic, honest, independent, humble girl.

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Well I was born and raised in Oklahoma and went to Oklahoma State University, go Cowboys. I'm very close with my family and friends back home in OK. I have an awesome retreiver mix named Stew who keeps me in shape with his endless energy. I'm an Infantry Officer in the Army here at Fort Carson. I moved to the Springs from Georgia two months ago. Sometimes I feel like I'm ready to meet the right girl and settle down and sometimes I don't. I guess it will all come together when I find the right person. I thought I'd give online dating a shot as I have minimal time to go out and meet women. Most of my friends made fun of me for trying it and said that women on here must have something wrong with them, haha. They've been right so far.

Meet a boy from Colorado, United States. People who know me, know I'm a real easy going,
down to earth guy and I pull no punches. I tell it like it is, get to the point.
They might also tell you that I'm a complete dork : )
I'm excited to jump out of bed each day and enjoy working,
simply out of love for what I'm doing and that’s helping others in any way I can.
I love to do so many things…
particularly things outdoors. I am lucky to live in such a
great area where there are some many cool things to do.
There is something about Colorado that’s good for your soul.
I do enjoy going biking, from time to time. Fresh air, anything to do with water,
wildlife and the beautiful outdoors just can’t beat it.
Of course I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.
That’s what it’s really all about.

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. When I was 5 years old, I walked up to my parents holding the hand of my beautiful Sunday School teacher and informed my parents that she was my girlfriend and that we were going to get married. Unfortunately life doesn't seem to turn out the way we planned when were were young!
A little more about me
I'm a very positive person, well balanced, who enjoys the finer things in life. My life right now is amazing, I have a great job, just moved to Colorado Springs from Chicago (It's so beautiful here!), a great boxer pup and some wonderful friends and making more every week! Pretty much the american dream minus the lovely girl.
I'd like to find a girl that cares about others, not afraid to try new things or travel to far off lands. Someone that likes going out and doing things with friends or simply spending a lazy evening inside watching it snow.
More importantly, I'm really looking for the 'real thing', not something short term. I really want to find that special someone that I can share my life with.
If this sounds like you let me know! It would be great to meet you :)

Meet people from United States. Im not afraid to work and in the army ,but i would like a women that is independent and can take care of herself .Im a gentleman and open car doors for my date and know how to have fun.I like to camp and fish and socially drink .The heart of the party.

Date someone special from United States. I grew up in Northern California prior to joining the service. I attended California State University of Sacramento where I majored in History with a pre-credential for teaching. I come from a small immediate family of 4 to include my parents and 1 older brother. On that note I'm glad to be in Colorado Springs because my brother and his family are just on the other side of the city. My extended family lived close by in California which was awesome for holidays and random occasions. Family and friends mean the world to me and it's hard being far away from home the majority of the time.
With all that out of the way I love to travel. I enjoy reading, coffee shops, concerts, movie theaters and restaurants. I was lucky enough to take a European vacation with cousin about 5 years back. Here in the states though I'm not too big into the bar scene. I've passed that phase in life, but on occasion I'll go out if a friend asks. I think my friends would describe me as physically fit, social and a good listener.
When it comes to a match, I'm looking for I love someone who has passion and goals in life. This could be through higher education, self improvement, art, etc. Someone who is physically active is a huge plus. I want spontaneity in life. Sure we can go to the same restaurant every weekend, but why not just drive to somewhere or vacation somewhere completely off the top of our heads. I'm not saying I play loose and fast in making decisions. Trust me I probably over examine things half the time. Sometimes though you just have to act with impulse or instinct and see where the road takes you. If you always stop, you'll never see what's around that next corner called life.

Meet a guy from United States. I'll try and keep this short and sweet!
I'm a laid back guy who doesn't take myself to seriously. I like to laugh and have a good time. I am self motivated and want to be a good person, I'm always looking for ways to better myself. I grew up in Colorado. One of the things I like best about CO is that it keeps me close to my family. I am very close to my family. Family is very important to me.
I am the type of person who walks by a stranger at the grocery store and says "hello." I would hold the door open for you and say "have a nice day." I'm more optimistic than not and I'm usually up to do anything! I like to travel and see new places but Colorado is home! Ask me any question if you would like to hear more! Just please don't ask me about "Jersey Shore." I've never seen an episode and I vow never to seen an episode!

Date single boy from United States. I've been in the Army the last 8 years, I enjoy moving around and meeting new people. I just moved to Colorado, but I think I could make Colorado my new home. I like to be active and find new things to do or to try a new restaurant. I guess I am really looking to meet a nice girl to become friends with and hopefully more if things go well. My mother raised me to be a gentlemen, I like to open doors, pull out chairs, send flowers for no reason. I love to snowboard, mountain bike, play sports, anything dangerous or slightly scary, I'm always up for anything outside. I will try anything twice, I love to live my life to the fullest. My family is the most important thing to me, I wouldn't have made it this far in life without their support. Hmm... I can't think of anything else to say, so if you want to know anything just ask.

Meet a soulmate from United States. Hello, I am an Army Combat Medic and recently returned to Colorado in June after a year long deployment to Afghanistan. Now that I'm home, I'm ready to settle down and meet someone. Most likely, I'll be completing the remainig18 months of my military contract here in Colorado Springs. Then, I plan to take my career in the medical field to the next level as a Physician's Assistant. Ultimately, I see myself in the Neurology department of a VA hospital working with vets who suffer from pathologies of the brain and spinal cord.
My interests include lifting weights, trail running, playing and watching baseball, playing golf, attempting to snowboard, hiking, listening to music, going to concerts, medicine, reading, watching movies, road trips, getting a cup of coffee, and taking college courses. In the near future, I'd like to work on becoming proficient in Spanish, learn how to cook, earn a skydiving license, improve at playing guitar, get accepted into P.A. school, and explore literature.
I'm on this site because as a shy person, I'm not interested in trying to meet a partner on Tejon Street. Also, because of the nature of my job in a combat arms unit, I don't run into many women on a daily basis. The woman I'd like to meet is empathetic, beautiful, intelligent, emotionally stable, independent, ambitious, adventurous, and caring.