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Date single man from Colorado, United States. Adventurous outdoors person looking for someone for fun. I love to hike, fly fish, hunt, camp and work out. My number one goal in life is to be a GREAT father to my son. Looking for someone with similiar interests who is honest, loyal with morals in todays world.

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Talking about myself is not easy. I usually let my actions and personality speak for me. I can tell you that i wear my heart on my sleeve and have had it knocked off and kicked but i always pick it up and put it back and learn. But anyways im a fun loving guy and like adventure and nature. I would give the shirt off of my back for friends and family. March 2012 i visited My friends in Colorado Springs and spent everyday in the mountains and im in love! I have my house on the market in NY and hope to be a resident of your beautiful state before fall. Oops just read it says short description.. well reply if you wish. Im a 25 year veteran in Law Enforcement currently working narcotics (thus the shaved head) but want to move on and start a new job and life. Plus i want my retirement party.... lol. I would just like someone in my life who is honest and
sincere and if we became more serious they wouldnt cheat. I treat others as i would like to be treated. Ok i must be nearing the end by now.... ;) Ps i think i can still grow head hair... ive just been bald by choice for seven years... ya know the big bad azz OK, now that I have been on here a bit i feel compelled to add a bit more, if you are from Ghana Africa and are trying to scam my email blah blah dont bother it is obvious who you are and im not an idiot and i will report your IP so go away, Ive interrogated and interviewed the best and you wont get far! Also just to throw in some other stuff because when my three month subscription is up I will not renew. Im tooting my own horn here so here I go, Ive been on the SWAT team for 20 years as breach (obviously) and a sniper for the past fifteen years. Ive spent 13 years on the scuba dive recovery team (yes for dead drowning victims). Ive been inner department assigned to the ATF for two years and have had top secret clearance and have been all over the eastern coast with them, Ive spent the last 7 years in the narcotics division which is the departement I wanted 25 years ago. Ive bought from the worst of the worst, including guns, drugs of any and all kinds and interrogated the worst of the worst in the drug world and can get them to talk and work on their level but I do clean up nice. I am a genuine person and can adopt to what life deals. But i want to leave this all and start a new life, the life I was meant to live and that is seeing all the world has to offer and I found that in Colorado. The mountains are my goal now and I will succeed in getting there and seeing all the beauty and good things in life with or without that special person, matters not to me. Well thought I would update real quick! No more Ghana Africa peeps bugging me so that comment worked... House still hasnt sold so Im still stuck here in NY. Going to Sturgis 8/3 and staying at the Buffalo Chip, first time there and it should be a blast. Take care all who made it this far :D

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. Life has its ups and downs. How we deal with these peaks and valleys shows the inner self. Actions speak louder than words while words can be masterfully crafted to evoke all sorts of emotions.
I spent a great deal of my youth enjoying sports, music, and seeing a lot of what this country has to offer. I traveled quite a bit. Although I have seen a lot of the historic landmarks there are still many yet to be seen. Recently, I have found the real paths I want to pursue in work, play, and life. In work, I want to strive to be one of the people others can count on for stability while providing answers/help to situations that arise. I want to show daily excellence in my chosen profession instead of just getting by in the daily routine. In play, I am dropping the competitive moniker for enjoying the company of the people I am participating with. Winning is enjoyable but it is does not have the lasting satisfaction found in the friendships and camaraderie of who you compete with and against. If life, I have found a new zest for life! Getting my life organized has been my primary focus followed closely by getting back into shape to have more energy to pursue events and interests.
Relationships, of all types, require effort and care to grow and blossom. I am seeking a relationship where my significant other is also my best friend! This would be someone special to share the triumphs and tragedies of life. I enjoy a good movie in a theatre as much as a quiet evening outside BBQing with friends. I am getting back into working hard and playing hard.
--- I am not here to play games or speak to someone who says they live in a state but are magically out of the country. I am a real person that can make you laugh, smile and enjoy life. I seem to be one of the few real men on this site that is genuinely looking for someone more than a pen pal.
* If you want to start up a conversation just wink or send an email. I will response to all emails.

Meet someone special from Colorado, United States. I am originally from Florida and moved to Colorado eleven years ago to be closer to my family and try something different. Since I have been out here I have made some wonderful friends and spend time boating, fishing, hiking and exploring different parts of Colorado and the surrounding states. My friends would describe me as intelligent, funny, loyal, and a bit sarcastic...well, maybe more than a bit!
I also enjoy swimming, playing racquetball, hosting cookouts, bowling, golf (although I am not very good), and watching college football. A typical weekend for me might be taking a boat up to Eleven Mile Lake, hiking around Garden of the Gods, camping out(usually in a camper), going to a Avalanche or Bronco game, or maybe just working around the house and watching a new release. Going out for a nice dinner or as a group is always fun, but I am not much into the bar scene anymore.
I have been in the same profession for the past 20 years and am financially secure. I think being educated and motivated to better yourself (career) are important characteristics, but I don’t think that’s all life has to offer. I think a good work / life balance is important and feel people should take time to pursue their interests outside of work. Personally, I play the piano (80’s and 90’s music), sing, occasionally paint, and try to vacation in areas I haven’t been to at least once a year. In essence, we are the sum of our experiences.
I'm looking for someone who has a positive attitude, is open to being in a relationship, and, has some of the same interests. I think good communication and mutual respect are key in forming any lasting relationship (friendship or romantic) and having a good sense of humor and not taking life to seriously are also a plus.
I don't want to dwell on the negative and I realize that some people might not appreciate my honesty, but I have come across a few personal characteristics that are not be a good fit for me as follows: People that...
1) don't have the time or ability to date,
2) are living with or are emotionally involved with their ex,
3) think all men are like their ex,
4) think reality tv is real,
5) think entitlement programs are a substitiute for having a job,
6) don't understand the concept of monogamy,
7) have daily drama that cannot be managed,
8) think "love at first sight" is the only valid way to identify a connection,
9) are financially unstable,...and rounding off the Letterman top ten list,
10) think I should buy them pretty things because they are attractive.
The last one is more for entertainment purposes; however, on one occasion this actually happened... unbelievable!
If I still have your attention and interest, then I look forward to hear from you (NO WINKS PLEASE!, Just shoot me an e-mail if you want to talk).
FYI - Just so you know, my pictures are current (within the past 6 months) and I am 6'1" tall (around 230 lbs). Sometimes it is hard to tell much by looking at a picture.

Date a man from Colorado, United States. Well, I decided to give this a try because outside of work, where’s a good place to meet someone you’d be interested in dating? A bar? Shopping at Wal-Mart? Watching sports with the guys?
I grew up in Colorado and enjoy everything it has to offer. I love the outdoors: skiing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, fishing, and running. It’s also fun to take in a Rockies game every once in a while (especially on a nice summer day), hang out with friends, see a concert every now and then (can't beat Red Rocks), go to the movies or out for a nice dinner, or just get out (although, sometimes it's nice just to stay in with someone you enjoy spending time with). I learned from my parents that life’s too short to put off the things you want to see and do. I love to travel, especially to warm, tropical places (i.e. Mexico, the Caribbean) where I can scuba dive, hang out at the beach, and just get away to unwind. I'd also like to travel to and explore some new places, so it would be nice to find someone with the same desire.
I’m a confident, easy going, nice, honest guy with a positive outlook and a great sense of humor. I’m interested in meeting someone who is easy-going, happy, fun, active, and has a good sense of humor too. Sharing some common interests is nice, but it's also fun to learn and try new things. I’d like to find someone who I can build a friendship with that hopefully can develop into something more.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I have been divorced 12 and half years. I think it's time that I meet my other half. Is she out there?
I love sports, baseball and football. I love to travel.
I am looking for my best friend.
I am looking for my soulmate and someone that I can tell all my intimate detales to.
I was voted class clown in high school and love to joke around

Date single man from Colorado Springs, United States. I came to you the hour I was in pain
Looking for answers, I cried to you in vain.
I shared the many skeletons hiding in my heart,
"I knew then you'd be my friend,
I knew it from the start.
Troubles ran like rivers, flowing through my life,
You picked the pieces up and help me through my strife.
When home wasn't home to me no more,
You opened up your heart, and opened up the door.
We cried into night until the early morn.
We solaced each other's pain and shared our many thorns.
As time flew, the air grew thick,
I saw our friendship fading, and my heart grew sick.
The day had arrived,
When it was time to say goodbye.
Now I sit alone,
reminiscing the past I'd blown"

Meet a soulmate from Colorado Springs, United States. I live in colorado srings , and I just moved here. I'm hoping to meet an outdoor's type of girl because I love to ride my motorcycle and I'm hoping to meet a woman who rides a motorcycle herself, or at least, A woman who loves to ride on the back of my bike. A woman who also likes to go camping and fishing, and just take nice comfortable rides on the motorcycle through the country side. Whatever your pleasure, I'm up to anything outdoors,(indoors as well. hehe. I'm a snuggler!). I can't compete with Texas BBQ, but I have been told I'm a natural Texan BBQer.(I have been also known to be very romantic when I'm alone with someone I care about). Basicly I'm looking for a gal who loves to play in whatever she loves to do, and perhaps show me a thing or two about Texas fun. I'm hoping this girl will become my best-friend and lead into a more intimate and long lasting relationship. Some of things that I love to do are, ride my motorcycle, BBQ, almost daily, hiking, camping, snowboarding, among other things. I'm a thinker, I'm a dreamer, and I love the quite company of a woman. When I'm not outside riding my bike, I like to relax, cuddle up with my woman, and watch a movie. I also love to take showers together to learn about each other in a more intiment and trusting friendship. Whatever you like doing, I'm up for it. I'm open minded to many different things. Another thing that I love to do, is cook for a woman. I'm a Chef by trade and Candle light dinners are a plus in my book.
I would like to meet a woman who is strong in her sense of being and knows what she wants. A woman who doesn't mind taking the time to get to know one another before anything else. An open minded woman who doesn't mind a tattoo or two because I don't mind if she has a few herself. I want a friend before a lover. That is most important to me because I'm "Old School" I believe in honesty, not the head game crap that goes on today. (Meaning, NO DRAMA!) Someone who isn't into head games, but has a head on her shoulders. A gal who will be honest and tell me like it is rather than play the no nonsense bullcrap. Life is too short to play the waiting game. Someone who is open minded about things and who is not afraid to express herself!!!!!!!!! Also I'm hoping for a woman who doesn't mind giving something new a try. Hopefuly a woman who enjoys the same things, or simular things, as i do, or at least willing to try new things as I'm willing to try new things myself. I'm looking forward to talking to a lady who feels she fits what I'm looking. Or If you just need a pen-pal let me know, I'll chat with ya.

Date men and women from Colorado Springs, United States. As a traveling sales engineer I have the opportunity to be on the road; about a week in three. That being said, I am a fun loving, compassionate man. During my home time I enjoy spending time with my two daughters that are still in town, off-roading in my Jeep, coaching soccer and goalkeepers and hanging with my awesome friends. I also enjoy dining and cooking. Okay, I love to cook! My down times are very casual, consisting of kicking back, watching a movie or listening to music.
I am looking for someone who wants to walk the path of life with me that is independent and capable of sharing time with me in this fun and crazy world.
I have yet to pay for this service. Just watching from the wings

Meet someone special from Colorado Springs, United States. I'm a creative, caring, well-grounded man who knows what he wants. I'm patient and determined.
I'm cerebral, and I really value intellect, but that's not the most important thing in the world. I have a good heart, and I seek that in my friends.
I'm easygoing, but really passionate about what counts.
I'm calm and centered; as to social style, I'm equally extrovert and introvert. I have a lot of friends, and I can easily make friends, but I get more energy from being with friends, as opposed to always meeting new people.
I'm very fortunate to have a successful, stable career, doing what I love. (Music Teacher).
I'm looking for someone who I can identify with, and vice-versa, and to take it from there. (Letting things move naturally). If a spark is there, we both know it, and it's real simple. I don't play games. No one should ever have to. I don't mind putting in effort at all; it's often required, and sometimes really worth it. I expect skeletons to come dancing out of every closet. But sincerity is a must.
All the prose in the world can obscure and mislead people online, so I prefer not to spend too much time with back and forth emails.
It's nice -real nice in fact- to get and send awesome communiques, but there's really no sense of the person there; just the intellect.
So just saying "hi" is just fine.

Date a man from Colorado Springs, United States. I am currently going through a divorce. I have two wonderful children who mean the world to me and I really enjoy life. I am a Christian and I value honesty and integrity. My hobbies include watching football, running, and I love to do things outdoors. Family is very important to me!

Meet people from Colorado Springs, United States. My friends and family would describe me as fit,fun,energetic,positive,and always up for an adventure to try new things. I have a great sense of humor and I am hoping to attract someone with the same quality. Don't get me wrong I like my down time but when not on down's GO time. I will happily try something new that my partner has an intrest in that I have never done. Thats the beauty of a relationships,bringing two worlds and merging and sharing diffrenses and similarities of these two worlds so they become one. Would love to come visit your world and partake of all its beautiful wonders. I would be honored to have those wonders shared with me.