Date men from United States / Alabama / Birmingham, 36 year old

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. Am a focused guy who has goal set in current in college pursuing my Degree.i would like my future match to be more focused in school for this is the way forward to achieving a good and prosperous live.

Meet a man from Alabama, United States. I'm from Huntsville, but I've lived in Birmingham the last five years and before that Tuscaloosa, Tampa, and Chattanooga. A few months ago I took a cool trip to Costa Rica. I like boats and the beach.

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I learned a long time ago that brevity is a key to good communication, so I will be brief. I am honest, independent, hard working, and caring. I am looking for a woman who also has these qualities, but beyond that I don't place limits on who I am open to meeting and getting to know because attraction is a funny and great thing. If you're interested, I am happy to be much more long winded as we get to know each other.

Meet single man from Alabama, United States. I am a ASE certified Auto & Diesel Technician , I have my own business & work a full-time Night Job , I am a workahoilic.
Once my divorce is done , I would like to meet someone who will love me for me and not for what I can do for them. Also at the same time a lot of women say they want a good man and a lot of men say they want a good woman but in most cases that is not true. Some men and women are just looking for a good fool they can use to pay their bills and etc. I am not looking for any of that , I don't want to lead or take advantage of any woman , They just have to be real and committed to God first and then me . I am not perfect , I have my faults , but I work to improve everyday. I don't smoke or drink , I never have.
Dont be the following :
Insecure about yourself : Why , That's a sign of jealousy in the wrong way
Accusing a person of messing around : Why ? Most of the time when a person is always of accusing you of messing around 99.9% of the time they are the ones cheating and they feel guilty about what they are doing and feel like you are being unfaithful because they are and could not keep themselves just for you and you only

Date someone special from United States. I'm a proud father of 2- a boy and girl. Looking to meet fun interesting people that laugh, smile and know how to let go and enjoy things. My kids are my world but I would love to be able to share my love and passion for life with that special someone. I'm an eternal optimist and that is not always a good thing,but it's me- what can I say? I am in to fitness but that is not all there is- I enjoy life! I think all women are beautiful and to be treasured. Beauty is more inside than out. The right woman would have that completeness to her: she would be intelligent, witty, pretty, humble, sarcastic and sweet yet not take herself to seriously or be to forceful. The ability to compromise, listen, understand and talk is such a plus... I'm new the whole online thing and want to connect even if it's just making new friends. Send me a message and who knows ! : )

Meet a man from United States. Hi and thanks for reading my profile.
I'm an Army brat who grew up half in the States and half in Europe and ended up in Birmingham beginning with college (English major).
I'm drawn to polite, thoughtful people with a sense of humor about themselves. I'm very quiet and reserved but think others would say I warm up among like-minded people. I'm employed as a lawyer and enjoy it very much. I think I have a great amount of curiosity which translates into a lot of reading: news, politics, art/design, science/technology, business and fiction. One of my favorite things is listening to very intelligent, creative, driven people talk about what they do and what fascinates them.
I run every day and am kind of a health nut in terms of diet. I am very impressed by those who are naturally funny people and take pleasure when I can make someone else laugh.
I've always been and remain close to my family: dad (career Army officer); mom (medical office manager); brother (engineer at Google in San Francisco) and sister-in-law (sales and marketing at Napa Valley vineyard).
Ugh, I was always taught to avoid writing that uses "I" too often, so I'll close now with just one more: as you'd expect, I'd be interested in meeting people who share some of these values.

Date a soulmate from United States. I am a down to earth guy that loves the outdoors and staying active. I just moved to Birmingham in Dec and really enjoy what the city has to offer. Oak Mt is one of my favorite places to go on the weekend or days off to hike, Mt bike and run. I am looking for someone who also enjoys the outdoors and being physically active. I recently got my scuba certification and am looking forward to some great dive adventures in the near future.
I also love to travel, there are so many wonderful things to do and places to see its just a matter o f what to do next. I love to cook, live music, theatre, museums, and the orchestra.
I have a positive outlook on life and am very easy going. Every situation is what we make of it, by always focusing on the good in people and situations, we will enjoy life that much more. I look forward to meeting you, and thanks for viewing my profile.-Gary

Meet single man from United States. Looking for a friend.someone to hangout with and se what happends. Goodhearted helps anyone anytime. I'm really caring for others but I'm not weak. If u have any question haller and ill let u know ...

Date someone special from Birmingham, United States. Hey ladies i am a single man i am really just looking for a nice young lady i just need to find some body that im comptable with if you are out there if you are looking for a realan you will have that with me