Date men from United States / Alabama / Riverside, 36 year old

Date a man from Alabama, United States. SINGLE DAD.. It is important that I say this, as my son comes first, and sometimes my plans have to change. If this is already a problem please hit the back button!!
I like to go camping, where ever it might be: desert for riding, mountains or the beach for relaxing.
I love to laugh, crack jokes, laugh at others and can laugh at myself.
Family is extremely important to me and keeps me grounded.
I am into harleys and old hot rods, the lower and louder the better. I have alot of tattoos and I like heavily tattooed ladies, but not a requirement.
I would say I am complicated but yet simple, strong-minded, but not pigheaded, know what I want and don’t. Classified as type A personality, but know when to let someone else lead. I am also a loyal, honest and dependable person. I am guarded with new people, once we warm up to each other (friend or lover), there is nothing I wont do for you…Some say this is a bad trait, I disagree..
Communication and trust is everything..
I am not looking for a Mom for my son or myself…
I am looking for that someone special....cheesy but true...
If you want to know more, just ask...

Meet a soulmate from Alabama, United States. Im pretty easy going.I like to have fun in everything i do.I like to be active yet enjoy relaxing times as long as my responsibilities are taken care of. I'm careful about what i feed my body but sometimes I slip. My health and quality of life is important to me.I love myself and my career but my kids are my first priority..In a relationship I value communication,openness and honesty,trust and loyalty.Im looking for a beautiful woman inside and out,who's truthful to who she is and what she wants in life.Is self-movtivated,family orientated,lives a healthy lifestyle and compliments me with similar interests.

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. If you have a soft spot for animals and don’t mind getting a little dirty, then you may have already stolen a piece of my heart! I have horses and dogs so staying pristine clean is usually not a choice. I definitely need to be with someone that’s comfortable with a little bit (OK quite a bit) of dirt once in a while and hope you won’t mind a little extra mud being tracked into the house- I promise I’ll sweep it up! I would describe myself as a very easy going, witty and educated person. I love good conversation and try to learn as many new things as I can. I don't stress over things, because it just isn't worth it most of the time. I am laid back and easy going and am pretty comfortable in most settings although I would say I prefer to be in jeans. I am opinionated and will always state what’s on my mind. I also have a good sense of humor and can crack myself up at the smallest comment so watch out!
Most of my time is spent riding and working with horses and mules. They truly are such beautiful and graceful animals and I would be happy to teach you how to ride if you don’t know how and are interested. When it’s time to relax my preference is to watch a good movie or listen to music. I have very limited time to travel but I do enjoy it and am hoping to travel more in the future. Outside of the U.S., I have been to New Zealand and Mexico and would love to visit South America, Australia and Europe someday.
What I look for in a match is an outgoing personality and a cheerful demeanor. Pretty eyes and a nice smile are always attractive but I tend to look more toward a person’s attitude. Having a sense of humor and being thick skinned is important to me. I want to be with someone that can laugh at themselves and never sweats the little things in life. I believe that honesty is a vital part of a relationship and want to always feel comfortable communicating my feelings with my partner and want her to feel the same way. If you are looking for someone who likes to have a good time, is kind and big hearted, and won’t mind sharing my heart with a few fun loving animals, send an email my way! Although they are important to me, I promise to always put you first!

Meet single man from Alabama, United States. I am 35. I am laid back. I am very easy to get along with. I am looking for someone who can bring out the best in me.
Someone who knows what they want and has no problem working for it.
I want a best friend, a lover, and someone that when the chips are down will have my back as I would there's.
Someone who loves music. Enjoys long walks with the dogs and star filled nights.
I want someone who would rather grab a soda than a beer.
I like to go out, to Dive bars or ODD "Mom and Pop" restaurants.
But also I love to stay in, make an amazing dinner, and watch a DVD.

Date a man from United States. Fun, focused, and intense.... Looking for the same. New to social media dating so please be patient with me. My family, god, and career are focus areas of my life. I am open to trying anything and experiencing all life has to offer!!!

Meet a soulmate from United States. Well, it's Let's hope it works. It would be nice to find friends of similar interests and all. I am mellow but funny sometimes if you like my jokes. If you don't like my jokes, then i guess I am just mellow and boring. Good lucks to everyone!

Date someone special from United States. Hello and Welcome !
Ok I will try and keep this short and give you the most information at the same time. :-) I know most of you might prefer a quick summary (especially those who just look at pictures LOL. Come on now admit it physical attraction is NOT everything but, it is a component in dating someone). So if my profile interests you then let’s exchange some e-mails to start to get to know each other. To see if we have any chemistry together. Along with good communication with one another. I will be more than happy to answer ANY and ALL of your questions.
About Me (First off really I don’t like talking about myself but it is required so here goes)
1. I have a stable, great, and successful career. So to that end I’m driven and ambitious.
2.I’m well educated and traveled. I have seen a lot of the U.S. and have been to eight countries spanning three continents. I’m looking to increase that number. So I hope you enjoy traveling as well.
3. I can hold very good conversations. If we are out at an occasion be it with your family, friends, or co-workers. I can speak intelligently on any topic that comes up. Without you having the fear of “Oh My God… I hope he does not say anything to embarrass me.” LOL I’m sure at some point in your history of dating you have had that moment happen to you. LOL Well I’m not the type of man who has those kinds of moments.
4. I’m very family oriented. I enjoy spending time with my family. I come from a large family. I have five siblings. I have 17 nieces and nephews. With one more on the way this summer.
5. Last and certainly not the least. I’m an honest man. I know you are saying what an oxymoron. LOL However, it is true there are some of us honest men left. There are no smoke and mirrors with me. I do not play the dating games. If I say I will call then I call period. I’m not into the “Oh don’t call even though you like the person. Because that might come off as needy.” Honestly, what a load of garbage. LOL Who came up with that one? lol If you like the person call them and spend time with them. I’m not a serial dater or a lazy dater. I put in the time and effort in getting to know you. I’m affectionate I’m not the cold or stand offish type of man. So I’m also very open with my thoughts and how I feel about things.
Well that is all for now. Enough of the I’s and me talk. Please tell me about yourself if my profile interests you and you are looking for something real and solid. I would like to hear back from you !
Thanks for reading my profile and Take Care !

Meet single man from United States. I am a laid back person. A music lover. I consider myself to be intelligent and often times a deep thinker. I am not afraid to be different and I like a woman with similar qualities. I enjoy simple things like the beach. I like to travel. I enjoy the feeling of freedom and being un attached to mundane things at times. I read a lot because discovering new and enlightening things is cool. I'm looking for a unique and intelligent beautiful woman with a positive outlook on life.