Date men from United States / Alabama / Lafayette, 36 year old

Date a man from United States. New to this, not sure what to expect. I've heard good and bad about match but I'm optimistic :) Right now I'm trying to meet new people. You've heard it before but the bar scene is getting old. Thanks for reading maybe we will talk sometime. Pics on the way.

Meet single man from United States. I'm a teacher and a student. I travel as often as my schedule permits and have always felt that money spent on new experiences provides the best returns. I've been fortunate enough to spend 4 summers in Europe and have seen most of the U.S. What I would love most is to have someone to share my next adventure with. I have great friends and a wonderful family... the only thing missing is the girl.

Date someone special from United States. I was raised in a small community and I still have a lot of those values. What I enjoy is the outdoors. I try to spend as much time as I can fishing, hunting, and camping. I do have a daughter and she is what comes first in my life! What I am looking for first is honest. Moreover I am searching for someone to share in these adventures.

Meet a soulmate from United States. Looking for someone who can make me laugh and smile, has a positive attitude, likes to have fun, likes to travel, and wants to try to enjoy life as much as possible.
I consider myself easygoing and easy to get along with. A little bit shy but working on it. I'm fit, like to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. I like to get out of the house most of the time but also need to relax once in a while.

Date a man from Lafayette, United States. I'm new to online dating and still not sure about the whole thing but it seems to be really hard to meet people these days so I figured I'd give it a shot.
I'm looking for a fun loving, adventurous, out going woman to spend time with and become friends first, then see where things go.
I love the outdoors and go hiking and camping as much as I can in the warmer weather. In the winter I really enjoy going up to the mountains to ski and snow shoe. I also enjoy biking and spending time with close friends.
I was always very close to my family (still am in many ways) but since they all live back east, my close group of friends have become my Colorado family. Needless to say my friends are very important to me. We are a goofy fun loving, close knit bunch.

Meet single man from Lafayette, United States. I am very trustworthy and i love to go camping and fishing. The things that i'm looking for is someone to make me smile and have fun with. Being out doors and hangin with my dog is what i normaly do. I am not very computer savy so please forgive me.

Date someone special from Lafayette, United States. One of the great things about me is that I am completely honest. I say what’s on my mind and I do the right thing. There’s no time to start muddying the waters with any sort of deception. So let’s be straight with each other. I’m a hardworking man, I know what I want and I find a way to get it. Working nights and weekends is something I’ve grown used to over the years. But don’t let the drive for success fool you; I definitely know how to have fun too. My work gives me the support I need to do the things I love, like flying to Paris for New Year’s Eve, sitting in Hank Aaron's personal seats at the World Series, my multiple celebrity encounters at the Super Bowl, or sitting behind George Bush Sr. at an Astros game. It may be cliche, but I live every day like it will be my last. Who knows? Maybe it is the last day. So why shouldn’t I try to make my friends, laugh with a corny joke, or listen to someone that just needs a good friend? Life is all about those little, exciting moments.
So, who are you? You’re the kind and generous woman that people look to because you set a good example. You’re the honest woman that doesn’t let problems get bottled up inside. You’re the funny one, witty and sarcastic. You respect yourself, your body and your mind and you strive to maintain them. You’re a genuinely good person.

Meet a soulmate from Lafayette, United States. I'm loving my life these days... I have a quick wit, and almost always have a smile on my face. Life for me has been good the divorce was tough. However now I get my 2 girls 4 and 6 half the week each week. It allows me to do the school thing and walk my daughters to school and enjoy their activities. Then I get the weekends off :) I get to charge my batteries and enjoy being single! I realize my pictures kind of suck most of my library is with the kiddos...
I made it snowboarding 15 times this past year and hit 70 mphs using gps, faster then I ever thought I was going :)
I have a great group of friends, we go to the local bar and sing karoake sometimes on saturdays...
I am very easy going and like to stay active sitting on the couch doesn't happen often, although I do enjoy a good movie.
My mom is a shrink, and my dad was a college professor so you could say I have devoloped some good skills for life, they definitely tested me alot :)
I have a sales job which is good but deosn't wear me out so I am always ready for activities when I get off.
I like fixing things and can normally repair my car or fix things in my home... I recently have layed bamboo in my house and am building aspen furniture for fun.
Exercise is big for me, keeps me balanced.
Anything more and you'll have to ask :)

Date a man from Alabama, United States. I believe most would describe me as a kind, fun-loving, genuine guy who has a lot to offer in a friendship/relationship with a friend or that special someone. Spending time with friends and family, being adventuresome, and engaging in intellectual conversation makes me feel alive and enjoy life.
Growing up in rural America established in me core values and work ethic, but living in Denver for the past 17 years has awakened my fun and playful nature. I am grateful for time and attention from those close to me and most proud of the accomplishments of those whom I love and can share excitement with in any situation. I am looking for someone who values a genuine man who will earn the respect of a friend/partner, demonstrate honest emotions, and be faithful. I want to treat that someone special as they deserve to be treated.
If you enjoy just hanging out, special events, adventure, and memorable travel/experiences...basically, doing life together, having fun, and making memories, that is an awesome start! Socializing with good friends in a predictable environment is great, but I also enjoy getting out to experience new things and meet new people. Stupid people make me laugh out loud...if you are stupid, you need not apply (isn't that is a song, or is that 'long-haired' people; you get the point).
I am most passionate about family, helping others, and living in the moment, and would not disappoint you if you are seeking the same. Currently, I am looking to have fun and meet the women who will make me feel alive. Someday I will definitely want a life-long commitment; however, after getting burned pretty badly by my ex, I just want to take it slow and have fun.