Date men from United States / Alabama / Alpine, 36 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. Seperated after long relationship and not quite certain what the online dating thing is about however, I'm willing to try anything once. Not looking for a relationship right this minute, just curious and interested in meeting new people and hanging out.
I am courteous, honest, friendly, ambitious, faithful, motivated, passionate and caring. Yet, i can be playful, sarcastic and loud.
I enjoy to lounge about in front of the tv occasionally however, I don't do it often. I got rid of my cable and don't play video games. I prefer to be out and about doing stuff.
I have been told I am a wonderful father and a great friend to have. I love to laugh and can laugh at myself.
I consider myself somewhat of a renaissance man in that over the years I have had many unique jobs, experiences, hobbies and have traveled extensively however; I am no where near over with my adventure bug. I enjoy stimulating and intellectual conversations, am open-minded, and will research anything I don't know enough about.
I feel strongly that too many men these days don't open nearly enough doors for strangers, treat women poorly and are cheap on their tips.
I don't have a strong connection to "stuff" like most people. I chose to live without being weighed down with too much material things. I prefer to save my money in order to spend it on traveling and enjoyable experiences.
I have two young children that mean the world to me. I volunteer manage/coach girls softball...those kids are awesome!
Drop me a line sometime...I promise I don't bite.