Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Springerville, 35 year old

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. Well like I said earlier I am the one that can make it happen I am the life of the party I am the one that can get things done I can take care of buisiness at any place at any time. I like to be very independent and do things by my self but on the contrary I have alot of friends and one phone call they will be yhere for me. I like to travel and do new things I am very adventurous and people say I am very funny so I am very fun to be around. I like the outdoors alot. I grew up in the forest were the only friend I had was aGerman Shepard named chewy. I have been a DJ since high school and I enjoy it very much music is my passion I could not live with no music in my life. Now it seems that it is frowned upon to play music because I am getting older but I think that is absolutetly ridiculous. The thing that matters most in life is being yourself and beig happy because life is to short to begin with and being miserable all the time is no way to go about it. I like to be free when some body tries to tie you down it is a very unpleasant experience one that I would not recommend to any one. A grown person should feel free to say or think any way they want and not have to worry about any of the reprecussions. In the society we live in now it is easy to get in trouble for stepping out of the norm.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. I am outgoing a little high strung. I care deeply and get hurt often because of it. I dont like lies or dishonesty. I am looking to settle down, although I am not going to settle for anyone less than I want. My girls are my world and I love spending time with them often.