Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Chandler, 35 year old

Date someone special from United States. Friends say I am extremely unique. They say this with a big cheesy grin, so I figure it's a positive thing... I'm a manly man, a thinker, a lover, confident, modest, sometimes at a loss for words, sometimes even a poet, I stand my ground when I am right and I am open to change when wrong. Around co-workers I am very quiet about who I am, but with my woman - I open up and she will see into me more than any other...
There are many facets to me, depending on the situation is what comes out. Here I'll show you openness and the sensitive side - which only happens in private - but since it's just you and me right now - here it goes :)
Over the last few years I have learned more about life than I ever knew existed! I have gained answers to some pretty big questions, but more than that - I have gained a deep appreciation for all my experiences I have created. It's been quite a journey, and best of all - I really feel like all things are possible... Even meeting the right and perfect woman for me, whether it's here or at the grocery store, or even while I am out for a walk, maybe we might meet on a corner waiting for a light, who knows?
Wait a minute... Hmmmm.... suddenly I see how that could sound... picking up a girl on a street corner.....
Anyway... you know what I mean ;)
Overall I am independent, successful at work, and love to play and relax. It is my intention to see the positive in all situations, although sometimes I have to work at it a little... I have a fairly diverse background, became enlightened, and have traveled around the world. If your looking for variety - you found it - for a number of reasons. I recall being called a smart-ass once or twice (last week), and I have a feeling it will probably happen again - usually for my own entertainment and for those who know me. But that's alright, it's just part of being well rounded ;) Overall, I see life as a continuous journey of learning and developing - which usually results in growth. If your afraid of change, keep on looking... Ultimately, I seek someone who wants to be free together in all ways...
Someone who would catch my attention would be independent, positive, and finds humor in most things. She would have her own goals and interests, but will also know what is is to "share" her life with someone. She would appreciate a man who will be at her side in a blink of an eye, save her from creepy bugs, and who will believe with all his heart that she is the most amazing and beautiful being in the universe - inside and out, even if she doesn't feel it at times... Someone who would like to experience looking into the eyes of one another, and truly feeling your heart smile - each and everyday...
As you can see, I'll show you lots of giggles, depth, freedom, and best of all I'll show you a kind of openness that words can barely describe. All in all, I will always treat my woman with respect, probably give some lip time to time and maybe even a little bit of ??? (gotta keep you guessing), and for me to be treated the same... well that will be just perfect :)
This is only a tiny glimpse of me. There's so much more, but it's up to you to find it out...
Also, If you have kids - awesome! If not - I am very open to having them...
Oh and I don't spend much time on here, nor do I send out messages to just anyone. If I do write to you, I see something unique - a combination of things that stand out to me - which is rare. If I do not hear back - bummer, but I'll move on...
I wrote this in a specific way so if you connect with what I wrote on some level, then I am probably searching for you... Don't be shy, I won't bite... yet.. ;~) So just say "Hi", maybe tell me what you thought about what I wrote, and I'll get back to you soon...

Meet men and women from United States. I'm pretty laid back and what many consider low maintenance. I'd love to find someone who I'm attracted to (obviously) but can hang out with everywhere: home, out on the town, watching a game or show, or going to a game or show. Someone who's comfortable in their own skin while being with me.

Date a soulmate from United States. About me. Hmmm.. I am a laid-back kind of guy who rides the wave wherever it takes me. Not a whole lot phases me or alters the smile that I show. I try to keep things on the light side because, let's face it, there is so much more to worry about these days.
I open doors for women, seat women at a dinner table on dates, and walk on the street side of the sidewalk. So, chivalry is not dead. Not here. I will join you on an all day shoe shopping trip while you try on countless numbers of shoes before finally deciding to purchase the second pair you tried on...without a complaint. My heart is bigger than my ego. I am a bit shy and quiet, but my loving gestures speak volumes. I am never too proud to admit I was wrong. I accept it, apologize, and we go about our daily life together.
I do love me some sports. Especially baseball. Baseball is my first love. The old saying is: "The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Not for me! Give me a girl who just enjoys the game, and she has my heart.
As for a partner, I would like to find some one that I can talk to. Any topic, any time. Honesty, loyalty, a big heart, and quirkiness are a few more things to have. Make me laugh at you. Make me laugh at myself. Make me laugh with you. Laughter in a relationship keeps it fun and exciting. Sing horribly in the car! Also, being family oriented is a big plus. I am close to my family, and I would hope you are also.
Those are just a few things. There is so much more to tell you. If you would like to know what else I have to say, shoot me an email.

Meet people from United States. Hello! My Name is John. I am the proud father of 2 kids, 16 and 9. I am a sales manager for an austrian capital equipment company and have been with this company for 12 years. I have been divorced for several years now and feel squared away enough to get myself back out there! I am a music fanatic. I enjoy lots of different kinds of music and also play the guitar and bass guitar. One of my favorite things to do nowadays is crank up the sound system and play along. Good times! I am a big baseball fan and I enjoy going to diamondbacks games. I am very active in my kids lives but as they are getting a little older, I am finding more and more free time. Lets see.... what else? Oh I am freaking hilarious! (so I hear) I tend to try to find humor in almost any situation. I am looking for a woman who is sweet and funny. Someone who smiles a lot and knows how to enjoy the little things in life. Everyone says they don't want drama. I agree with that but obviously some things are unavoidable. My philosophy is that we have a choice of how we respond to difficult situations and can choose to find a peaceful way to live.

Date a man from United States. Here's a little about me. I'm a nice guy who loves his son more than anything in the world! I actually get along with my ex wife and her husband. I tend to be shy at first but after getting into some conversation I open up. I'd love to say that I travel often, try out the newest places on the weekends etc. but the reality is when you have a child you do what you can when you can and hope it all balances out. On weekends that I don't have my son I'm always up for going out and trying some place new and fun. I'm looking for someone that likes me for me. That said, what you see is what you get. I won't pretend to be someone I'm not and I won't play games. I tend to be more attracted to women with a sarcastic sense of humor so that's a plus.
All of my pics are current. I'm looking for someone I can have fun with both on a real date night out or simply going to somewhere like Costco. I want someone who challenges me in a good way and who's company and sense of humor I really enjoy. And last but not least mutual physical attraction.

Meet single man from United States. So lets see about me, I was born in Detroit but my family moved out here so we followed, due to work my parents moved around a lot allowing me to see many different views on life and appreciations for things..i played sports football, baseball, soccer but lots of moving made that difficult so was able to turn to always stirs the right to laugh and let life love me back...
I want to really feel it not just go through the motions. I want the partner in crime that is my best friend the one who I want to share my thoughts, my lame jokes, or go to a bb in new city or fly to another state to sit on the beach or see a show. As I inspire her to chase her dreams I want the same in return. I have been rich and poor I am not affraid of this roller coaster of life but want that lady by my side that is not affraid either. I like going to comedy shows or going to try different restaurants or catching a band at a local bar. I like to do projects around the casa or run up to the lakes to run on my jet ski. I like to try to cook and can be fun if we just stay home and goof around and watch tv. The club scene doesnt sound as fun to meet someone like it did in my twenties so guess will hop on this internet craze and give it a try.. if you want to talk more to see if you want to be my dancing partner shoot me a reply...

Date someone special from Chandler, United States. Being raised in a small town in southern UT, I love the out doors. Camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing or just getting out there and driving the back country roads. I enjoy sharing the sights not many people make the effort to see. I also like going to movies and watching videos. I would just like to find a good girl who could like the big goofy redneck that I am.

Meet men and women from Chandler, United States. I have 2 children a 19 year old daughter named Marie, and a 13 year old son Andrew. My daughter attends college in Michigan. I have 50 / 50 coustody of my son. I enjoy being a dad. My kids mean everything to me. I was born and raised in Michigan, and left at age 19 to the United States NAVY. I got out the US Navy in 2000, and moved to Arizona. I work at a 2200 MW Natural Gas Power Plant as a Instrumentation Controls Technician / Electrician / Water Treament Operator, and I will be soon training as a Control Room Operator. I am highly educated not a Nerd at all. Im a fun person to be around. I can fit in any conversation or surroundings with anybody. I want to find someone that I can wake up with everyday without wanting to run away. I'm not looking for a booty call or I would be hanging out at the bar. I don't want a gold digger. It does not take me long to figure a person out. Not looking for any control freak or someone trying to change me. I'm kicked back, and will make you laugh. There is no drama in my life, and I want to keep it that way. I don't smile much in my pictures, but I do have a nice smile and teeth. If you would like to take a chance and get to know me. I'm Jose a Mexican who doesn't speak Spanish. The worst case is dinner and drinks everybody likes to eat.

Date a soulmate from Chandler, United States. After a round-about journey, I'm back in Arizona after being away for 12 yrs. Initially, I'm looking for a fun tag-team parter to explore the city, the state, travel and have a good time with....and who knows, maybe that leads to even more.
I guess I am just looking for 'that missing half'...someone to laugh; someone to travel with; someone to enjoy life with. Someone I trust completly, and someone who trusts me. I can be be spontaneous - "Let's go to Vegas" and we get in the car and we go...and I can be meticulous, making sure an evening or event comes together just right.
I consider myself a "regular guy"...I love to laugh and make others laugh...I love to spend time with people who are important to me and will do just about anything for someone I care about.
Take a chance on me and you'll discover that I'm fun, caring, nice, funny, giving, and looking for the same...Does this sound like you? Say Hello and let's have a few laughs and see where it leads.

Meet people from Chandler, United States. Okay, so you've seen the pics, now for some stats. Let me start off by saying that I am ordinarily a modest/humble guy, but that doesn't always pay off. I have plenty of confidence, but am usually slow to talk about myself. I thought I might try a different approach though. So here are 10 things that you'd find out about me if we knew each other for awhile:
1) I'm easy going, honest, and kind-hearted. I can get along with anybody.
2) I am athletic. I was a collegiate rugby player, and have played Australian Rules Football for the last 8 years (I have won two national championships). I regularly work out and run.
3) I have 2 sons who I love so much that I feel like my heart could explode. I'd like to feel that way about a woman one day, if that's possible. I am family oriented, and enjoy doing things for others.
4) I am a Doctor of Pharmacy, residency trained in cardiology. I also have a degree in Environmental Biology. But you'd never know it if you met me, unless you asked. I refuse to let any of my patients at the clinic refer to me as "Doctor". They all know me by my first name.
5) My boat and truck are both paid for. I have a house in Denver and a house in Chandler. I make more money than I really need. The kind of girl I'm interested in couldn't care less about any of these things - because it's all just "stuff".
6) I am proud to say that I was a totally devoted and faithful husband for 10 years. I am 100% trust-worthy. I would never, ever cheat. I know what that feels like, and would never put someone through that.
7) I believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe #6 occurred so that I could meet you?
8) I have a great sense of humor. Often dry, sometimes goofy, generally sarcastic. I tend to not take things too seriously.
9) I probably have just as many flaws as the next guy - but I know how to communicate, and I know how to apologize.
10) I am generally very content with my life, but life is much more fun with two! If you are at all interested, please don't be shy. Send me a wink or an email - because I'm probably not going to be contacting you (I am going to take a break from this on-line stuff for awhile).
I know that after reading all this I might come off as being kind of serious, but I'm not at all. I'm as down-to-earth and un-assuming as they come. I definitely have a blue-collar attitude about life. I like to have a good time, and could probably beat you and all your friends in any drinking game that you might come up with! I tend to like girls that are cute, not hot (if that makes any sense), and have dark hair and dark eyes (but this is not a deal-breaker). You get bonus points if you are from the midwest (and are likely down-to-earth, and have good morals by default), or latin (and likely family oriented by default). Please be smiling in at least one of your pictures. Also - I am a reasonably fit person, and would like for you to be as well. Physical attraction is as important as chemistry in a relationship...
Thanks for taking the time to read all this, and good luck out there!

Date a man from Chandler, United States. Funny people and situations make me laugh.
Looking for a fun and spontaneous girl looking to travel and have some fun.
I have spent the last 17 years enjoying the mountains and snowboarding and I will continue doing that and I hope she will be also.
I enjoy being outdoors and being active, whether its snowboarding, longboarding, cycling or playing volleyball, Im down for which ever.

Meet single man from Chandler, United States. I would describe myself as a loyal, honest, and compassionate person. I enjoy the simple things in life and don't need a lot of possessions to keep me happy. I maintain a financially stable lifestyle and would rather spend money on seeing new places than on buying "stuff" that sits in the closet or fills up the garage. I have had the opportunity to travel to some great places with friends, family, and also for work, and hope to meet someone who has had similar experiences. I have a close group of friends and family that I see on a regular basis. I like checking out new restaurants, but also am more than happy to cook a good meal at home.
I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities (hiking, mt biking, scuba diving, skiing, etc). I love visiting tropical destinations (Hawaii and the Cayman Islands are my favorites) as well as the mountains / national parks (Yosemite, Glacier, and Yellowstone) are amazing.
I'm looking for an athletic girl who would rather go hiking, biking, or on road trips than hanging out at the clubs every weekend. Having a passion for travel and seeing new places is a must! Hopefully we will find each other and be able to enjoy these experiences together!