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Date someone special from Sierra Vista, United States. I am an educated Latino ready to meet that special lady. Are you ready to meet me? Find out! I'm attending college, working on that degree. I have a son but it didn't work out between his mommy and I. Don't worry, we get along okay, there won't be problems! My son is very important to me. I'm a good dad. I love kids that's why I teach them everyday. I enjoy dancing and sports. I like R&B, hip hop and rap, but I will try country if you like? I have not dated in awhile so I don't know what more to say or what to tell you but you can ask me anything. I'm known as locovatos where the hot "males" hang out. Thanks for reading my profile. I would like to know you if you're interested so get back to me and we'll see where it goes.

Meet men and women from Sierra Vista, United States. Whats that? OMG you like dogs, drink socially and are a youngest child! Who knew that finding the perfect match was so easy! Seriously though, I understand that you have to pair people up by some criteria but some of these things are rediculous. You're never going to know who I am until we meet no matter how many flowery adjectives I put in here so i'll stick to the need to knows.
I have a life of my own, that is I have a son, a career, and a house. I work in law enforcement, outdoors in rural areas and I get to do a lot of hiking. A good day for me is when come home covered in dirt after chasing bad guys all over hells half acre. I'm also an EMT and a manager. I take my joy in lifes great moments, in simple pleasures and in the satisfaction of accomplishment. My son is an unending source of all of these. I love to learn and do new things. I work out often, not because I wish to but because I have to. I consider myself an upper class country gentleman. You could also add snob, geek and consumate dork to the list of who I am. My son takes up most of my time and when I'm with him I'm limited in my diversions to books, TV and video games. That and chasing him in circles in the park or the yard. When I do get out, I love to cut loose and have fun. I dance...badly and I don't care. I'm usually having a great time doing it, after a few beers I dance flambouyantly and have even more
I don't believe in types anymore, only dating the same type of person seems more like the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting differant results. If that type of person worked for me, then I wouldn't still be looking. I'm a differant person with differant needs and complications that I was when I lasted dated and I need to find who I fit with now. I do not include my son in my dating life. When I meet someone special that will change but until then please respect my boundaries.
I do know that I don't want to date a woman who needs rescuing from the ashes of her ruined life. I have dragons enough of my own that need slaying. I need someone to watch my back, while I watch hers, and we can face both of our adversaries together.
Also, I'd like to meet someone who has something more to offer than her cup size and her keen fashion sense. Not that there is anything wrong with either, I appreciate a beautifull woman who takes care of herself but I need someone with more depth. I'd like to get married again but not tomorrow. No drama.

Date a man from Sierra Vista, United States. like to try new things and laid back. i'm busy at work and school but will find the time for someone in the
What are you grateful for?
What type of person are you hoping to attract?
How would you describe your social life?
What types of things make you laugh out loud?
What are you looking for in a relationship?
What are the things in life you're most passionate about?

Meet single man from Sierra Vista, United States. Very serious about finding someone to spend time with. May it be a date or a lasting relationship, experiences are better with someone by your side. I am looking for someone to be there. If you don't mind getting a little dirty on occasion thats a plus.

Date a soulmate from Sierra Vista, United States. My most passionate thing would be:my little girl who keeps me strong, my mom who is the strongest woman alive but i help out, and my music been a love since childhood. I have alot accomplishments, and i have had alot disappointments.

Meet people from Sierra Vista, United States. Where do I begin? What words do I use to describe how awesome I am? With only 4000 characters I’m afraid I’ll leave something out. I’m striving to hit the 200 words mark since I seem to be suffering from writers block now. I should start off by saying I do have a son, which of course should make me more irresistible. Seriously I know I am blessed because he is great. He doesn’t live with me full time, but he does come first. I think life is short and we should make the most of it while we can. I strongly believe that everyone should strive for work/life balance.
Of course I didn’t win a share of the huge jackpot, so I still have to work for a living. I am one of those rare people that actually enjoy what they do. I used to work in the retail field, so any job I got besides that would have been a step in the right direction. I feel as though I should probably revisit this when I can. Truth be told I’m just a normal guy looking for that special someone I can get lost in conversation with. You know the conversation that lasts all night, but feels like it’s been fifteen minutes. I’m looking for someone to share my life with. I have a good life, but I would like to share it with that special someone. I don’t know that I can find that by using my keyboard and mouse, but hopefully it’s a step in the right direction.

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. I am just an average guy looking for a best friend who might turn in to a love relationship.
I am a shy guy at first but i will warm up after i know you better.
I liking biking, swiming, and running.

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. I'm a really easy person to get along with and can make friends with just about anyone. I enjoy outdoor sports and activities like camping, scuba, hiking... etc. I enjoy making people laugh and am able to laugh at myself. I watch sports sometimes (football), I like to stay in shape and hope to find someone enjoys the same.
I'm looking for a friendship that could turn into a long term relationship.. My match would be someone who I can trust, laugh with, talk to, and have intelligent conversations with. Someone that will enjoy taking off during the weekend or just staying home and watching a movie. Hope to hear from you soon.

Date a man from Arizona, United States. I'm happy go lucky. I enjoy having fun. I love movies. I enjoy going out or just staying home. I'm new to oline dating. I'm a simple person. I'm striat to the point. I'm not here for games. What you see is what you get. I'm looking for friendship. if it turns into a relationship then great.

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. extreme lover, honest, cute, i dont know what to say but try to find out... when the time is come.... but i can make your world happy... but i need a partner in life is truly good and loyal.... just like that its so easy to find one if there still available

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. Let's get busy. I am a man who is looking to get busy with women all over the place. Hit me up and we can get busy. Let's get busy. I am a man who is looking to get busy with women all over the place. Hit me up and we can get busy. Let's get busy. I am a man who is looking to get busy with women all over the place. Hit me up and we can get busy. Let's get busy. I am a man who is looking to get busy with women all over the place. Hit me up and we can get busy. Let's get busy. I am a man who is looking to get busy with women all over the place. Hit me up and we can get busy.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. Alright ladies, I'm just going to put this out there. The experts have said that the secret to a happy marriage is for women to choose a partner that is less atractive than themselves. I hearby volunteer my services to all you hotties out there. In doing this I am only thinking of your future's true I swear, you can even google it if you don't believe me!
I expect honesty and integrity and have no patience for those who take advantage of others, who lie, who gossip, or who thrive on drama. I am not perfect, not even close--but eventually I would like to find someone who is, at the same time, patient yet impatient of my shortcomings--companionship with balance, if you will.