Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Phoenix, 35 year old

Date people from Arizona, United States. It would be cool to meet someone who is not hooked on the bar scene anymore and possibly entering another phase of life.Bars are fun sometimes,so don't get me wrong ! I love to camp,a hike with my dog, short RD trips to Vegas Southern CA,concerts,Live Mus,classic rock,the beach, ID channel,Comedy,Horror flicks during Halloween season.I value my family very much and it's nice to know others feel the same.I am a softy when it comes to animals,so I have no love for anyone who could hurt one . It would be great to meet someone honest,loyal, smart,sensitive when need be,down to earth,cute,quick witted,goofy Funny,romantic,opinionated yet open minded and not turned off right away by differences.
* I can't stand this quote...."Don't measure life by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away" Last I checked we measured in years not breaths..Overused stupid if you ask me,but if someone can tell me how many breaths they have taken then I stand corrected =) I just read it for the 11 trillionth time and just felt like saying this for no big reason =)

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. Uninteresting/Interesting things about me:
-Been on over 15 fishing trips to Canada, visited 47 states, never been across the ocean yet have an International Business degree...go figure
-In my last semester of college took 23 credits to graduate while working (I'm not smart, I about flunked out twice to get to that point haha)
-I love to learn new things, I'm kind of a dork like that.
-I am an observer and can appear quiet at first but really have quite the personality that will hide. I guess you can say I am reserved or shy at the very beginning.
-I embrace making mistakes and failing. It's one of the best ways to learn in my opinion.
-I love drama, other people's I mean. It's funny.
-I think match.comm would be more entertaining if people had to post their criminal records and resume (if they have either)
-I have never sang karaoke. I can't even sing badly, it's just terrible. Plus, I'd find out the real words to songs on the screen and feel dumb for singing them wrong in the car for years.
-I am not a follower and not a leader; just walk to my own drummer and willing to swim upstream when nothing else will work.
-I try to never say "I can't" do something. Instead I ask myself "how can I then?" It's amazing what the mind comes up with that way.
-After initial attraction, sense of humor is the most important characteristic I look for in another.
-I am probably one of the most down-to-earth and genuine people you will never meet.
-I am impressed by the little things that people do. Oh, you scaled the face of El Capitan without a rope in a blizzard? That's pretty cool. Little day-to-day things like putting a shopping cart away instead of leaving it next to the car would really impress me.
I am a simple, normal guy. I fix things, build things, break things, say the wrong things, get my hands dirty, watch sports, quote movies, sarcastic, pretend I know where I am going on a road trip when I am really lost...but I will still open doors, talk, hold and display subtle signs to the right person to let them know I care.
Overall I am a good mix that enjoys quiet nights in as much as a weekend trip to the beach or camping or a night out. I think of myself as extremely understanding, forgiving, resilient, and resourceful. If you like the laid back and easygoing yet responsible type, who can laugh at himself, then I might be the one for you.
If you read this far you are either extremely bored in your day or interested...feel free to introduce yourself or wink. I think I am all but done sending emails/initiating and just browsing and renting this space out until the membership expires. It is near impossible to stand out among the swarms of emails women receive and opting to sit back. If you are looking for one of the good ones left, you just stumbled across one. If I don't hear from you, happy hunting and best of luck...if not I may have to resort to posting my best shirtless bathroom pictures :-p
"It is the woman who chooses the man who will choose her." -Paul Geraldy

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. Thanks to YOUR ongoing support, this profile has been ranked in the top three for over two weeks on MATCH.COM! The other two are currently under review for fairness violation..they are both for Men seeking Men, and those guys are just REALLY good at writing, spelling, and grammar..and dressing to the nine's.
Show me why you are head and shoulders above the rest of the talent out there...I have hidden -WINK- amongst my profile, subliminal yet tasty little nuggets for you to sink your conversation into. Do not seek to find them, they -WINK- are not visible to the naked eye.
Charming.yep..outgoing and personal.yup.great cuddler..absolutely
Solid communicator? Of course. Funny? You got no idea
Great date for any event? Ta-dah! Successful? I try. Off-color at times? I cannot tell a lie.
Perfect? Not even close.
The girl who will end up having a great time with me will be personable, fun, and attractive.
I sure hope you are fit/healthy, open-minded, and positive, or it ain't going to work, babe!
My romantic sensitivity insists that I get the door for you, listen to you speak, hear your thoughts, feel your warmth, firmly hold your hand, and gently touch your skin. If you need someone to cry with you I will be there...although, I'd rather it not interrupt Jersey Shore.
I am a travel fiend.a cruise, a flight to Europe with my turbo jetpack, or a lengthy road trip stateside, I'm all over it.step up your game, or you gotta stay behind
I stay active with working out, swimming, hiking, running from the law, sometimes cycling and the occasional wannabe tennis whacks
My lips are so soft, that they can compensate even if your lips are rough, chapped, and worn. Sshhh, it's OK. They really are that soft. Wash your soiled hands, and I will let you touch them.
I don't smell like the other guys. My breath is like an alpine breeze in the winter. My cologne is enjoyably present, yet elusively absent. Just like any well-trained man should be
: A sexy accent is better than exposed cleavage (just barely)
: Best band: The Pogues / Shane MacGowan
: Best song: Under the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo-ole
: Best store: Buckle
: Best match: Me
: Best holiday: Please Thanksgiving ALL thru Christmas
: I don't ROTFL too much.I prefer to LMFAO.
: I prefer skullduggery over douchebaggery.
: I will keep a favorite shirt even if it inherits a defect. As long as we can't see thru to my nipples, we are in business.
: I like to buy new underwear.
: Girls who have breath that smells like soup.
: Girls who listen to banjo music during sex.
: People who have had pubic hair since they were 8.
Do not take this list lightly; I don't share it with many people:
Soul Food: Mrs. White's Golden Rule, Downtown
Hawaiian: Aloha Kitchen, Mesa
Mexican: Pedro's, Glendale
Sushi: Stingray, Scottsdale
Upscale: Binkley's, Cave Creek
Steak: Tarbells, 32nd St.
Hot Dog: Are you kidding me? Ted's, Tempe
Sandwiches: LGO, Phoenix
Chinese: Verdict still out
Tapas: All over Madrid.let's go
.if you steal my list without asking me, you may be subject to punishment including but not limited to either a wedgie or being sent to my room.
If you are proficient with male fashion, I may decide on liking you even more.
In the event that I meet your parents, please be prepared for your mother to be attracted to me. Perhaps even your father.
And yes, I am willing to attend your high school reunion with you, posing as a wealthy philanthropist.
Provide to me in your best script why you are flirt worthy...if you are feeling lazy, simply send me a -WINK-. (sit up straight and smile while winking, it's sexier!).
What the heck. I randomly clicked 33 vs. 41 when I first created the profile so I could quickly get the profile created; now I can't change it. :/ So, that's the scoop!
Hit me!

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Arizona in 2007 for my job.
My life is pretty balanced with work (I am an attorney), family, and friends. I am also heavily involved with a couple nonprofit organizations. I work out regularly (run and weight train pretty much every day, along with yoga on the weekends) and take advantage of everything Arizona has to offer ranging from going to sporting events and great restaurants to enjoying the nightlife and special events.
Pretty much all of my relationships have been great and drama-free. I just haven't found "the one" yet so I thought I would give Match a shot and see what happens.
My ideal match would have similar interests, be family oriented, and have a great time anywhere.
Looking forward to seeing how this goes...

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I would describe myself as a motivated individual who doesn't necessarily enjoy making other people money, therefore I'm self employed. Being self-employed allows me to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu several times a week and that has been my savior. I no longer drink at all, I do not smoke. I try to remain as healthy as possible by cooking most of my own meals and shopping tons at Sprouts. One of my favorite places to be. Martial arts has allowed me to grow immeasurably in my sport and my life itself. I would love to spend time with someone who realizes that martial artists are not fighters but disciplinarians who are constantly chasing greatness and health.
Im not all health and exercise though. I do love to eat ice cream and yogurt and have a greasy cheese pizza here and there.
Funny movies are also something I enjoy. The Ace Ventura movies are pretty darn funny. Silly comedy and serious documentaries are my favorite movies.
My friends would describe me as a loyal, loving, protective individual who reads a lot and loves good coffee and going to the martial arts studio.
I am also very grateful for my family who is quite small but very loving.

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. OK, so about me (ver 2.0)
I was raised in Arizona, and have no complaints about it. I have a great family with wonderful brothers and sister. We all still live in Phoenix still and try to hang out when we can. Sports were a big part of my life growing up and still continue some of that today. Love ice hockey, spent a long time playing, but also baseball, water skiing, snow skiing/snowboarding, golfing, and surfing to name a few. But also like cheering for my teams too, and am loyal fan. But I also dont need to have ESPN on constantly either. I work for a great company and enjoy being there. I also am back in school (go Devils) and it keeps me busy, but I am glad to be back and the finish line is almost there. That being said, I have a direction, a plan, and the motivation to make it happen. I am excited about the next few years ahead. It would be nice for someone else to come along for the ride. I am a pretty laid back and humble individual and easy to be around. I think being active and healthy is important and try to stay fit. In nicer weather I will get out of the gym and go for a hike or a bike ride. Google is my best friend sometimes. I cant possibly explain it all, or want to here. So you will just have to ask.
Why you should contact me:
- I'm a good guy, I know how to treat a lady, chivalry
- I can be pretty funny and witty, with a bit of sarcasm for good measure
- I'm over going to the clubs every week
- People think Im younger than I really am, good genes apparently
- I dont smoke, except for the occasional cigar
- I wont hog the armrest at the movies
- I am very loyal and trusting
- I dont have any bathroom cell phone pics. ;-)
- I need attention but am willing to give it.
I have a real good idea of what kind of woman I want a relationship with. But sometimes the unexpected is perfect and just what I need. Confidence and a good sense of style are a huge plus. Someone that takes care of their body is an important factor for me. Someone I can be goofy and act like a kid with, share a bottle of wine with, just sit and relax with, and join me on trips with. Basically I want to have crush on my best friend.
Well like I said, I have much more than will put on here, so what do you want to find out?
Thanks for reading!
Fins up!

Date people from Phoenix, United States. Balance is the word I choose to associate myself with. A great blend of seriousness and silliness, carefree and diligence, mental and physical. I won't bore with the typical descriptions - we are all perfect on paper! . I believe in finding your "flow" wholeheartedly, something I learned from my study of Aikido. I find myself tangled in the universal argument of confidence vs. conceit. Please understand that my humility offsets my vanity. Yes, I am confident, but the basis of my attitude comes from life experiences. I benefit from the gift of knowing myself and understanding what I am capable of. From that, I realize and accept my limitations.There are no expectations, just be exactly who you are. The excitement of any relationship tends to fade, so you have to actually WANT it. Along the way, we face challenges and triumph by becoming stronger. Understanding, honesty, and patience are qualities that complement my own. Loyalty goes a long way with me also. You let me know you're down for me, and we will always share that bond. The importance of family and friends and how you accept all people reveals your heart. Lastly, a sense of purpose and spirituality open the door to true possibility. One more thing, I live and die with a basketball in my hands!

Meet someone special from Phoenix, United States. bold funny up for anything adventure type astronomy on the go deep thinker with dry wit want the same or at least a sci fi fantasy buff you know lord of the rings star trek and all that jazz cut to the chase no beating arond the bush

Date men and women from Phoenix, United States. I'm originally from southern Indiana, but split my time between Chicago and Indianapolis. I went to Indiana University and I'm a huge college basketball fan. After college, I lived in NY, London, Paris, and then back again in Chicago. As you can guess, I love travel, and I would move back to London in a heartbeat. I like to think of myself as a t-shirt and jeans guy half of the time, and the other half a little more sophisticated. I'm a big city guy so I enjoy theatre, lounges, dive bars, museums, and any other exciting venues that a big city has to offer.
You should obviously share some of my interests, but I also look for differences. I like getting out of the proverbial "comfort zone' by trying new things. While I have not traditionally been an outdoorsman, since I've moved to the wild west, I've done a bit of rafting, horseback riding, and hiking.
One other thing, ladies, don't email me if you have to be half naked in your profile picture. I'm sure you've got a great body, but let me discover that later.

Meet single man from Phoenix, United States. I have lived in three diffrent states and in AZ for the past 10. I have friends that I have had for 15 years and can place myself all of over this country and have a friend that would give me the shirt of their back. Because that is who I am. I cherish my relationships and the people that care about me. Tho I have ran into many selfish people and relationship that were all for the taking on the other side. Unfortunatly that is what u get when you are the way I am.
With that said, I have no regrets and come from the Midwest, so I have good values but I am also a bit on the crazy side. Which has never hurt anyone unless it is in excess. I'm not saying I'm an Angel but I don't care for liars and people out for only themselves.
I will be quiet at times and Others times have my friends rolling on the ground. I can laugh at my self, so need a person that won't get sore about having fun cracking on each other.
I want a women that can respect a relationship and the man that I am. That can tell me everything on their mind good or bad. And most importantly be there through the good and the bad. Its like my father told me I won't like u every day but I promise I will love you.
I want a women that takes care of herself. I have been in the gym since I was 12 and even tho I go trough times with out it in my life. It is a big part of who I am. So If you don't care about urself, how will you care about anyone else. On that note I understand genetics so I don't want to sound crude. But if u are lazy, don't come knocking.
I enjoy sporting events, hanging out, matching movies, and just doing whatever. I am always up for new things and usually am down to try everything once.

Date a soulmate from Phoenix, United States. I am all about having a good time. To me, the foundation of a good time is cordiality, good conversation with a good conversationalist, and lots of laughs.
Who I am looking for?
I'd have to answer, I don't know. The reason being, if I knew who I was looking for that means I know them, of them, or at the very least I could describe them, and my goal would be to establish a situation in which I could live out some lost or missing experience in the present or near future with a you all the while thinking of them. I'm not about that.
What am I looking for?
Good times. My goal is get out more. Meet new people and go from there.

Meet a man from Phoenix, United States. Who I am:
-Open book
-Funny and sarcastic
-Adventurous, yet sometimes enjoy being lazy
-Respectful and thoughtful
-Confident yet humble
-Drop dead gorgeous (didn't you see my pictures?)
-Optimistically unrealistic
What I like:
-Travel (anywhere!!)
-Music (both playing and listening)
-Good food and wine
-Dive bars and nice places
-My amazing dogs
-Being active, but not being obsessed with it
-Sports (both playing and watching)
-Weekend trips
I like girls who are:
-Humble yet confident
-Thoughtful and considerate
-Able to appreciate my subtle (or not so subtle?) attempts at humor...did you catch any yet in my profile?
-Adventurous (travel is a must)
-A dog lover
-Over her last boyfriend
-Ready for a relationship...moving slow is ok
What I'm looking for:
-A teammate
-A respectful and passionate partnership
-A best friend that I can't keep my hands off
-You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours
-You have my back, I'll have yours
So there's my "bullet point" format. How'd I do?