Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Glendale, 35 year old

Date men and women from United States. I am new to this online thing so I really don't know what to say. I am looking for my best friend and partner to spend the rest of my life with. I've worked hard all my life and want to enjoy it. I guess I need someone to show me how to do that. I've had to sacrifice a lot to get where I am in my career and that has caused me to miss out on a few things in life. I do not regret the decisions I made but now it's time for fun.
I am open to new things as well as sitting home every now and then just to unwind. I like being in a relationship because I like knowing there is someone there when I get home. Or that someone will be coming home to me. I take care of my partner just as she would take care of me. I am too old for games. I want someone that will be honest, loyal, fun, and laid back.
Going to baseball games is a plus but so is wanting to stay home and watch a movie. I want to learn new things to do but I want to do them with someone. Hopefully that will be you. My parents have been married for 40 years and I want to be able to say the same thing one day.

Meet a soulmate from United States. OK OK so I decided to actually put some effort into this. It's not really my thiing and I don't really care to put much time into it but here goes nothing. I'm a laid back easy going guy with a varity of interests. I love sports and fitness. I work out at leat three times a week and try to eat healthy. I'd consider myself to be an overcomer in life. I've beaten almost every challenge that has been in front of me. I believe in working hard and striving to be the best you can be everyday. I also believe in seeing things through that way you can look back and have no regrets.
I'm looking for someone who is educated like myself. I have a Graduate degree and work in the Public Service sector. I'm the type of guy who would give you the shirt of my back if you needed it, but isn't affraid to stand up for what and what is right eaither. I value family and firends. I consider myself to be an honest person with a strong moral compus. I need to be able to have an intelligent conversation with the anyone I spend a significant amount of time with. If I can't talk to you, it just does work for me.
I was born and raised in Alaska, so I enjoy the outdoors. My interests are eclectic. I can go out an enjoy an R&B concert or Opera. Well may not Opera but I like a varity of things. I'm not picky about much of anything wather it it be food or activities. I'm not much into the bar scene although I will go have a beer and watch a game every once in a while, but hanging out there all the time is not my thing. I enjoy travel and love to vist new places and I'd like to find someone that wants to do the same.. I'm more on the reserved and quiet side and my personality comes out in spurts, but when I want something I can go after it. I have some conservative views and some liberal views. I really do have a middle of the road make up and would like to find someone who is the same way.

Date people from United States. 'm successful in my career and try hard to stay in good shape. I just need a little more excitement in my life. And there is no reason we can't have a spectacular time together and take things from there. I hope to hear from you soon! - Ken.

Meet a man from United States. Hey everyone! I'm a tan italian who is a down to earth kinda guy. I like to make people laugh and smile. I'm one to have a good time no matter where I'm at or what the situation may be. I am a huge smartass. I like to joke but can also take a joke. There are nights I like to stay home and watch a movie and other times I want to go out and party like a rock star. Lets face it, we all need to let loose sometimes. My son comes before anything tho. He is my one and only and will go to earths end for him. I am trying to get back into working out again. Would like to meet a woman who I could cook with, workout with and go running. I have never tried this kind of dating online thing and curious to see who is out there. Anything else you want to know, just ask.....

Date someone special from United States. I'm a cool, laid-back dude and single father to a equally laid-back and slightly cooler 7 y/o boy.
New to this site, testing the waters and seeing whats out there.
I'm a career driven guy, spent 10 years in the military, loved it. Now I attending Le Cordon Bleu, in Scottsdale, working on 2 degrees. Culinary and baking.
In 5 years I see myself owning my own restaurant, and madly in love with the girl of my dreams... You!

Meet single man from United States. I am an easy going guy that loves to laugh and loves kids and having a great time.Looking for a lady to spend time with and share my life with good and bad times mostly good hopefuly. I am not a jealous person and do not want a jealous lady. I dont go out to clubs or bars not looking for a party life been there done that dont need it.

Date men and women from Glendale, United States. Looking to meet someone with similar life interests and wanting a games free possible LTR. Seeking a lady whom is active and enjoys travel, sports, and discovering new things. A woman of character with ambition and independence is a must.

Meet a soulmate from Glendale, United States. Hi! I'm relatively new the the area so looking to meet new people. Not really used to talking about myself but here goes.
Random Facts About Me:
- Love to travel. I have been to 25 different countries and 34 of the 50 states. I will go almost anywhere, especially if I have never been there before. Oh, and as long as there is a relatively high chance that I won’t die.
- I like to stay in shape. I have been exercising regularly for nearly 15 years. I don’t really love it that much (who in their right mind enjoys physical pain?!?), but do it because I feel like a total dirt bag if I don’t.
- Try to eat healthy most of the time, but do indulge from time to time. Weaknesses are dark chocolate, peanut M&Ms, animal crackers, honey roasted peanuts, nacho cheese Doritos.
- Big sports fan although I don’t have any pro teams that I identify with since there are no pro sports in the state I’m from. And since I moved, I have not stayed in one place long enough to call any one state my second home. Love college sports too though and root for 3 different teams.
- Kind of a neat freak and germophobe. Although not to the point of having OCD. I can’t leave a sink full of dirty dishes for very long. Don’t know why but I can’t.
- Along with the previous note, I'm adamant about having clean teeth. Of course I brush daily like almost every person does but I also floss every single day. I very very rarely miss flossing. I have not had any cavities since I was a kid (knock on wood).
- Love to drink socially…but will rarely drink when I’m alone. I enjoy beer the most (Bud Light is my staple but favorite is microbrew IPAs). Will drink almost anything though as long as it doesn’t have a licorice flavor (I hate licorice!!!).
- I will dress up if I have to (and don’t mind doing it) but if I have the choice I’m in a T-shirt, shorts, and slippers (some call these flip flops).
- Ok, now to the important stuff.
- My heart and mind are my two strongest parts. When my body wants to quit, my mind tells it to keep going. When my mind is confused, my heart tells me the right thing to do.
- The Boy Scout oath, law, and motto describe me pretty well (and yes, I was a boy scout and still have all 3 of these memorized).
- I will place the needs of my family, close friends, and those I care about ahead of my own.
- I believe in contributing to a greater good and a meaningful cause...something bigger than ourselves.
- I live within my means. Meaning, I don’t buy or have things just because I have the money to buy it. I don’t take things for granted easily. I especially don’t have a fancy vehicle because I don’t need it to boost my confidence and why sink tens of thousands of dollars on something that is sure to depreciate in value?
- I'm really easy going and laid back but at the same time really hard on myself as far as constantly trying to improve myself, learn and accomplish new things, and putting forth my best effort in anything I do.
Who I'm looking for:
- Pretty simple...someone who is genuine, has a good heart, and accepts me for who I am.
Damn that was a lot of writing! I haven't written that much since my grad school final exams! And I still have over 1200 characters left if I wanted to write more. Thanks for reading if you got this far!

Date people from Glendale, United States. I grew up in Minnesota, went to college in Nashville, and then moved around quite a bit during my days as an Air Force Officer. I have always wanted to live in Arizona, so I made it happen.
I dedicate every day to being a happier, more loving, and more generous person.
I am a fan of both Cardinals football and Coyotes hockey. I have season tickets to both and I *love* going to the games. I don’t watch a ton of TV, but if it’s on, I’m usually watching sports.
What else do you want to know about me? I should tell you that while I originally didn’t like it, I now have a mild addition to texting...
Personally, I am most attracted to smart, sexy, upbeat women. Are you passionate? Are you adventurous? Do you love to laugh?
If that sounds like you, hit me up with an email or give me a wink! ;-)

Meet a man from Glendale, United States. I'm a hard working easy going guy looking for someone who enjoys similar things and activities that we can do together. I am looking for a down to earth woman that doesn't mind getting dirty in life.

Date someone special from Glendale, United States. I'm fun and enjoy life because it is all there is to enjoy. I'm always funny, but not not always nice. :) I'm sarcastic enough to make people laugh, yet serious enough to hold a real conversation. Which allows me to be spontaneous as people don't which one I may be at any particular moment.

Meet single man from Glendale, United States. 34 year old man looking for someone to become friends with and then if we connect with each other then take it to the next level. Someone who simply put gets me. Someone like me in the sense of being able to trust one another, believe in one another, to have fun with, someone who i can laugh and have a good time with, yet on the other hand have the mind to know when it is appropriate to be serious. Any takers ?