Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Peoria, 35 year old

Date people from Arizona, United States. Here it goes... I really dont know what to say. I guess first and foremost I am a dad to the love of my life, my son London. He is my everything. I need someone that can accept that. Also, I love to live life. I want someone who shares that same outlook. I am very much a risk taker. I think that in order to live you have to live in the moment. Life is short and I want to make the most of it. I am honest, and open and can communicate my feelings, fears, desires. I want the same thing out of someone else.

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. I'm a huge dork.... I am not always as smooth as I want or intend to be and often refer to myself as awkwardly confident. I get along with most people I meet and can usually find something positive in the majority of women, but I am usually drawn to somebody who is confident and knows what they want. I don't consider myself to be a shallow person but physical attraction is important to me and I want somebody who knows how to take care of them self. I'm not a party boy or a player but at this point in my life, I am looking for something more casual than serious. I'm not against being in a relationship, but I have found that most women have a hard time knowing I'm not willing to give up my time with my kids to spend time with them. I have a very balanced life and I'm very happy, but have found that meeting 21 year old girls at the bar is not very fulfilling so I'm giving this a try.

Date a man from Arizona, United States. Hello! I will keep this short.My name is Keith. I am currently separated with a divorce pending. I am not expecting to find something serious here but am open to what comes my way. I have 3 kids who I love so much and am extremely proud of. They stay with me every other weekend, for now. I hope to be able to have them with me more often in the near future. I have been told, from people around me, that I am a very nice, easy going, laid back guy. I would agree with them...if you ask me. I know I have left out some info, purposely. Contact me and I will gladly share:-)

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I am an involved father of two amazing daughters who I have with me half-time. They keep me busy with sports and school activities, and I keep a good amount of the remaining time busy with my career in IT and various hobbies. That said, I'd love to find someone who would enjoy spending some of that time with me. I love to hike, run and rock climb and any other activity which involves being outdoors. When I'm in, I love to cook and oil paint. I really enjoy heading out for the weekend - either finding some hotel near restaurants and nightlife and posting up there for the weekend, or driving out so a nearby city to soak up some beach or mountains. San Diego, Sedona and San Francisco are all places I love to visit. I travel to the Bay Area frequently for work.
My perfect match would be pretty, witty and active. I truly think that a person's personality makes or breaks attractiveness, but she should also be aware of her appearance and take care of herself. She may or may not have kids of her own, but understands that I'll have some family comittments part time, and I'd love to spend quality time getting to know her the rest of the time. I am not looking for a guarantee of something long term. But eventually I think I am ready for that with the right person and if that's where it leads without much coaxing. My match also loves different kinds of music - someone who might go catch a hard rock or metal show once in a while, but can also listen to some jazz, alternative, classical, depending on mood.
Lastly, my match takes time to get to know someone, has a big heart, is aware of people around her and generally looks out for others. Someone with energy and happiness - two contagious qualities - would definitely top it off for me.

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. I want to let it be known that when you spend time with me be prepared to LYAO! :) My sense of humor comes with a dose of sarcasm so I hope you can offer me the same because I can take it and I love a good laugh and challenge. I am a man who is confident within myself in who I am as a person both in my personal and professional life. My confidence is not to be mistaken with arrogance as I never come across to anybody as an arrogant person. I firmly believe that no matter what kind of relationship you are in with somebody you have to have great communication with that person for it to work. I enjoy going out and have partied in some pretty amazing places in the world, but I feel there is nothing wrong with staying at home enjoying a good movie with wine and great company. Some accomplishments in my life that I am proud of is that I am heavily trained in the martial arts and boxing, a former pro athlete, building a successful company that allows me the chance to work with charitable foundations to help give back to those in need.
What I value most in a woman is someone who is sincere, fun loving, active living, smart, and has a great sense of humor. Chelsea Handler is a perfect example of this. She is funny, smart, good to people, although she is physically attractive she does not have that stuck up attitude about her at all and to a guy like me that is a big turn on.
If you want a guy who tries to be someone he really isn't (aka a douche) than please pass on my profile, you will have many guys to choose from like that. I am a guy to get to know if you want someone who is confident in who he is, athletic, good sense of humor, comes with no drama in his life. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. Best of luck in your search.
P.S. Some important notes:
- I read someone's profile first and foremost, it is what they say that peaks my interest.
- For those ladies who say that you are on this site because you are over the "bar scene", my question is why is that half or more than half of your pictures are taken at a night club or a bar? When you are drinking in the majority of your pictures you do not come across as cool/hip, instead you come across to me that booze is a major factor in your life. I enjoying going out to the bars with friends too, I just don't make the bar scene a major part of my life.
- If you have more than two pictures of yourself in a bikini than in my mind you just come across as superficial wanting to be noticed just for your looks and nothing else, if you want to come across that way thats fine. I believe in how you portray yourself online and offline is the type of person that will be attracted to you.
- For those ladies who put an income of $100,000 or more that they want a guy to make than you are simply a gold digger. You should not rely on a man to take care of you, you are an adult so you should be able to take care of yourself. If you make a lot of money at your job than why should it matter anyway how much the guy makes? Being successful in life is not about how much money you make, it is about who you are as a person and what you can do to help others - my opinion.

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. Ladies if your looking for a hookup or if your taking pics. with your shirt off in the mirror please move on lol!
Just wondering if the idea of growing old together with a soulmate is just a dream or a movie like the Notebook is that out there anymore?
I'm a socialable, fun loving, outgoing, sarcastic, humorous man that believes chivalry is not died. I work hard, love my job and what I do! I love to laugh and love to make other people laugh. I like to be spontaneous going for a drive up to the cabin or even driving to cali. for the weeked, going to happy hour sometimes and yet a nice night at home with a movie and pop corn is great too. I really like to have friends over for bbq partys or for UFC fights! I am divorced and there is NO DRAMA! I do have three beautiful girls that are my life! I have them 65% of the the time so I do as much as I can with them! I'm not looking for a mom for them but it would be great if I can find the one woman that can be HONEST, and LOYAL!(the kicker)she must have a job or going to school also a car,truck,motorcycle,bus,hovercraft just something to drive period would be great!

Date people from United States. Hi ladies, I just got out of prison after 15.5 years I'm trying to move forward and enjoy my brave new world and catch up on all the things I missed and find someone to share all my first experiences with. I have a good sense of humor and very charismatic I feel like I'm 6'1 but I'm only 5'9 lol ;)

Meet single man from United States. Hello. I am a 35 year old man who is looking to meet a nice person. After some of the women I have met on here, I really do not know if that is possible!
I am educated, have a nice job (not rich, but am doing ok), kind, funny, and averge looking at best. Yes, I have no notion that I am a super stud. If you would like to talk, please let me know!

Date a man from United States. I am simply looking for the chance to meet a woman that I can share my life with. Someone who is done with superficial wants and desires. I want to love and take care of a woman, and in turn she will love and take care of me. I am a very social guy and can get along very easily with people, but when it comes to asking a woman out that I am attracted to I can be very shy. So a woman that is not afraid to make the first move would be nice! I was raised and truely belive in treating people the way I would want to be treated. Lets see.. what else.. I think that I have a great sense of humor, and I tend to to fall back on humor when I am nervous. Guess thats about all for now =D

Meet a soulmate from United States. Ok lets see. I am very proud single father! I absolutely adore my family and friends and there isn't much I wouldn't to for them! I am very ambitious and love to travel. I guess I'm on match because I would would love to find the girl next door... sexy, smart and a great friend. So lets talk and see where it takes us!

Date men and women from United States. I would enjoy the company of someone who does not play games enjoys family and friends and all life has to offer.communication and trust is a plus.likes to dress up but is also comfortable in jeans and a tee.I love being outdoors and to travel when I can.I joined a gym trying to get back in shape.I do target shoot and and many other activities.I cant put them all here then what would there be to talk about(lol). I also volunteer in my spear time with my local vietnam vets group witch my step dad is the president of. I will be moving out near the glendale area in the next 7-8 months.I am looking to meet new peolple.

Meet someone special from United States. I am a 35 year old male looking to find someone I can enjoy time with.
I enjoy my job and career which I have enjoyed for sixteen plus years.
I enjoy the industry & people I work with. I am a driven person at my job and personal life.
I am a respectful individual towards friends, family, and others in general. I enjoy the small things in life like doing something for someone just for the fact of knowing how it may brighten their day or bring a smile to their face while expecting nothing in return.
I was born in California & have lived in Arizona my entire life. I have lived in Phoenix, Glendale, and now in Peoria. Myself and my family enjoy working on classic vehicles. I have a 1967 Ford Mustang which I have had for Fifteen years and enjoy when I have the time to work on the vehicle or make minor repairs.
I am looking for a woman that is respectful, enjoys quiet times together, communicates verbally of what she wants and expects in life and in relationships & holds nothing back.Someone who is caring, grounded, realistic in expectations of work, life, and family. I am looking for a woman that will take the time to get to know me for who I am and likewise I will take the time to ask her about the things that make her a unique individual, woman, and person.
I am a Loyal Person, Man & Friend to all in my life.
I enjoying helping people & find great pleasure in doing so....
I was raised with respectful values towards self & others...