Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Buckeye, 35 year old

Date a soulmate from Buckeye, United States. Like to go out for dinner and a movie.go out for a ride grab more movies go home.I want someone who could make me smile laugh injoyable.someone who would always be there for me someone who my family would like and her family would like me.

Meet single man from Buckeye, United States. i would like to meet someone who isnt afraid to open up nd bcome friends ....i think its hard enough to meet a female who can honesty keep nd hold their own words nd stick to wat they have mentiond on their profile......but if anything friends will b nice to have nd why would it matter bout the way u look or wat type of lifestyle u grow up with....but im not here to judge or b picky in anykind of way ,so if u do nd would like to b friends w/me ill welcome u at anytime.......

Date people from Buckeye, United States. I'm one of those guys who really values honesty, character, and strong morals in a partner. I am looking to find my equal, my best friend. Someone I can laugh with over absolutely nothing, share a drink with on a quiet night, or take a spontaneous trip with on a weekend. I am a person who likes to experience life and adventure!
I am a very outdoorsy person, I like to hike (both on the path and off the beaten path), skydive, camp, or even build a bon fire in the back yard. I love getting caught in the rain, I really enjoy a nice cup of hot chocalate after a day in the snow (up in northern arizona of course), late night trips to the redbox for a movie.
I am fun and I love to have fun, whether its hanging out at a crowded sports pub with Monday night football, or at the house alone together cuddling next to a fire.
I am looking for someone amazing that is ready to be swept off her feet, one who is caring, loving, and honest. Someone who is ready to be held and cherished through all the ups and downs of life. Someone that wants to share the fun and laughter that life provides.
Are you ready? I am. Lets get busy living.

Meet a man from Buckeye, United States. I think I'm a nice guy who treats others as I would like to be treated
I like to travel I've been around the world
the type of person i would like to attract...
a nice girl who is not afraid to speak her mind when needed and tell me if i 'm doing something wrong and most have some since of adventure but wouldn't mind a night at home watching TV
I'm not sure what I'm looking for in a relationship but I am looking for one
and I laugh at everything to include myself and i do my very best to make everyone around me laugh and have a good time as well
not sure what else to put but if you would like to know more just ask

Date someone special from Buckeye, United States. I'm looking for a woman who believes in the same cornerstones of a relationship as I do. Communication, attraction, acceptance, and chemistry. I think its very important to accept the positives as well as the flaws in your partner. After all why look to change someone? Seems much easier to me to simply find someone you don't want to change.... As a rule I'm a pretty laid back guy. I draw, and design is something important to me. I'm a very visual person, and I often see what things could be before I see what they are. I'm also a collector - I love movies. Also I'm a metal head at heart, so I wouldn't look for me to be spending much time clubbing, although I love concerts, dinner out, and even theatre (as long as its not musical, I am straight after all. Can't help that), and the occasional drink at a bar with good friends.

Meet men and women from Buckeye, United States. I am a laid back guy with a wild side. I love to go out and have a good time but I can be content with just kickin' it as well. That is, if it's with the right person. I get along with women great, and I usually develope good friendships with them even if there is no romance involved. I think that's because I grew up with two older sisters that I was very close to.
I love to travel when I get a break from work. Other than that I enjoy music, working out, watching movies, etc., etc., etc. You get the point.
The type of woman I want to meet? I really want someone who I can have fun with. Someone who wants to go new places and try new things. Someone who has a broad sense of humor like me. Itelligence is of course important.
Maybe this online dating won't work for me. But who knows, it may just be destiny that you are reading my profile right now.

Date a soulmate from United States. Just trying to meet a somebody who wants to have a good time. Independant, likes to have fun but is okay with just haging out. Doesn't have to plan everything. Ready to do whatever. Somebody who knows how to relax and just hang out with me.

Meet men and women from United States. Playing with my animals makes me smile. They were all rescues from bad situations, and I love them dearly. I am very grateful that I have my health and a great family. Also being born in a very nice country is worth alot. I love to laugh, it's the best medicine. Watching really funny movies and good stand-up comedians. Most is each day to the fullest.

Date a woman from United States. I would like someone who is fun and positive outlook in life. Someone who will make me smile and loves to joke around. I am very affectionate and would like a man that is the same way, someone not afraid to show feelings for their significant other anytime or anyplace.

Meet someone special from United States. I am looking for a great man that will love me and accept me the way I am. He must have a positive attitude ,honest,mature independent, has dignity, appreciates music, and trying new things. A man who is loyal and trustworthy and accepts me the way I am.

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. Hmmmm... well I'm short, fun, and like to live in the moment. (So I've been told) I'm starting my life all over and I'm very excited about it. I just moved here recently so I dont have much of a social life other than my son. I have a shoe, purse and tattoo fetish. lol! I love to laugh and somethimes have a kind of odd sense of humor. I can be very blunt at times. But you will always know you're getting the truth from me.
I'm an old fashion kind of girl. So if your one of those guys looking for a "hook-up" for the night, keep moving. I'm interested in men, not boys. I'm far from being considered a model, but I'm ME. I eat food, have curves, and rarely go without makeup. I LOVE tattoos. I have a few and plan on getting more. I'm random, crazy, goofy, and clumsey(yes, short people can be clumsey too). But I can laugh at myself and I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I'm not into drugs. Sorry, but I don't like it and have no room for it in my life. I can't really think of anyting else right now. If you want to know more, just message me. ;)