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Date single man from Alabama, United States. I'm a nice guy, hard worker , I like to lift
weights, and watch and play basketball. I'm a nice , guy, and I will be faithful, true, dedicated, and commited to one woman when I find her, or she finds me.
I also write and do Christian rap.
I have a Christian rap album out called Nothing Going To Stop Me. I'm being aired by 7 or 8 internet radios stations , and I did 4 radio interviews. I also have videos of me performing on youtube ,and my album i s being distributed internationally through songcast.
I had 3 music artilcleswritten up about me ,with positive reviews. I' ma lso trying to do more Christian rap performances.
.I also work at a resturaunt as a cashier, I've been on m y job over 3 years, and made employee of the month 3 times. I love my job,.I'm happy to have a job ,and I' m content with my job.
I rap at church sometimes. I I love Reading my Bible, and going to church. go to church twice a week. I consider myself a prayer warrior. I rap at church sometimes.
I believe in tithing, and sowing seeds.I'm pretty giving ,and usually free hearted. My ideal mate would
be someone who's a Christian , has morals, and does not smoke, and I also prefer if they don't drink.
I would like someone who is ready for a serious relationship that could lead to marriage.I want someone who's nice sweet, and who I can pray, and read
The Bible with, go to church with. someone who's supportive of my goals ,dreams ,and career .
I'm a pretty good cook, but I would like someone who would cook sometimes ,not all the time , but I could cook sometimes, and they can cook sometimes.
Someone who will accept me for me, and I would accept them for them , but if it's things that we can work on, and possibly change, That we would strive to do that. I think I'm pretty funny, I usually keep people laughing, and I love to smile.
By the way I have dimples ,lol. I love to listen to Christian Rap , Gospel, Praise and Worship Music christian R&B.
I'm an FSU Atlanta falcons fan, For Basketball I like the Chicago Bulls, and for baseball I like Atlanta Braves, been a while, since I watch a Braves game though. I was born in Okinawa , Japan ,because my Dad is retired Air Force.
I was gentle man of a a Christian club called the CIA in a 11th grade. I was in advance Acting all 4 years of high school.
I'm being aired by a few internet Radio stations ,and I did 3 Radio interviews.
I won a 3 on 3 basketball tournament in 1998 for the 16 to 18 year old league. I was on the weightlifting team my senior year of high school, and place 2nd and 3rd in most of my meets, and made county my only year lifting, and I was a one year. letterman. I have my Medical Office Assistant Degree.
lSometimes I like watching the news. I like Christian movies, action movies ,and comedies
, even though I'm older sometimes I like to watch the Disney channel, and Nickelodeon
I love God ,I love my family ,I love life , I love music ,sometimes I get down ,and a little lonely, but for the most part I'm usually happy My dream in life is to have a good job, and a beautiful wife and kid or kids who loves me ,and that would be faithful to me ,and that we would grow in the Lord together. Please contact me if ur interested.

Meet men and women from Alabama, United States. Laid back cool and collective very attentive and also lonely looking for a friend and maybe more but dont want to be took for granted so please only the serious need to contact me I really want something serious

Date a man from Alabama, United States. Hi , im a 31 year old man that is in a divorce. Im looking for a beautiful woman on the inside and out. She needs to be an honest person that dont play games. I also have three children and dont mind if you do either.

Meet people from Alabama, United States. I am looking for a Positive, just down to earth woman. Likes concerts, dinner and movies or just to stay around the house and take it easy some nights with friends! Just for her to be her all the time. No games or misleading!

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. I am a young business entrepreneur that loves sports, outdoors, traveling, working out, and meeting new people. I value spending time with my friends and family! I do value my religious beliefs and my health is very important to me as well. I love my job and spend most of my free time working out and playing golf. I also love the beach and love that I am this close to so many different beaches.
I am looking for a fun girl that is spontaneous, enjoys sports and outdoors. I am a social guy and would like a girl that can hang with me. I am new to the Daphne area and would appreciate someone showing me around a little. I also do not mind sitting at home watching a movie occasionally and being lazy.
I am not very good at writing these things so please ask if there is anything you want to know and this is my first attempt at online dating so go easy on me!

Meet a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I am a fun and energetic person who loves spending time outside and watching college football. I am looking for someone who also likes to have fun, that is nice and kind hearted. I am definately looking for someone that I can connect with on a personal level.

Date single man from United States. Hi! Whats up?! And welcome to my page. Let's see....introduction: mostly, you'll find that I'm a very well rounded guy. I'm very blessed in all areas of my life and I've worked hard to get where I am. That being said, the only thing I feel that's missing is a partner to share the fun with. Vocationally, I'm a purchasing agent for an international construction company. Avocationally, I'm the "quarterback" on a competitive, traveling Division 2 rugby team here in B'ham. I train, run, and workout often. Eating healthy is also important to me but there's always room to cheat. I enjoy playing my drums and guitar. I also play the piano but only a little. I love my job/career and it shows. I also love my black cat, Moonshine, who is full of personality. I'm well educated as I just finished a masters in engineering, very athletic, big hearted, funny, musically inclined, very trustworthy, ambitious, loyal, open, passionate, ridiculous, sentimental, artistic, and romantic if i see fit. So that's the nut-shell. If you'd like to know more.....just hit me up.
As for what Im on the prowl for: I'm looking for someone emotionally stable, artistic, athletic, funny, loyal, nurturing, and intelligent. Someone who sees me in a crowded room. Not being cocky at all but I feel I have a lot to offer and so I feel I deserve the same. So thanks for playing!! And happy hunting everybody. :)

Meet men and women from United States. I am intelligent, handsome, and easy to be around. I am often described as charming and funny. I enjoy meeting new people and trying new things. I think you will be pleased. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Date a man from United States. What to say, what to say! I guess I will say I am the most unique person you will ever meet. Who doesn’t say that right?
I am funny, witty, educated, hopeless romantic, typical manly man (without the sports, I am a thinker for a living…can’t grasp throwing a ball or hitting a ball and then chasing after it), adventurous, procrastinator, family oriented, caring to a fault….typical smart butt! I am outgoing yet shy at the same time.
Now that you know all about me, I will tell you the good stuff.
I am single father of three girls. I have puppy (roscoe, he is my Maltese - poodle mix). I was implanted to AL about 6 years back for a business opportunity and it’s been a roller coaster ride since. I have to say, I am glad the lord brought me here. I have learned a lot, grown a lot, and made some darn good friends!
I am a board member at my church, but I am not a self-proclaimed Christian. I struggle and strive for something greater every day.
I work out regularly, but I don’t have nor want to have a six pack. I work out to bulk up and stay strong, not fit and trim. I am about 250Lbs and 6’ tall.
I don’t typically plan anything out. I enjoy being spontaneous and just jumping in the car and just driving with no destination in site or booking a flight last minute for a weekend getaway. As my best friend would say “I live in 15 minute increments.”
I would guess the most important part to all of this is…..I am financially stable and have good credit! LOL…So I am not looking for a sugar momma or to use you for money. I have my own to micro-manage.
:) Hope to hear from you soon.

Meet people from United States. Its hard to describe myself as others know me better than i know my self. I enjoy helping others and making people laugh even if its at my expense, i dont mind making fun of my self. lol I sometimes believe my past has ruined me, ive been cheated on and lied to... which is why i got a divorce. I have never cheated on anyone nor do i wish it upon anyone. I do like my space at times, but i also want to know that someone cares about me and shows it. Im attempting to quit smoking and im gonna be successful this time but a supportive woman would be nice. Im always determined to solve problems. I dont like drama and the people who create it. Im independent. i have my own home and vehicles. no roommates. I do go out from time to time as being bored and alone at home gets old. I do like to relax at home and have a chill night with the right woman.I have very few good friends, but i have many friends that i probably wouldnt rely on though. Im a loyal and honest person who would like to find a good woman that has a great personality in my eyes.
What i would like in a woman varies, as attraction does matter, its not everything. Attraction to me can also be obtained by personality. I would like to meet a woman that cares for her family and friends and will do most anything for them. A woman that has goals that she has already met or is still persuing is a plus.. ie college or career. A more settled down woman is good and that likes to get out every once in a while for dinner and drinks is also good. High maintenance women are not usually my type, but the every now and then pampering is cool. I would like a woman that treats me just as good as i will treat her!

Date someone special from United States. I dont have any particulars right now. I will know it when I see it.But a sense of humor is nice and I do love brunettes.I'm 31 yrs old and would really like to be in a long term relationship with someone amazing.

Meet a soulmate from United States. Update: Turns out, I didn't really use my subscription at all, because...I don't know why. Almost no communication with anyone, even "legit contenders," as it were. Obviously, I'm doin' it wrong, so I'm going to hiatus until I know why. If you are still interested then, congrats, you just read the earliest preemptive it's-not-you-it's-me in history. I'll be back later though, perhaps.
So I wrote this entire thing in spurts over a period of like an hour or two, and then when I tried to save it, I got a message saying I'd been logged out and no save. All deleted. Awesome. Thanks, match! So what you're reading now is basically the same, as well as I can recall it, except since I'm having to do it over again, I'll need you to pretend it's about 15-20% wittier, more earnest-sounding, and more coherent. Thank you.
First, let's stretch out and get comfortable in this nice 4000 character space. Who knew 250 characters could feel so limiting?* Ah, yes. Much better.
Laid-back. Chill. Content. These are all terms that do not describe me (though one in particular seems to describe about 75% of you). I need to be doing something, anything at all, most of the time or I get sort of antsy. I admit I was nervous about turning 30, but now that I have, I realize I'm still way too young to be chained to a desk 8-5/M-F. I'm the type of person who needs the kind of opportunities for diverse experiences that I've never felt I could get at any of the type of desk job I've worked.
And I guess that's what brings me here. I'm looking for some new opportunities socially. I have some really great friends and we have some really great times, but I'm ready to branch out of my current social circle some, and I'd like to do things I don't do often or at all right now.
I'd like to spend more time outdoors. I especially miss whitewater kayaking, which I love but haven't done in several years. (By the way, this would make a pretty fun date, whether or not you've done it before.) I'd like to do a bit more traveling; to explore new places with someone who isn't a close relative or the guy who's been my best friend since we 5. I want to read books and watch films and hear music that I might not otherwise read or watch or hear without the shared experience. But I also want someone with whom I can still hang with old friends and have a few drinks in the old not-so-new-and-exciting places. Sometimes, I'd like to be able to just veg on the sofa (okay, I don't have to be DOING something ALL the time). I DON'T want to watch your favorite vapid reality TV programs, but if you're cool enough, I'll do it anyway.
Who I'm looking for, then, is someone who can challenge me in some way, be it socially, intellectually, or just through new experiences or ideas. Hopefully, I can do the same for you. And obviously we should probably have some stuff in common already. The precise similarities and differences aren't important. For example, I love to cook, which is why I'm doing it for a living now, so it would be fun to cook together. On the other hand, I find it kind of sexy when a woman is completely incompetent in the kitchen.
So, if you think we're a lot alike or a lot different, hit me up or whatever.
*A really verbose guy who likes to type a lot.

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