Date men and women from United States / Alabama, 56 year old

Date a man from Alabama, United States. A man who has deep love for life. A huge appreciation of where life has led me. I live my life with great confidence as to who I am and what I am. What u see, is what u get.
Looking to share fun days and wonderful nights with a great woman. You in?

Meet men and women from Alabama, United States. HELLO, WELCOME TO MY PROFILE!!! COME IN AND MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME!! You are safe here. There is nothing to fear!!
Yes I am a man strong and masculine but one that believes that Chivalry is not dead. This Knight pledges to ride down and defend Women ,children and small animals, as long as they don't bite. No caveman here.
I walk upright, I don't grunt or speak only in 4 letter words, at least not very often. Communication between humans beings can be challenging. So my feelings are (as always] It is Best to be Honest and Sincere. As a small child I was taught this.My Father was a very good role model. I learned through him, IF you tell the Truth, then people will believe in you, and your words will have substance. There are times when it is wise to be tactful. If the female in your live asks," Do I look fat?? Those are the Danger questions. Joking aside it is best to be honest.
SO Here Goes..If you measure and value a man according to his body size and annual income. Then I am not the one for you!!! IF so I hope that when you find your tall and wealthy man, he also posses the character and qualities it takes to make a relationship Fulfilling, Lasting and Loving.
I am not tall but if you meet me, you will see I make up for it with Spirit and Substance. What I have to offer goes beyond material wealth. Do you want a man that is emotionally available? One that is Open, Receptive, Trusting, Likes to communicate? Understanding and Forgiveness are Vital in a a relationship, since None of us are perfect. I am not afraid of emotional storms. I know often after storms comes sunshine and rainbows. I don't run when times get difficult. Iam Never a no-show, but reliable, dependable and in a relationship, Always faithful!!
Then let me introduce myself. As my name implies, I am Suncat [not crazy kat] a sunshine guy, lighthearted, knows how to laugh and enjoy life.I've travelled the World but Iam happy with my place in the Sun enjoying the warm company of a Special Female. It doesn't take much to make me Purr. For me age is just a number. I look 40's and more energetic than many men 15 and 20 years younger. My photos are less than a year old, unless labeled. I have never been photogenic. I promise real life is much better. If you would like to meet a man that is real, genuine, fun loving ,musical who posses a Loving Heart...Then drop me a line!!

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. Warmth, Kindness, Wisdom, Humor, Creativity, and Adventurous Sensuality. First and foremost, I want to have some fun and laugh and see how things unfold.
I write fiction and political commentary, still perform occasionally, maintain my daily online blog with over 11,000 members, and run my own business. I am very politically engaged and progressive (borderline radical at times). I live on a woodsy hill outside Auburn in a home full of quirk and antiques. It is also home for my menagerie which, currently, consists of two dogs (a Great Pyrenees and a mutt) and two cats (a Maine Coon and a big bruiser tomcat).
Most of all, I love the arts, particularly film and music – and have high standards for both. I like the full gamut from highbrow to lowbrow, as long as it is good at what it’s meant to be.
I have an encyclopedic knowledge of film and cinema, going back to the Silent Era. In fact, my business (with a partner still in L.A.) is acquiring rare, hard-to-find movies (mostly older films and arthouse stuff) primarily for studio and production clientele within the industry. I have over 14,000 movies in my private collection.
I am a military veteran, though most folks are surprised when I tell them. I also spent a good chunk of my early years playing music in a rootsy pop, blues, rockabilly, and country vein, though my musical tastes are vast. I love Pete Seeger and get chills listening to Luciano Pavarotti sing Nessun Dorma. I love Elvis and I love Tom Jones. I am a damn good singer but in my next life I want to sing like Etta James.
I was raised in Texas and Oklahoma. I’ve lived in New Mexico, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts – and Los Angeles (for almost twenty years). Now it’s Alabama.
My favorite places of those I’ve visited are Vermont, Savannah GA, New Mexico, the Texas Hill Country, all of England, Ireland, and the Isle of Mull in Scotland.
Dontc let all this overwhelm you. I am most interested in taking it a day at a time with someone else who likes it that way – while laughing ourselves silly along the way.

Meet a soulmate from Alabama, United States. Just caring, truthful,an honest. Also a good sense of humor
Easy going,life is complicated enough..
looking for fun friends ...friends with benefits a real plus. ;)
Enjoy riding motorcycle. Bike rallies, BBQ an beers.

Date people from Alabama, United States. I am used to listening to people and not talking much about myself. I am a people person and like to help others. I would love to have someone I could talk with and share things with. I'm really looking for a good friend. I listen without condemning and provide a shoulder to cry on. I've been a counselor for years and it's just a part of who I am. People usually notice my sense of humor (which can be dry at times) and that I genuinely care about people. I spend a lot of time thinking about what really matters in life and how we pursue things that are of no value. I don't do the party scene and usually spend my time with family.

Meet single man from Alabama, United States. I grew up in Birmingham thinking I would venture all over the world and come settle back here again in old age. Well, I ventured but the immensity of world awaits! I am most thankful now, that for five years having to move away for work, glad to be back for the past couple years as my father ages and my kids 19 and 13 continue to amaze me. Could just be a perfect time for an incredible surprise of finding that one very special relationship!
I work holding a regular job by day, while also pursuing the opportunity of growing a small business promoting, of all things, a new pecan based food product. Between the two I don't have as much time to travel as I would like, but I still love spontaneous adventures like road trips, and weekends exploring different cities as we promote my side biz, enjoying the challenge and excitement of success can be once in a lifetime experiences too!
I would describe myself as kind, funny, patient, supportive, and generous. I've learned enough from my mistakes to understand how to value the wonderful gifts that very special people (my family, friends, and relationships) have been to me. I have a strong relationship in Jesus Christ and believe a couple that will both pray together, will have much more strength when life creeps in and throws you a curve ball. This is not to say we can't have fun, I think you have to, to stay alive!! Most of all I want a relationship that's a team ... where we each experience life with our one very special partner, friend, confidant, lover, and all around mutual mischief maker in every day life.
So until then, I'm looking forward to meeting you and starting our journey.

Date a man from United States. So here I am!.... In a time and place that I really did not expect to be,but such is life. So let's get on with living it. I guess we are all here for the same reason,to find something we don't already have,to discover someone special. For me that special person is a kind, honest lady,one who appreciates life and knows the One who created it. She loves His creation and is excited about exploring it She loves her family and honours her parents. She knows the meaning of friendship and can be trusted. She wants to be loved and respected in all circumstances and will give the same in abundances. Did I mention that she is excepting of herself and others for who they are,she understands personal boundaries
I believe we are to meet life head on but I don't think we should be alone.
I consider myself to be a solid kinda guy,I hold honor and integrity high on my list of need to be. I have a Christian world view, I'm a Christ follower. I believe everyone has a right to life,so I'm Pro-life. Recently I attended the March 2012 “Outback America” weekend with my seventeen year old son. On the last day we were given letters that those closest to us had written.“you are a warrior, an over comer, an inspiration to are a man of conviction,discernment and courage.” I was honored by their comments.
After twenty one years of marriage,followed by my wife's death on 3-1-11 I have found that One of my highest callings is to be the Father of my son ,he is a young man that I am very proud of.
I have a peaceful existence without drama,deceit ,drunks or drug attics and I plan to keep that way ...just my choice.
I see our world changing rapidly,I know God is in control and His plan is being revealed, we need to prepare in our Body soul and spirit for the future. How wonderful it would be able to share the future with that special person!
I'm not in to the "normal" stuff ....I don't do NASCAR,College Football or Deer Hunt. I do enjoy Horsepower(Valkyrie Motorcycle) and burning gunpowder at the range and Saltwater fishing.Politically I could care less about the Republicats(R&D).If you voted for and support Barack Hussein Obama we will be polar opposites. I am Independent, believer in the life ,liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. Freedom & the right to bear Arms go hand in hand,
I watch GBTV,Hal Lindsey Report. and listen to "The Savage Nation" most days.
I guess that is enough said...
Thank you for viewing my profile !

Meet men and women from United States. I'm an easy going hard working man who is tired of being along. I'm looking for that special girl who likes to go out to dinner and have fun and maybe go to the casino with me. I work out of state mainly Louisiana and Arkansas.

Date someone special from United States. I've never been one to toot my own horn, but here goes: I was in the Navy for 9 years and worked for the Postal Service for 26 years. I've travelled far and wide (completely around the planet) courtesy of the Navy. I'm not "degreed"; one year of college and courses from three others. I'm not politically correct and I don't follow the "herd". I guess I would be described as conservative, but have a few liberal views. I am financially, mentally and emotionally stable. I own (paid for) my home in the country (4 miles north of Wetumpka).
I'm a movie buff and I will watch a "chick flick" with you. I absolutely love classic rock music (60s, 70s), like some country, blue grass and even some classical; however I abhor rap-hiphop. I love to sing, "play" at playing guitar, laugh at jokes (clean or dirty). Other things I love include: motorcycles, old trucks and cars, slow dancing, kissing, touching, cotton on my skin, shorts in the summer, boots and jeans in the winter, Crimson Tide football (if you're an AU fan I won't hold that against you), ice cold beer, cooking on the grill, good restaurants and did I mention kissing? I'm a fairly good artist and like to do impressions (people and animals).
I've been described as ruggedly handsome, so if you're looking for a "pretty boy" you might want to pass me up. When I have to I look pretty good in a suit. I don't wear baggy pants, shorts or "bling" and on the rare occasion that I wear a ball cap it's not backward.
I'm looking for an attractive woman who's grounded, can be silly at times (like me), honest, compassionate, sincere, romantic and dare I say, sexy? I'm not looking for: drug abusers (illegal or prescription), drama, fussing, fighting, short fuses or getting mad at the drop of a hat.
Well, that's the condensed version of me. If you like the way I "tooted" my horn, please respond; if not, good luck in your search.

Meet a soulmate from United States. This is a great time in my life and I would like to find someone that would be interested in sharing it with me. I consider myself a pretty "normal" person. I enjoy the simple things in life. I've been blessed with two great kids, an interesting career and a loving family. I believe it's important for people to have common interests and values in their relationship. Whoever said opposites attract didn't know what they were talking about. I consider myself a warm and affectionate person (hand holding, hugs, ect) and would like to find someone that feels the same way. My kids mean everything to me and I'm very proud of them but I am looking forward to meeting someone to be a friend first and if something happens from happens.

Date people from United States. I embrace what is considered "old school values". God-fearing,yes ma'm, no sir,watch your language and open- the- door- for- others. I'm looking for an intelligent, grounded, attractive woman with a good sense of humor for a friendship that can possibly develop into something more. By grounded I mean logical, honest and compassionate with priorities in place, among other traits. My friends describe me with the same terms( without the attractive woman part!). I have little patience with stupidy, be it political, social, religious or my own. I like to laugh and share laughter with someone special.

Meet single man from United States. I'm a guy who has a positive attitude towards life (the cup is always half full). I work very hard to stay fit and healthy. I consider myself to be a gentleman.
I believe in developing a relationship slowly. I think most of us who have been through divorce would agree the probable reason the marriage did not work was because we didn’t take the time to get to know the “real” person we were marrying. I believe an initial chemistry is necessary followed by the “get to know phase.”
I have three children, a daughter (23) and two sons (21 and 20). All three are in college. I have great relationships with my children. Although they are at the age where they are striving to spread their wings, and consequently don’t have much time for dad, I am here for the times they do need me.
My career is in teacher education. I’ve taught on both the high school and college levels over a span of 28 years. I’m currently serving as an academic administrator at a regional university in northeast Alabama.
About you… I am attracted to a woman who has an essence about her. She is an independent woman, but is insightful enough to know she cannot do everything alone. She cares about the way she looks, but isn’t compulsive about it. I am attracted to someone who works to stay healthy and in shape; yet she doesn’t have to have a perfect body, because none of us do.
I suppose that is enough for now. If you feel we might “click,” I hope you’ll take a moment to write.

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