Date men and women from United States / Alabama, 81 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I am a true romantic at heart. Words to best describe me would be Honest, trustworthy, loving and caring, sensual, funny, upscale, giving, passionate, kind, intelligent and articulate who carries a heart filled with love and likes to volunteer his time when available help those not as fortunate or to do things to help people see the beauty in themselves the world they live in. My two favorite motto: "Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond." "Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life."I also enjoy the outdoors, hanging out and meeting with friends, i love to decorate and read poetry, cooking, exhibitions, sports, horseback riding, going to shopping events... I am also an optimistic arts lover looking and ready for companionship and fun. I love people and animals (dogs especially), quiet times and social times, dinners in and out, long walks, swimming, bike rides, hiking, canoeing, platooning, nature, movies, theater, traveling, music and art. I Would enjoy meeting someone with similar values and interests. It's so much easier when 2 people are similar - and so much more fun when things are easy. Stability is key as well as honesty and kindness. I really think a down to earth person who is straightforward and has common sense would work the best. I really enjoy people who have integrity and face up to whatever is happening, rather than those who don't. What you see is what you get with me and I need that kind of person to be happy. Trust is such a treasure and once its gone it seems almost impossible to retrieve it. Life is an endlessly fascinating adventure for me and it would be so sensational to meet someone with a similar outlook. There is so much to learn and there seems to be infinite opportunities to continue learning. A sense of humor is a must! My favorite thing to do is laugh! Life is short! Love is all that i want to give to that special woman.

Meet a woman from Alabama, United States. I am a 'retired 'senior'. I find, when looking toward the future, it is a "couples" world. That's 2! I'd like to SHARE the future with someone.I'm not looking for a husband, at this point, just a "buddy" .. if not in person, in e-mails. A pen pal, if you will.
I don't like being alone. I have a 7 lb. Shih Tzu (dog) and a Chihuahua. Muffin & Molly provide a lot of company. They do not care if I wear make up-or if my hair is 'perfect'-if my size 10 is up 5 lbs or down. They love "me"!
Now that's true love. A companion like that would be super! ;-)
I do not date anyone outside of my race and I do not date men in their 60s.
I call both Huntsville and Atlanta home...or "Marietta". They say You 'can't go back', but my plans are to move
back to the Greater Atlanta area in the very near future. I love Huntsville, but do consider Atlanta 'home'.
I would like to meet someone with whom I can go out to lunch or dinner, or out for coffee or for a glass of wine or better
yet to church or a ball game. Maybe, just someone to chat with on the phone when it's convenient ...
Know what I mean? Just someone, as the 'kids' say: "to hang out with" and if that works..who knows where the path may lead? ;-)

Date people from Alabama, United States. what im looking for in a partner is love no drinking no smoking and anything bad never went to jail never hurt some one im looking for a man who cares about family who loves and keeps never fights has a nice job has me i hope one day yall fell the same way if anyone thinks they could love think in the days at 18 you could get married im aslo lookink for some one whoes always happy

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. Pictures--4 of them were taken Sept.17th. and 18th. this year. The one of me in yellow, the head shot, with the radishes from my garden and the one of me contra dancing. The one with my Great grand children is 6 mo. old and the last in several years old at my parents 60th. wedding anniv. party. What you see is me.
I have lived in Nebr. Iowa, Ark.Texas, and now in Alabama. I'm here to be close to family. They are great to be with and help me when I need help but they have lives of their own and I try not to take up to much of their time.
I took care of my husband and my mother until she passed away at 98.
Both my parents lived into their 90's as did several of their siblings so I'm looking forward to living to be 100' Hopefully
in my own home. I don't like living alone it's lonesome especially evenings. I need someone to share the good things with that are still out there.
I'd like a kind, considerate person to share life with. Travel, dance, share the Lord's blessings. I'd love to take a cruse to Alaska.
I'm grateful to my Lord for keeping me well and safe.and all the Blessings he bestows on me. He has blessed me with
Very good health, I haven't even had a cold in the past 4 years.
I'm active and like to be with people, travel, go out to eat, have a good time. Love to cook and bake and having someone to eat it with, I'm a wild life artist. Retired as an interior decorator when we moved to Texas because we were to far from a big city, but I loved it and did well in Sioux City and Little Rock.
My closest friend would say I don't look or ACT my age. I have to stay busy and involved, don't want to vegetate..
A relationship would have to be give and take, considerate of each other, sharing time with each other. I want to remain active, and grow old gracefully (when that time comes).
We had a Motor Home and I drove it. took my turn at parking it. We had a boat that I backed down the ramp to launch it. Haven't water skied in a long time but love it.
I hate the direction that our country is going. This country was founded on the principle ONE NATION UNDER GOD..We need to put God back in all our lives