Date men and women from United States / Alabama, 31 year old

Date single man from Alabama, United States. First off, I will be honest and say that I can be very a sense of humor is a must! I am a fun loving guy that enjoys life. I like doing things such as hanging with friends, going to movies, listening to live music, camping, nature trails, spending time with my dogs and I love trying new things. I honestly don't do well in a bar scene, but I will go with friends now and then and enjoy myself. I just don't like doing it all that often. I enjoy doing things I have never done before....such as a while back, I decided to go skydiving (I highly recommend it). I am told I have a great personality and I really enjoy making people laugh. The way this life is, you gotta let loose and just laugh sometimes. However, I do know how and when to be serious. I can be a little shy at first, but I promise you it doesn't take long for me to warm up. I like animals, especially dogs. My dogs are truly my best friends.....actually they are like my kids. I have a Border Collie named Enzo. My other dog, Ace had to be put down in March thanks to an unfortunate event. That day, I lost a part of my soul and it is something I won't soon get over. I also have a Ball Python named Eleanor, a Carpet Python named Athena and a Beta Fish named Chuck Norris HA! I used to be afraid of snakes but Im the kinda guy who likes to face his fears, hence the two pythons. I spend a lot of time volunteering with my local animal shelter and am heavily involved with animal if you don't like animals or have no regard for their well-being, then we wont get along (no I am not an extremist nor a vegetarian). I just started a new adventure in fitness...spin class! Stop laughing! Seriously, it is one heck of a workout and pretty darn enjoyable. I am in school to work toward a degree in veterinary medicine, so you will have to understand the time this will take from my schedule over the next several years....but hey, I can still make time for the right one : )
So, enough about me. My ideal match......lets see, I like a girl that is honest. I mean, "honest to a fault" isn't necessarily a bad thing. It sure beats getting lied to. She must be confident in who she is. MUST LOVE ANIMALS! I don't have kids and don't want to raise someone else's at this point in life. Understand that I cant say I never want kids, just don't want them right now. I kind of like a girl who is somewhat old fashioned. I'm talking like, doesn't get mad when I hold a door open for her. I think you should be treated like a lady. Everybody is different so its hard to know who your ideal match may be. I just want somebody I can talk to, spend time with and never be bored. Oh, and a girl with 1 or 2 tasteful tattoos....HOT! (not mandatory)
I have recently taken up photography as a hobby, so a nice photography outing would be a fun date. Wanna walk on the wild side with me? I want to go rattlesnake hunting! Pictures only! No senseless killing of God's creatures.
3 things about my ideal match that I would like to make very clear from the start:
1. She must not be married! Theoretically, this should go unspoken, but yes it has happened. This is NOT something that should wait to be disclosed on the first date. A girl that is married, even if going through a divorce is still married. Sorry but I have morals.
2. I can not/will not/refuse to deal with an alcoholic. No it doesn't impress me that you can hold 12 Budweisers and a fifth of Vodka before puking and morphing into an alter ego. Social drinking is absolutely fine.
3. I will not tolerate a smoker....period
**Dont bother messaging me if your profile is blank and lacking info. I hate when people go "well I really dont want to talk about myself, so if you wanna know something just ask". This is a dating site. You are supposed to talk about yourself....this is how we get to know each other. ALZO, IF U TYPIN LIKE DIZ, DONT EVN BOTHER MESGN ME. Education is hot

Meet a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I'm a fun loving playful sarcastic kinda guy. I love to cut up and joke around. I'm just looking for someone who is laid back like myself. I'm kinda quiet at first until I get warmed up around a person. I'm very loyal and honest with whomever I'm with and I expect the same from that person.

Date a man from Alabama, United States. Ok so I feel like I should put a little more into this.
I am Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technician in the Army. That’s a fancy way of saying bomb squad. I love, and am pretty successful at it which is why I have to position I now have here in Huntsville. I don’t want to discuss my job to much here but would be happy to in another format.
As for me, I will say I am a bit introverted but by no means shy. I just don’t have the ability for random small talk though I can talk for hours about interesting things. So it takes a little time for me to make friends but the ones I have I am loyal to the end. I believe my use of sarcasm has been taken to a high art form and I can find humor in almost anything. I also believe there is a song and movie quote for every situation. I live a completely stress free life because I don’t take unimportant parts of life to seriously. I have interests all over the place. I get excited about geeky things sometimes and spend a lot of free time learning more about anything that peaks my interest. I enjoy being outdoors riding my quads and my motorcycle. I am also taking steps to get into competitive shooting. For the most part though I just like to hang out. I know that is not super exciting to some people but I can entertain myself with almost anything. I do play video games, which I know some people don’t like. I also like just relaxing watching movies or TV. I don’t really watch TV itself, but I enjoy watching entire seasons of shows that I like. Usually the TV is on news or random background programs. I also do a lot of reading and take my kindle with me everywhere. My favorite relaxation is a nice cigar. I am not a gym rat but I own a lot of my own equipment so I try and stay in shape. I have traveled a lot though it has always been for work. I have quite a list of countries that I have gotten the opportunity to visit, though I am always glad to come back to America. I guess that’s what I have for now. It’s not very easy to sell yourself but it’s an attempt.
I am on here because I would like to meet someone who has a similar outlook on life and is kind of carefree if that’s not too cliche, someone who likes to laugh and have fun. Beyond that I just like to take things as they come.
I am sure I have left things out and am much better live, but if there is anything else you would like to know just ask.

Meet men and women from Alabama, United States. How's it going my name is John.
I have worked hard for all I have and it has come to the point of
"what is it all for if I don't have someone to share it with". I work
a lot and a good majority of my friends are happily in relationships,
engaged, married. It has been challenging to find friends to join me
out when I am available. I want a reason to come home and someone who
enjoys my company, who comes from a good family.
The most important moments so far in your life... were you alone? I'm
going to say, "no." Life's better with company, and that is what I am
looking for. I am looking for someone who knows what living a healthy
lifestyle brings you and a perfect balance in life.
I was born in Southern Florida; I have leisured a lot in New England; raised in
North Central Alabama; educated in Central Georgia. I never stop
learning and never stop progressing in thinking. There have been many,
many times when I've been frustrated because I can't figure out
something, but I've come to realize that the only way to understand
something is to keep it at -- despite the long hours, despite the
exhaustion, despite the mocking. I might not make it to the top, but
if I'm doing what I love, there is much more happiness there than
being rich or famous.
I love life and don't believe it is worth it to dwell on little
things. I like to have fun: I love to dance but have no rhythm. I like
to sing karaoke but I can’t carry a tune.
I haven’t got a laundry list of requirements. However, if you are
someone who has a curiosity about the world, and a joyful passion for
life, one who shows humor and integrity, I would love to hear from
you. I know that people that let their soul shine are the most
interesting to talk to, and if you feel that you are one of these
people, please send me a message; I would love to get to know you.
Anything that happened before we knew each other is slightly
mysterious. It's only the present we can know. And a conversation in
the present is given shape by the lifetime of events and ideas that
preceded it. There's no need to go fishing for the past; it will make
itself known.
So go ahead and send me a wink or message with a question simple
question and we can go from there.

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. I must admit, I never thought I would be a part of a site quite like this, (funny how almost everyone says this) but, being 30, and having a career that requires much of my focus and time, has made it that much more difficult in finding the right person. The bar scene has gotten extremely old, and when I do get out, it seems that I don't see as many familiar faces and its becoming much more difficult to get a group of friends together on a given night. It goes without saying that I certainly miss the care-free days of college as well as the subsequent years in which there were many more single friends, and less demands stemming from work. It would be wrong to say that its all bad though, because now that I'm a bit older, I feel I have a much clearer understanding of who I am, and more importantly, who I am looking for. I've always been described as a bit mischievous, even to the point that people say I've always up to something. At the same time, through wit and a pretty immense sense of humor, I've been able to get along with about anyone, and most would describe me as easy to be around (at least I hope so). More than anything, I try to not take myself too seriously. It seems that being able to laugh at yourself is a must these days, as people seem to take themselves way too serious. One thing I really can't stand are arrogant guys that have WAY too much confidence. Nothing wrong with being confident, but if you are after the kind of guy that applies a wad of hair gel and spends more than a minute on his cookie cutter outfit that places way too much emphasis on how cute his butt looks, then I'm not what you are looking for. Again, I'm all for looking nice, but this whole metro-sexual movement has got to go. It has always been my opinion that men are not suppose to look "cute" or "pretty". How many times have you sat at the beach and thought to yourself, "wow, he really looks good in that speedo. Sure wish he would come sit on my towel"?
Anyway, back to more relevant subject matter that doesn't make my blood pressure rise, I'd say that up to the past few years of my life, it would be an understatement to say that there is never a dull moment, but, with age, I've noticed that I don't fall in quite as many traps or put myself in nearly as many precarious situations. I'm starting to see my faith deepen, and through this I've found solace in the fact that the circumstances of my life are simply adhering to a much larger plan. I know that the right person is out there, and that God has the ultimate say as to when I will find her.

Meet people from Alabama, United States. A loving and caring person that is truly genuine that likes to have a good time but serious when need be I would treat a girl with respect and also like a girl that has goals in life also a big family person that would like to have kids with eventualy and to grow old with.

Date single man from United States. I am a kind sweet guy that love to have fun with someone looking for the same in someone else so if that you please let me kno in see what it go from there god is good i wont too meet you in have some fun in life

Meet a soulmate from United States. Hi! I was never any good at answering essay questions, but here goes:
My name is Aaron and I thought this would be a good place to meet some new people around my area. I am divorced and have two boys that are awesome! I like to do all kinds of.things from hanging out with friends, going for long walks, riding bikes, playing on the beach or going hiking. I like to travel and one day hope to get to see more of what this world has to offer.
I'm looking for someone to get to know and hang out with and just see what happens. Maybe even find that special someone... :)
I'm an open book, if you want to know anything else, email me.

Date a man from United States. Hi im j im a strong believer in god very motivated and hope to meet that special one.Ihave been through alot in my life and overcame every obstacle thrown my way I am a very fun guy to kick it with and very passionate person.

Meet men and women from United States. I grew up in Cullman and joined the Air Force straight out of High School. I moved back to Alabama about 9 months ago to be close to family. Really needed to be around family for a while. I've been gone for over 12 years. I've been a lot of places and been through a lot of tough things.I'm a pretty laid back kind of guy. The hardest decision I have most days is what to do to keep me occupied. I am currently going through a divorce after being married for over 9 years. I've been hurt way too many times and don't like playing games .I'm just as happy outside fishing as I am just sitting on the couch watching TV. I really just need someone to enjoy life with.

Date someone special from United States. I am 31, I am a caring good hearted person who will do anything to help someone else.. I am looking for that special person that I can give my heart too, and spend my life with. I live in jasper Alabama I have 2 wonderful children, i like anything outdoors, I enjoy hanging out with friends. I am kinda a clean freak but not in a crazy OCD way, I like watching football, and playing softball and anything else u want to no just ask and I will be glad to share

Meet people from United States. I am a fun, very energtic guy that likes to laugh and enjoy a good time out with friends. I am fiercely loyal to my friends and will do anything for them. I like a mixture of weight lifting and running (nothing fixes a bad day like a good workout!).
That about sums me up in writing.

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