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Date someone special from Alabama, United States. OK, now what do we do? I suppose I could write the standard lines of my likes and dislikes but I like to think I'm no different than most other people. I believe most of us in our age group have been around enough times to know what we enjoy and in which areas we are willing to compromise. I believe being in a relationship where there is complete understanding and confidence is a wonderful thing. Is anything perfect?, no but there can be an understanding between two people who desire the same thing and have the respect for each other to make it work.
I believe relationships are built on compassion, compromise and communication.
I'm somewhat new to area. Tall slender build. Enjoy traveling, exploring new areas. Honesty and sincerety are trademarks. Self secure and enjoys life.
Enjoy a relationship where each person is confident and comfortable with each other. Enjoy laughter and can laugh at myself.
I don't enjoy trying to describe my likes and dislikes nor trying to describe myself through this medium. I don't like talking on the phone unless I have to. I do not text. I do not use social networks. I still like looking at the person I'm having a conversation with. Call me old fashioned in that respect.
I believe you can discover a lot more by looking into someones eyes.

Meet people from Alabama, United States. Hi. My name is sammadal. I will tell you my real name late. I am a single 59 year old Christian male looking for a female with similar interests. My match must be a strong Christian and be involved in her church. My faith in God and Jesus is very important to me. I like to go to movies, museums, see plays, do volunteer work, and attend concerts. I will listen to just about any kind of music except heavy metal or rap. I grew up in Sheffield, AL and I lived in Huntsville, AL for a long time but I now live in Madison, AL. Both my parents are deceased. I have no brothers or sisters. I have never been married and I have no kids. I volunteer at my church and in the community as well. For example I have volunteered at the Burritt Museum, the Early Works Museum, and CASA. I would like to meet a Christian female near Madison with similar interests.

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. Looking for someone to share My life will have fun Do things with Hang out Someone that doesn't mind showing affection someone down to earth who can make me laugh and I can make her laugh inconsiderate of others and does not mind sharing how are the motions who loves to talk and have a conversation

Meet men and women from Alabama, United States. Let's just tell it as it is. I’m 60. Not your average 60-year-old man. I own my business. Have control of my schedule to a large extent. Been married twice. First one ended in divorce. From that marriage I have 33-year-old son. He lives in Portland Or. He’s a chief at a good downtown restaurant. Went five years as a single parent of my son. Meet second wife because of business. Had a whirl wind courtship, I’ll bet we didn’t really see each other in the flesh for more that 3 weeks. It was love at first sight we were married 21 years. We have a daughter Maggie she’s 18 going off to college in August. Elaine died at 51 from breast cancer two years ago. We had a good life together. Meet a woman on here on Match were together for 17 months. She ended that relationship but we had some wonderful times
It’s time to move on
Lived in Mountain Brook since 1961. Never fit in I’m just not a Mt. Brook guy.
I’m putting the house in Mt Book for sale. Thinking of moving to a loft in downtown.
Been a parent 33 years. Sort of been there done that. Don’t think I’d have any trouble with kid’s people my age would have.
Always wanted to be a painter. I’m the person you see in the pictures. I’m about art, feelings and enjoying life. I'm right-brained kind of guy.
Looking for long-term relationship. Love to travel. My hobby is racing cars. Hate golf, don’t really care about sports Sex is important. I love the thought of being with someone I know and love and truly marking love. Love art, music haven’t turned on the TV in months. I’m happy being in my skin. Looking for someone a bit off center. Just want too enjoy life with someone on the same wavelength.
Looking for a friend, long-term lover to share life with. Someone who we'll enjoy being together what ever we’re doing, and miss each our when they other person is doing her thing.
I believe we each need our flow activity for me it’s driving my car well at the track.
As Warren Zeon said enjoy every sandwich

Date a man from Alabama, United States. I am successful, well educated (Advanced Degrees in Engineering), well respected in my professional life as an expert, affectionate, honest, faithful (one-woman man), sensual, sexual, varied interests, a DIY kind of guy, handy with tools, plumbing, electrical, computers, hardware, software, can cook, put the toilet seat down! No kids, divorced over 5 years ago. Live in my home ALONE with my two "girls" (my beautiful twin Golden Retrievers (dogs)) who I spoil.
TOYS: iPhone4/iPhone4s/iPad2/Kindle Fire
ENJOY boating, flying, photography, wood carving, woodworking, reading, playing guitar, traveling, quiet nights, fireplaces, jazz, golden retrievers, walking the beach,sunsets.
Enjoy books (listen to audiobooks alot), pictures (taking and looking, I have a small photo studio in my home, boating (only my Shami Sassi to share with right now), watching movies, PS3, flying (I'm a pilot), music (CDs, guitar/piano), RC helicopters, HD/Lowes, wood carving, woodworking..I'm a DIY type of guy, fix it or I call the expert. Toys. Gadgets. SMS/MMS. Water activities, camping, overnighting on the Lake, exploring. I take my beautiful twin Goldens, Shami Sassi, most places with me.
Whatever happens! Have a plan, but be open and flexible to be spontaneous! Slow dancing.. Very affectionate, touching, hugging, holding hands, PDA, the romantic things.
I want to look forward to coming home to my special woman! I work hard, sometimes travel. . Enjoy wine, margaritas, Mexican food, steak, crab legs, lobster, home cooking, sweet tea.
Eight suits and a tux. Levis. Comfortable in either one! Like to share, when the person is good. Go out of my way to help others. Like dogs, horses, birds, cats. Life is too short to not enjoy, to being honest,truthful, building memories, experiencing the little things! My life experiences are what formed me into who I am and what I like. We must be friends first, or else the rest of our relationship has a lousy foundation to build on!
Would love to meet a woman who is honest, loyal, affectionate, cheerful, smiles, likes outdoors, flexible, has her own hobbies, interests. We can share activities, but separate is ok too! Not jealous, as I am not. We both had a life before!

Meet single man from Alabama, United States. be straight with me and we'll get along ,thats no lying or telling partial truths. do not curse or raise cain when there is no reason, its better to talk about things that i or u might do to annoy or upset the other

Date someone special from United States. I am a have quick wit and get amused easily...if you see me smiling....I am amused....I feel blessed ....Take life one day at a time....I have strong faith in God....I admire my 2 children and have a good relationship with both....I am somewhat a social person.... a one on one person.....and kinda quiet....I love to travel to new places as well as the ones I have been to before...I like CollegeNFL to watch it....I like to fish.....I like the arts....especially live a concert goer....and of course the movies....I am simi-retired and a spur of the moment type person....and I can be a homebody...I keep my mind active....always willing to learn new things...
I am looking for a compatible with like interests.....a good communicator....a good sense of humor....someone that has the same spiritual beliefs as me......someone that believes that a good relationship must start slow....move forward and build a good foundation....

Meet people from United States. I am looking for someone to out for dinner or just for a cup of coffee and a piece of pie or cake. A person who enjoys good conversation and doesn't mind staying home playing a card game or a board game, like Monopoly.
I attend church as often as I can. I was a deacon, until my time ran out. I really enjoy Sunday School and have even taught my class on several occasions.

Date a soulmate from United States. fun, fishing outdoors and movies...long walks in the evening and playing the guitar and singing.
Flying, travel and overseas travel.
Love animals and like to watch them in the natural surroundings.
Love to ride horses and anything to do with farming.

Meet men and women from United States. A bit quiet at first,I'm an interesting guy to get to know.I've been with my employer for thirty four years- stable with strong work ethic for sure.I live on a small farm with horses and enjoy old cars.I'd love to own a1957 Chevy one day.I'm here to find a woman for not only friendship but a long term relationship.I'm a good listener and feel I've been blessed in my life.I believe in doing what you say-actions speek louder than words.I offer stability and a caring personality to a relationship.I'm not looking for just any typeof relationship. I desire to be with a woman who is honest and sincere.She loves to travel and being outdoors.Living on a farm, I hope she'd love animals as well ,especially horses,dogs and cats.I much prefer to see friendship blossom into more in person rather than online.Send me an email to show me your interested -but let's meet in person.I think we can get to know each other better that way.I look forward to hearing from you.

Date a man from United States. i am a man of god, he is first in my life,family, friends and others in due order. i have worked all of my adult life in mostly education at three levels. i enjoy and have coached sports. looking towards retirement, i don't want to be home alone.
looking for some one to share time, fun, travel, and most of all love.

Meet single man from United States. Mae West was married to the famous accordionist Guido Deiro. When Mae West was asked what was the attraction, she quickly explained, "He pushes all the right buttons." Need I say more?
As the Cat in the Hat would say,
A cap backwards, I would not wear.
Nor in a restaurant, if you care.
And goodness knows, I do not swear.
My shirt tucked in so my shorts never show.
As for earrings, piercings, or tatoos, just say no!
Question: What is worse than not being in a relationship?
Answer: Being in a bad relationship.
Questions to ask each other:
If you are such a great catch, why are you a divorcee?
What has been learned to help make your next relationship better?
What are you looking for in a relationship?
How will your next relationship be any different from your previous relationship?
How much of our dating perspective has been shaped by Hollywood?
Woman marries "Strong Silent Type." Marital Complaint: He never talks to me.
Man marries the "Dumb Blonde." Marital Complaint: She's so helpless.
Both got what they wanted. Neither wanted what they got.
If 50% of all marriages end in divorce, are the 50% who are still married happy?
How many profiles place the success of the relationship on the spouse?
It seems this approach to marriage destines it to failure:
1. Can you make me laugh? If I am unhappy then it is your fault.
2. Can you bring out the fun in me? That is your responsibility.
3. Can you be all things to me living up to all of my unrealistic expectations?
And remember, you have to make the relationship work because I am a passive participant in this relationship.
I read inconsistencies in many of these profiles. Other people write:
-I am a giving person but my marriage failed because I did not get enough.
-My glass is half full but I'm a cynic.
-I am a Christian but I am not tolerant of others.
-I want to live life to the fullest but I don't work out and I never strive to reach my potential..
-I like traveling, shopping, vacationing, fine dinning and I'm low maintenance..
-And the best: Let our professionals write your profile for you!
Then I wouldn't be getting to know you from your profile, I'd be getting to know the professional who wrote your profile. Wasn't that Cyrano de Bergerac?
I am looking for a healthy relationship where each of us grows more because of the relationship than we would have grown individually. Relationships do not just happen we have to work to make them great. My parents were married for 67-years because they decided they wanted to work at having a great life together. I am attracted to you because of your face, your smile, your posture, your values, and how you think, your mind. I am physical. I will enjoy touching you and being touched by you. We do not have to be talking to feel close to each other. When we talk, I will be listening to you, hearing what you say, how you say it, and what you do not say. Your thoughts and opinions are important to me because I want us to be life partners. You are smart so you do not need me in your life. Together, we are deciding to involve each other in our lives. It is not a choice we have to make it is a decision we are deciding to make. Are you ready to make that decision?
What is the internet protocol when someone e-mails you?
Is it courteous not to respond or should you respond even if just to say "Thanks but No Thanks"?
We make times for our priorities.
If someone is on Match and doesn't have time to e-mail, obviously you are not a priority.
Read between the lines.
Be thankful, you just dodged a bullet. Move on and don't look back. Relationships require two.
Retired LTC from Army.
Active in Psychological Association.
Scoutmaster for 8 years.
Trying to learn to play a musical instrument.
Can crack eggs, boil water, and do laundry.
Willing to learn how to change the oil :).

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