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Date a man from Topanga, United States. My closest friends describe me as totally loyal, so they know that they can tell me anything. I'm not surrounded by hordes of friends, but the friends I have are friends for life because we're always there for each other. I'm the kind of person who's always interested in trying something once, and I'm glad that I know people who are always getting me to try something new.
I spent the last couple of years working on my MA in Economics, looking to be a college professor. However, I noticed that I could do a lot more good (and probably have more fun) teaching high school math since that's what gives people trouble in college economics. So my next step is to get my math teaching credential and an MS in math. I just recently graduated and am now in the process of taking the qualifying exams and applying to programs.
I'm looking for someone who is kind and intelligent, and who likes to learn new things all the time the way I do. Somebody who is willing to go crazy sometimes, but also likes to spend a day at a museum now and then is ideal. Somebody who likes reading as much as I do would be great since so much more has been written than will ever be recorded on video. I like people who know when to be serious, but also like comedy (stand-up comedy is one of my favorite kinds of act).
Most importantly, I'm looking for someone who's interested in a serious relationship. If all you're looking for is a fling, that's fine and I wish you the best of luck with that, but I really think there's something great about being open to sharing your life with somebody. Maybe I can find someone here who feels the same way!

Meet men and women from California, United States. About me
Every day I wake up thrilled that people pay me to do the thing I love. Riding Horse's fits really well with my easygoing attitude and gives me the flexibility to do what I want. So what do I do when I am not riding Racehorse? Well, hiking is one of my favorite activities it gives me the feeling of being with nature to push myself beyond my limits. I also love just taking off in the car and going exploring. Unfortunately I am an awful navigator, but that leads to all sorts of adventures. I guess my life is kind of like an episode of the Muppet show and I would be gonzo: always on a new quest, pushing my imagination to the limits, and occasionally walking into things.
Who I am looking for
If your favorite Muppet is Miss Piggy, there is a good chance that we just won't get along. Don't take that the wrong way; she just really annoys me. I guess the woman that I am looking for is somewhere between a thrill-seeker and a couch potato. She isn't afraid to scale a rock face with me, won't get aggravated when I lead us 200 miles in the wrong direction, and will laugh when I say something unintentionally stupid. There was a time when I used to volunteer with the community. Somehow I fell out of it so it would be great to meet someone who does volunteer work to help me get back into it. At the end of the day, I am just hoping to meet a girl who can discuss the world around her, is looking for more than just a date, and will cuddle on the couch and laugh at old Muppet DVDs with me. Will you be my partner in crime? If the answer is yes than send me an email and let's get lost together.

Date someone special from Topanga, United States. I am secure and happy with myself. I enjoy paddleboarding, golfing, camping, new music, and celebrating special occasions. I am self-sufficient, independent, and honest. I have a great sense of humor, family and friends are important to me.
Ps-My pictures don't do me justice, I look better in person.......;0

Meet men and women from Topanga, United States. I am very outgoing and I do not really have any fears of the unknown I am pretty optimistic, I am a bit more of a home body these days and to tell you the truth I am pretty happy at home as I designed my place like I am on vacation all the time so I cant ask for much more. I am completely Spiritually based which does not mean I don't have faith because I do. I am slightly edgy so if you are looking for Mr perfect that is not me,but that is the fun part!. , but I do have my life together .Hope you love to laugh, can be spontaneous and not uptight because that is a deal killer me
I don't look my age and maybe that is genetics, exercise or I am just blessed I mean I know I have an Angel that just follows me around picking me when I trip up..I really am into staying fit for my mind and body so I would need the same in anyone I am with for us to have a chance..
And get all begins with a good chemistry.Oh yeah and cocktail or 2 does not hurt..Actually my favorite thing to do is eat dinner by the pool and enjoy tropical breezes at night.
That all being said I am super laid back outside of the work place and I need the same! I start off every day with a cup a coffee and then straight to the gym or to beach for a little surf before my work day starts....
Talk soon..

Date single man from Topanga, United States. I'm still holding out hope for magic. What about you? I teach high school and volunteer a lot. I love art, architecture, and looking, in general. I just finished a Master's program for my teaching career. I believe my upbringing has given me a solid background--hopefully, you have had a healthy start too! I like to have fun, laugh and enjoy the good life has to offer. Otherwise, what's the point?

Meet a soulmate from California, United States. My name is Ric. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Let's get straight to the point. I am the identical twin brother of George Clooney. Recently I was abducted by aliens and sent back to Earth as a middle-aged, short Hispanic man. But underneath this relatively nondescript exterior I possess just as much charm, talent, and do-gooderness (is that a word?) as my brother George, who incidentally now does not return my calls anymore (the a**hole).
Actually I like the guy. He was great in "O Brother Where Art Thou?" I like the Coen Brothers brand of twisted humor- I even have a bumper sticker that says, "The Dude Abides." My boss, the stately, well-coifed dean of my college, hails from the Midwest and likes to call me "Dude." He thinks he's being cool but really he is exposing the fact that he doesn't quite know what to make of a Mexican American from South Central LA who has a Ph.D in world music. (Do they even have Mexicans in Wisconsin?) I feel like telling him, to quote Lloyd Bentsen in 1988, "I know the Dude, the Dude is a friend of mine, I am not the Dude." I also want him to know that the only other person who ever calls me "Dude" is the pothead in front of Topanga General Store who asks me for a light every time I see him. Now there's a dude.
Speaking of movies, my two favorites are "Casablanca" and "The Wizard of Oz." Come to think of it, aren't those two films really the same film? Now, stay with me for a moment. In both movies the whole point is to make it to Kansas, right? Both films have great songs. Here, let's do a quodlibet: "You must remember this, somewhere over the rainbow, a kiss is still a kiss, way up high, she not only merely dead, she really most sincerely dead!" Well, maybe that doesn't work so well. But, both films have good-looking people in them, right? Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, Bert Lahr, ...the Munchkins, ......the Flying Monkeys. Oh! Did those monkeys scare the living bejesus out of you too when you were little? Well, maybe I have carried the similarities between the films a little too far now. I do think "Casablanca" is one of the most romantic films ever, especially that part where Rick (hey-aren't all Rics romantic?) helps the Bulgarian guy win at roulette so that his wife doesn't have to sleep with Claude Rains (who thinks up that crap?).
Speaking of Casablanca I have been to Africa three times and will go again in July. Now, if we date and get serious you can go on similar exotic adventures with me since I have summers off and get to travel to places where there is cool music like Spain, Ireland, Peru, Indonesia, and Mexico. If you don't have summers off I will make you quit your job every June. Or we can create some kind of excuse to get you out of LA in the summer and then we can go to Casablanca. I'll even dress up like Claude Rains and we can pretend that your Bulgarian husband lost at roulette. ;)

Date a man from United States. I love my work, creating sound effects for movies and video games. My favorite task is recording animals sounds to make creature voices.
I coached my son's soccer team for eight years and now I coach other people's children as a volunteer. I love to see the kids run and laugh.
I am a passionate person and I love learning new things. I recently took up West African drumming. It feels so primal and the dancing is so exciting.
I write musical plays for children based on Russian fairy tales like The Firebird. I sing and play the guitar.
An intelligent and gentle woman will win me over. I appreciate a woman that I can laugh and talk with. We can go hiking or biking together or exploring a new town.

Meet people from United States. Thanks for coming to check out my profile.
It is my wish that we ALL find the love and companionship we are all looking for, and find it first in ourselves.
First, I'm kind of a Dolphin out of water here in Utah... just spent the last two amazing years of my life in the tropical rain forest on Kauai... so please be easy on me I'm sort of cultural retard here in Utah.
If we meet me in person, you will find me to be awakened, alive and passionate. I see the greatness and beauty in every soul and I'm enriched by the experience. Whether we are each others beloved, and you are willing you will most likely walk away having your heart healed in some way. I challenged everyone I meet to be your true beautiful self and be empowered to embrace life.
A little about me:
Born in Hollywood, CA (that should tell you a lot;) LOL Grew up in Malibu (and no we didn't have Malibu Chickens) I was faithfully married 25 years and have 4 children, very proud of them. I have been a professional athlete/off-road racer, Ca. chamber of commerce board member, a church pastor, an LA DJ, a carpenter, a home builder, a retail computer store owner, 20 years in computer tech and sales... and Rob Lowe was my assistant for years in my mobile Disco company in LA:), personally interviewed Jerry Lewis and Burt Lancaster and many others... It's been FUN!!!
Four years ago my world got turned upside down and almost everything that was precious and dear to me was torn from me... Sadly, but gratefully I have learned that true friends and family stick by you in times of trouble and that those who don't never were. I have learned a deeper compassion. I have learned that others cruelty is never reason to stop loving myself and others. I have learned to love what is... and that even the harshest situations have silver linings! I have learned to find my strength inside and to love myself first. I have learned that every day of life is precious. Love is all there really IS.
No games please and please be kind to me and others. If you would like to meet me, just tell me and most likely I will honored to meet you:)
"Dawn is breaking... a long dark night does not last forever... just makes the first light of dawn even sweeter. The radiance of the Sun warms chilled bones... and dreams flood my being! Only love and mercy endure forever! Strength flows from within, today our world is ours to savor." Stephan
Here are a few of my observations/quotes about life, love, relationships and parenting, etc. that hopefully will give you a quality glimpse of me/Stephan
"The secret to ALL relationships is that people choose to be and stay together with a person that make them feel good about themselves." Stephan
"The best way to win the game of life is to be your true self, that way you don't have any competition!" Stephan
"The best feeling drugs on the planet are the ones our bodies naturally produce when we are in love with life, our self, and we are sharing that love with others." Stephan
"Awakening is the amazing process of moving our consciousness from ones finite mind, to ones infinite and source connected heart." Stephan
"Don't be Jealous! People are just expressing their Divine nature in THEIR own way... the world longs to see YOURS too." Stephan

Date a soulmate from California, United States. A really nice guy, A sexy lady, Building a company, Being grounded, Someone I can spend the rest of my life with and enjoy a cub of coffee with in the morning , Not great, Funny joke, Someone who is easy to be with,My kids and my work, boating and traveling

Meet men and women from California, United States. I am most proud of the character of my children, who are now out on their own. I enjoy my work, but I enjoy hiking in the mountains with my dogs much more.I've had an interesting life, travelled extensively for fun and for business and lived abroad at different times (UK, Denmark, India)
I'm looking for someone who likes to walk in the mountains and can enjoy Coltrane and Hendrix and can turn me on to some great books that I haven't heard of.

Date people from United States. I am a creative speller and often play in the dirt. Nothing scares me except june bugs and dentists. My reading roams from the New Yorker to number theory. My favorite words (today) are "malodorous" and "comeuppance" , though I fancy any word that contains all the letters r, m, l & n (like Merlin or normal). I'd rather drink wine than eat dinner but I'd rather play fiddle than drink wine. My favorite movie, author, mathematician, rock and food are Dr. Strangelove, Robert Sheckley, Tom Lehrer, rutilated quartz and cheeseburgers, respectively.
I like to cook, read and write, often while driving or in the bathtub. My singing scares most people. I'm a big fan of West Virginia modal tunes, butterscotch, and bags, the latter reaching almost fetish proportions. Despite documented photos of me in a tux, my usual garb is shorts, aloha shirts and flip-flops, even in winter. Given a choice between Paris and Rome, I'll take Victoria, Seychelles. I grow guacamole in my garden: avocados, onions, peppers, tomatoes and cilantro.
I grew up in Kansas and Indiana, speak fluent Spanglish, and believe that they should never have outlawed dwarf tossing. With only duct tape, safety pins, corn starch and back issues of Rolling Stone, I can build a hovercraft that travels faster than light (and with a hot tub in back). High on my list of evil people are Jimmy Swaggart, Michelle Bachmann, Bill O, and that pesky roadrunner.
My political views tend to the extreme, both left and right. They are naive and simplistic, so I stay away from politics. On the other hand, I like ducks.
I have a large house that I built with these two hands. I often travel to out of the way places. My most recent trip (2011) was to Namibia where a buddy and I rented a pickup truck and wandered around, often camping.
Velveeta and Twinkies are under rated. "Fine" wines, and "luxury" cruises, over rated. Silliness is serious business and big problems usually aren't. Hand in hand with my lover, I'll take anticuchos in dinky South American villages over pretentious Parisian restaurants anytime. Let me take you into the hills with a blanket and some grapes, and I'll tell you tales of lust, treachery, heroism, broken hearts and true love. Need that foot rubbed, a back massaged or a kiss for just your being you? I'm you man.
Resume-ish items: BS Astrophysics, PhD Astronomy, author of twelve absolutely fascinating books, 160 journal papers, 300 scientific meeting presentations. I am an official "Frisbee Immortal" and won the romance category in the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest a few years back. Don't be too impressed: I also flunked 3rd grade, failed HS algebra and have published in the Journal of Irreproducible Results.
As for you my future friend and ultimate romance, you are brainy and beautiful (I repeat brainy and beautiful), capable and capricious, energetic and erotic, dependable and devoted, thoughtful and thoroughly thankful for your good life. You are not allergic to cats, have a current passport, are fearless in the kitchen, know the difference between "imminent", "eminent" and "immanent", can catch me off guard and make me laugh, don't freak at the sight of a mouse, can run down anything on the internet, and find pleasure in little things that most people overlook.
I want to get married. Let's delve into each other for the grandest adventure of all.

Meet someone special from United States. I could best be described as an existentialist. Though I take life as it comes, there is part of me that wants to become proactive, particularly when it comes to finding a partner with whom to share what remains of life.

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