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Date men and women from California, United States. Well, my picture got you this far... I find profiles can be hard to interpret, and barely scratch the surface of who we are, but here's a brief overview:
My friends would describe me as intelligent, driven, social, adventurous, and humorous.
I'm a transplant to California within the past year, and am enjoying exploring LA (traffic permitting...).
I live by the themes: life is short; do what you love and hang the rest; explore, taste, and see all you can; there's always a way; and zoom out - there's always another point of view.
I enjoy being physically and mentally active (like everyone else here!), good wine, good conversation (and good silences), travel, bodysurfing, diving, photography, skiing, cooking, and a good book. Life has taught me to value quality over quantity in everything from craftsmanship to food to friends.
I lived in France and Italy for a year and love to go back!
Variety is the spice of life and I like to be prepared for anything! I'm adaptable and comfortable at formal events or impromptu gatherings, and find what really makes an evening is the company, not the location!
I'm hoping to meet someone who is classy, driven, thoughtful, and passionate, who also likes to be active, travel, and meet new people. I like to be kept on my toes and enjoy being challenged! I believe the happiest couples bring out the best in each other; I'm looking for a relationship where we'll both enhance the other and grow together!
My family is important to me, and I hope yours is to you too!

Meet a soulmate from California, United States. I'm new in LA and am lucky enough to have a great job, great friends, and to live in an awesome neighborhood.
I'm a proud Canadian and, stereotypically, I love hockey, back-country skiing, and have sewn a Canadian flag on my backpacking pack.
I've spent the past three summers in Italy and speak Italian fairly well. I was lucky enough to work for an Italian wine importer that sent me regularly. I love wandering through great places, making great friends, and finding myself at home away from home.
I'm hands on and love creating, cooking, and building. I dig quality, especially in terms of coffee. My kindle is my favorite possession. Well read women are a complete turn on. What's your favorite book?
I'm an idealist and love to talk about philosophy and politics but party politics drive me nuts. I'd love to meet someone who can challenge me and open my mind to new ideas.
I love to spending weekends trying out new things, making breakfast, and going on adventures. I want to be with someone who can collaborate on activities and who will find the good in things as terrible as traffic gridlock or overcast days.

Date men and women from California, United States. I am a simple, laid back guy with an appetite for happiness. You will have to look long and hard for the day you find me in a bad mood. I just do not see a reason for being a debbie downer. (sorry to categorize the "Debbies") But what's the point of it when it is so easy to be happy! All I need is good company, whether it be, family, friends, co-workers or hopefully soon, a "match" and I am good to go!
I am trying to make it in the entertainment industry, so I look for ideas and inspiration in everything I do. I work as an editor and motion graphics artist for a production/post production studio in Manhattan Beach. In time, I plan to move into the prime time slot, working on major brands advertisements.
I love to be outside, on the beach, grilling out on the rooftop, or just relaxing and taking a snooze. However, I literally live on the beach in Venice, CA and I don't even have a bike to ride...someone please motivate me to get one! I need to go for a cruise! If I am not out and about, I feel just as comfortable lounging, watching movies, sports, tv...and what-not(the entertainment industry is my career after all...lets just call it research...shhhhhh!)
So, alas the day has finally come, when I dip my toes into the warm tropical waters of online dating...maybe the commercials are really true? (oh and in case you have not noticed, I use a lot of these things "..." when I type. "ellipses" if you want to be grammatically correct about it) Anyways...I am here to find what else...a match. Someone that is always up for an adventure (cliche?...I think not...I just watched Hugo the other day...and I stayed at a holiday in express last night) or trying something new! Traveling has always been a huge part of my life and I do not plan on stopping! It is a major part of the person I am today! I am looking for someone that is willing to experience my world and my past, and hopefully would introduce me into theirs.
Hopefully that is enough to get started...or did I go way overboard?...Au revoir!

Meet people from Venice, United States. I guarantee you have never met a man quite like me. I break all the 'rules' off what normalcy entails. I can go camping in my grateful dead shirt one weekend, and the next be at a fine dinning establishment laced in Varvatoss. I believe that when its all said and done life is about the experiences, not bank accounts, or stupid superficial crap. I am all about substance and quality in my partner, unfortunately something most women in LA lack.
Would describe myself as confident and attracted to women who are too. Born and raised on the east coast. Overall very content with life, have great group of friends and love what I do, just missing that special someone. I enjoy making people laugh. I am intelligent and can carry on meaningful conversations. When I’m with someone special I like being spontaneous, adventurous, romantic, surprising them with little gestures. Someone to laugh with, hang out with, being silly with, and have fun with.
I feel there has to be mutual physical attraction for there to be good chemistry between two people. So being fit and having good looks are important, as well as sensuality and affection.
I will tell my friends that we 'met at whole foods'...

Date men and women from Venice, United States. *Me*
I live in the heart of Venice 2 blocks from the beach and appreciate every day I wake up. I get around by bike as much as possible, love trying new foods, getting down to some live music, and surrounding myself with positive people.
I live an active, sustainable, and balanced lifestyle, always doing a variety of activities to stay in shape - biking/gym/hiking/yoga/volleyball/tennis/skiing/su
rfing. I love all kinds of food and love to share.
I think I do a damn good job at enjoying my mid 20’s and I've been told I'm good at having fun.
I work 8-9 months out of the year doing freelance accounting in the entertainment biz and work on real estate deals on the side. I'm finally achieving the lifestyle that will allow me time to travel while not having to work year-round! I've almost been to as many countries as I am years old but I have promised myself to see 100 countries before I die. Finding a fun girl to leave for a couple weeks with me would be a dream but if not, I'll go alone!
You aren't afraid to dance when you're sober. You have an open-mind. You like to cook/experiement. If you like to ski/snowboard, play tennis, or watch Laker games--huge bonus! You are a positive person and will remember to say "Thank you" after I buy you a drink.

Meet men and women from Venice, United States. Sorry, all. Getting off here. It's been fun, but I think I'm good on the Match... I wish you all the best of luck. Any communication that has gone unanswered, I apologize, but this thing is far too consuming... and not really any different than a bar- which is a bummer.
NO WINKS, por favor.

Date someone special from Venice, United States. The 10-word bio version: Driven. Creative. Athletic. Playful. Intelligent. Passionate. Determined. Fun. Thoughtful. Unique.
[Fine- I'm biased in choosing only positive adjectives, but listing not-so-flattering traits such as not being incredibly punctual, the propensity to snore when sleeping on my back, and present hair loss making me second guess my stance on vain 'procedures'- well those just don't roll off the tongue as well as the attributes I'm more proud of, do they now?]
What you see is what you get (hopefully more), and I think it's a pretty good deal. I'm the poster child for honesty. I say what I think/feel, and even write how I speak (though addicted to using bullet points, I try to avoid 'a, b and c's' in conversation. seriously though- bullet points and lists are an underrated contributor to society. just like 'The Goonies').
I'm a walking hypocrite of traditional stereotypes. In college, I was Fraternity VP and Social Chair, but in the summer I was a 'Nanny' for 5 children (I'll crush you in a french-braid contest). The class clown with great grades. I like cuts and scrapes from sports, but love goosebumps from movies, music and hearing the voice of the girl I'm interested in. I spend most of my time 'playing'- but make time for church to say thanks and reflect. I like canned beer and cheap burgers on the grill, but love good wine and great dining ambiance. I don't take things too seriously but a perfectionist. Insightful but irreverent. 'Inappropriate potty mouth' but well-timed and dare I even say 'charming'. Random but always prepared. I don't cry when I'm sad/hurt, but tear up when I'm really happy (or at end of movies named Rudy, Hoosiers and more. Even Cool Runnings. Yes you read that correctly). I'm t-shirt and shorts but love wearing suits. I like planning Bachelor Parties and events, but lead a group of high school students each year on a week-long volunteer service trip. I'm proud to be the guy people go to for fun, but more proud they come to me for advice, an ear or shoulder.
Ideal Match: Can't be posted on a resume (and what fun would that be?). For me, love is less of a jigsaw puzzle with pre-determined matching pieces, and more like having built something amazing without instructions. It works because it works, not because it's 'supposed to.' No 'final picture' to follow/achieve- just a feeling that you know can't be duplicated, and a smile that permeates every inch of your body/soul.
Ok, we're not gonna love the same stuff. But we better love doing them together. Ex: I love playing/experiencing sports, and it would be great if my future wife was athletic or enjoyed them. BUT, I don't REALLY care if she can throw a curveball or loves the Cubs. I just care if she appreciates that I do. I want her to enjoy sitting in the Wrigley Field bleachers with me and a cold beer under the hot sun, even while I ache with each pitch, even if she doesn't 'get it.' I want her to enjoy and appreciate my passions, as I will with hers. Cuz I'm not gonna love the same stuff she does, but I'll love doing them with her, and learn to enjoy them because I know what they mean to her. That's all you can ask for.
This isn't necessarily something you see on the surface or on dates one through x, BUT the girl of my dreams, and quite frankly the only girl I'll truly fall for, has one defining characteristic: she challenges me. Whether emotionally, intellectually, spiritually or her "general way of life"- I need to be challenged. I want to look at her smile across the table, into her eyes on the dancefloor, and feel her heart while she lays in my bed- and think "this person is amazing. she makes me want to be a better person, a better man. she makes me want to be everything I'm capable of, and more."
Summary: Life is good. Hell, it's better than good. I want to make people think and feel, specifically smile and laugh. I want to try it all. Life's short. Drink it up. It's always a great day to be alive.

Meet someone special from United States. Since I am not keen on describing myself in say, complete sentences, this is a steam of consciousness description of me. For clarification, please feel free to contact the handsome gentleman in the profile photo. Thank you for you consideration.
Things I am good at:
- Making people laugh, being infinitely patient, color coordinating my closet, being a gentleman, mixing in quirks traits with positive traits to make them seem innocuous, meeting parents, crossfit, my job, saving money, creating power ballads about my sister, sarcasm, trying new things, being silly, being organized, planning ahead
Things I am bad at:
- Pretending I care about what a housewife from- hypothetical city- does, dancing (not for drunken effort), pool, bowing for that matter, shaving, staying awake through “Lord of the Rings”, being confrontational, driving a tractor, defeating ninjas, befriending douches, haircuts, writing about myself in paragraph form, staying up late, refusing a Bay Cities sandwich, buying groceries when I am hungry, anything to do with Bravo

Date single man from California, United States. I feel very fortunate to have been able to find success in doing something I love. I work in the financial services industry but I’m still a good person. While I love working hard, I have no problem playing hooky at the drop of a text on a Friday to do something fun.
I’m an avid runner and I try to run the LA Marathon every year. Despite LOTS of evidence to the contrary, I honestly believe I can win a marathon - if you hear of any marathons with like three, or maybe two, other entrants, please let me know. Next year I'm running the Boston Marathon which is a big deal for running geeks such as myself. I’m also attempting a triathlon in the near future after I conquer my fear of the open ocean and small bicycle seats.
I'm a pretty big nerd. Said in a better way, I'm intellectually curious. I read the Economist and listen to NPR (while trying to ignore the political biases of each) because I think it's important to know what's going on in the world and have an informed opinion. I'm fascinated by the fact that the things we say, the things we do, and the things we say we do, are often times totally different, so I'm kind of into psychology as well.
I would like to think that I know who I’m looking for, but I’m more confident in what I’m hoping for. It’s usually easier to connect with someone when we can see them in person and allow ourselves to peel back the barriers we’ve built up to protect ourselves. We all have our flaws and imperfections, but I think those characteristics are the most interesting and unique aspects of our personalities. In the end, I’m looking for someone who I can be myself around without either of us having to compromise who we are…

Meet someone special from California, United States. Diid you know you can wink at yourself?!
I am a widowed, amazing dad with a beautiful little boy who is 5. We live on a little walk street in Venice beach, a stone's throw from the ocean. It's such a fun, cute age! He's my world. We love playing, pretending, music, singing, hiking, camping, drawing, painting, putting things in odd places, making things disappear, magic, costumes, scary things, secret compartments, rainy days, movies, dancing and laughing like a loon.
Honesty ,integrity, authenticity, transgression, compassion, awe, living with purpose, vision/forward thinking, being in the moment, are concepts that i am passionate about. I want to be in a state of appreciation. All things-big/little, .good / bad .. traffic, coffee all over my shirt, Irony, random, order in chaos, coincidence .. I used to take so much more for granted. Everyday is completely unique. There is no such thing as same sh*t ,different day..I am always seeing things differently. Owen is my teacher and I his, and i believe so is everyone - some teach what to do , some what not .. I'm focused on being the best guide and friend i can be for my son, living as an example and staying positive is what it's about for me. It's difficult sometimes to do the right thing but i think it's the struggle that matters. I believe in people and meaningful relationships. I believe there is no such thing as a perfect match. Relationships are never perfect. We are perfectly imperfect. A good relationship should be easy and and the same time, requires work and two halves don't make a whole. Compromising, understanding , listening, responding , and being loving.
I want to connect with someone who is positive, wanting to do great things with her life and believe in one another and push one another toward achieving our goals, no matter where they are now.. I try and eat healthy 90% of the time and exercise 4-5 days a week. I love to run, bike, skate, yoga, martial arts (ninjitsu) , climb, go on long walks and am always down to try new activities.
I grew up in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district. I love the bay area, I've lived here in LA for 10 years and may want to go back there someday. Music and art is a big part of my life. I am a hairdresser and also work in children's clothing and working on a book. I am very excited for this summer and hope to meet some good people.
Ideally, i am looking for a woman who is different.. , silly, fun, authentic, has soul, can deal with some sarcasm, like's my dry humor, loves kids, and critters, is constantly inspired, not into drama, has some basic understanding of how a functional relationship works, loves music, culture, art, has a good sense of style, film, rock n roll, vintage shopping, camping, exploring, and just hanging back at home. Thanks for reading and good luck in your search for mr. perfect ;)

Date a man from California, United States. hmm ... lets see.
I have a hard time talking about myself so i get into little awkward moments where I have to build myself up. To be honest with you, I grew up always in the position of helping others out where I wanted to do, or even times when I just don't have the energy too. I've learned to embrace it so naturally, I deflect well cause I tend to shift attention elsewhere rather than myself.
I guess I'm pretty low maintenance and easy going. I work a lot and luckily I do something where my passion fits right into. But some times when I'm too close to my work, I have no issues of finding new things to do and investing my time into. Those things tend to follow into general categories of sports, art, business, and culture. I know it sounds general but If I were to explain my passions and career with a few thousand characters, that would be boring.
Well, I'm hoping to find someone who would share the same faith as I do. Then the natural things to follow would be someone who shares the same values as I do with family and friendships. I'm close to my family and strive to always give back to my parents cause i've lived an extremely unique life from most people. For my friends, I only have a few. My small circle of friends tend to fall into the category of loyalty, trust, and fun!
I think most of all ... ill leave this bio by saying that i'm fun and low maintenance! :) ... just saying! haha

Meet a soulmate from California, United States. I’m an old soul. A glass of scotch to sip on with Duke Ellington in the background sets the perfect mood. Things made of quality make me happy. I have cowboy boots that I will give to my son or grandson one day. I prefer the classic reads and classic movies and old school musicians (my dog is named Cash, after Johnny). Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke sets the bar for badassery.
I was born and raised in small town Texas, stubbornly stuck in the past, with one stoplight and a Dairy Queen. I was riding horses before I could ride a bike. I drove a tractor before I drove a car. I carry a couple of things with me from that upbringing
1- If you want something done, roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.
2- There’s much more to see and do in this world. See and do it.
That town made me a strange mix of quiet and patient with a dash of fiery compassion when I feel the need to fight for something.
I work hard at my real job and run a business on the side. I’m not interested in ruling the world but I have a strong since of responsibility to provide for those I care about.
I’m attracted to smart women who can challenge me. Creative. Whimsical. Elegant. Be passionate about something. Anything. Like to travel and relax in the sun. I love sports but I don't have to date a girl who does as well. I’ll teach you about sports if you want to learn. You can teach me about something you're interested in.
I have been very fortunate in my career and have a sense of security. It's time to find that perfect compliment to share experiences with going forward. A travel partner, confidant, best friend. Seems simple enough!

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Topanga Torrance Trabuco Canyon Tracy Tranquillity Tres Pinos Trinidad Trinity Center Trona Trousdale Estates Truckee Tujunga Tulare Tulelake Tuolumne Tupman Turlock Tustin Twain Harte Twentynine Palms Twin Peaks Twin Pines Ukiah Union City Universal City University City University Heights Upland Upper Lake Vacaville Valencia Valinda Vallejo Valley Center Valley Ford Valley Village Van Nuys Venice Ventura Verdemont Victor Victorville View Park Villa Park Vineburg Visalia Vista Volcano Wallace Walnut Walnut Creek Walnut Park Walteria Warner Springs Wasco Waterford Watsonville Weaverville Weed Weimar Weldon West Covina West Hollywood West Los Angeles West Menlo Park West Point West Sacramento Westchester Westlake Village Westley Westminster Westmorland Westport Westwood Wheatland Whitethorn Whitmore Wildomar Willits Willow Creek Willows Wilmington Wilseyville Wilsona Gardens Windsor Windsor Hills Winnetka Winter Gardens Winterhaven Winters Winterwarm Winton Wofford Heights Woodacre 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