Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Sahuarita, 36 year old

Date a man from United States. I'm a successful professional who loves my 2 young boys more than anything. My friends would describe me as generous, patient, funny, and devoted. I'm looking for someone who enjoys life, has a positive outlook, and is fun to be around.
I've never been much into watching sports on TV, but I do enjoy the occasional U of A football or basketball game. I've never really been all that into the club scene (although I've had many a fun night on 4th ave), much preferring to spend an evening at a nice restaurant and then enjoy a movie or some good conversation. I put a lot of value on family. You can't pick 'em, but when the tough times come along, they are the ones who will be there to help you through it.
For better or worse, I'm 36, going on 16. I'll always be a kid at heart, enjoying a good joke or a hearty laugh. I still enjoy the occasional video game (especially with my young boys) but I really enjoy getting outdoors and doing something active like hiking or mountain biking. I'm always fascinated by the latest gadgets and technology and am always the go-to person when it comes to computer or electronics questions.
I was born and raised in Alaska and as-such have a deep appreciation and love of the outdoors. I've been around the world (even lived in Argentina for a year), but I firmly believe that Alaska is the most beautiful place on the planet. I hope to make it up there with my boys for Labor Day. I strongly believe that there is no use stressing out or wasting energy over things that you can not change. I always try to look on the bright side and make the best of any situation. I hope to meet some new friends out of this and see where life takes me. I'm still young and am looking forward to the future.

Meet single man from United States. I would describe myself as a loyal person who with a even temperament. I am currently going to school to finish my last class and get my B.S in justice system policy and planning from NAU. I enjoy photography, astronomy and anthropology but have other hobbies as well. I guess you can say I'm well rounded and can spark up a conversation on just about any topic. I have been described by my friends as hilarious but that’s just me being a goofball.
What I'm looking for in a women is someone who has goals and dreams . Someone who likes to talk about the greater questions in life like where we came from and where are we going but is not afraid to get silly and discuss Oklahoma's bigfoot. Right now I'm looking to meet someone who I can chat with and get to know first then maybe start a phone conversation. I love kids and don’t mind if you have one as long as you are willing to have at least one more. If you are looking for someone to make you laugh and have a good time then I'm your man.

Date someone special from United States. Wow...all these profiles sound the same. I m easy going, carefree, blah blah blah. I hate sounding like everyone else. Besides, who is going to put, I fly off the handle easily, I have jealous tendacies, I can be verbally abusive? My point is people can put anything they want in these boxes but it s going to be the first date that reveals the true personality...and even then you have a game face on and won't be your true self for quite awhile. This is what I offer you, honesty and a fair chance for a relationship to grow. I know dating is hard and there are real assholes out there. It makes it worse that there are an overwhelming amount of guys looking for hookups or quickies. This is my attempt at not conforming. I like to be original. I am looking for my other half. I'm really interested in finding a woman that I can truly be myself when I'm with her. I would like to compliment her as she does me. We would work as a team with a smidge of competitiveness between us. She would be my partner, my friend, and my challenge all rolled into one. I'm not going to talk about what I think I am. Give me a shout or a reply back and form your own opinion. I have nothing to hide...and don't push the first meeting quickly. Lets talk and get to know each other first.
I enjoy off roading, flying, hiking, and anything else that causes an adreneline rush. I can scuba dive, sky dive, and anything in between. I wouldn't mind finding that special someone who isn't afraid to get dirty, but also knows how to dress up when its called for. I'd like to find a woman who can be ready to go out in minutes and can have fun in any situation. I also enjoy movies...whether its on the couch or at the theaters.
I 'm a good guy with no kids or emotional baggage and I am finacially stable. If you are ready to date, and think you have what it takes to sustain a healthy relationship, drop me a line ...I have worked hard to get to where I am and I am ready to share that pieice of me that makes a relationship work.

Meet people from United States. Im not sold on this whole internet match making but im new to the Tucson area and have friends that have had success finding relationships on here so here I am.
About me. I feel I am a normal guy just looking for the right person. I like sports (playing, watching, coaching). I enjoy traveling, watching movies, hiking, biking, running swimming. I am more of a go to the mountains with a lake type person than a beach person. I am originally from the North East and still have family back there and do go back often since I am close with them. Im not fond of all this saying "I" and do communicate a lot better verbally so if there is anything you would like to know just ask.
What im looking for is a down to earth woman. A woman that knows who she is comfortable with herself. After that the other key traits are that she likes sports and enjoys going to sporting events, likes to be active and eventually must want children.
I am not a guy that moves fast I want friendship first and then the relationship can grow. If I seem like someone you would like to meet please send a wink or an email. If im not your type good luck in your search

Date men and women from United States. I've had so much fun and excitement in my life that if I had to do it over again, I would. I love the way our experiences in life shapes people differently. I come from an area where different cultures have taught me that very few things in life are strange. I want to hear about where you have been and what you have done. And, I want to find someone to experience life with. I like to go on day trips. I like to go to new and beautiful places. I like to throw my back pack on and hike to some unknown place. I want to meet a happy lady. I love a great smile and I have had so much go on in my life that I don't have time for fighting or game playing. I only have time for people that know how to communicate in a healthy way.
I am very outgoing so no couch potato's. Although, cuddling on the couch with a glass of wine and a romantic comedy would be awesome with the right company. I like an affectionate woman and I'm looking for that woman that makes me want to be a better man. I've been practicing yoga and meditation for a year now and it has increased the quality of life for me. I have a wide variety of interests and experiences so if you have any interest or want to know more about me feel free to send a message. I'm here to date and hopefully find the person for me. You never know what can happen unless you extend yourself to someone. Have a wonderful day!

Meet a woman from Sahuarita, United States. Hello gentleman! I am a very.... fun, sexy, confident women. I am a Personal Trainer here in Tucson. I love helping people become healthier and reach their fitness goals. I enjoy spending time with my kids, workingout, going out dancing,watching football anything that is fun. I am looking for.... A fun, confident, sexy man who likes to workout and who is active. I want a man who has a sense of humor... and is not afraid to try new things. So.... if you are that guy then i look forward to hearing from you.

Date a soulmate from Sahuarita, United States. I'm not sure what my "ideal" match would be........Just someone that would let me be me. Someone that isn't jealous or controlling. Someone that brings out the best in me and someone that I can bring out the best in.
I'm not impressed by material things, so if that's what you're going to lead with, you shouldn't waste your time :)