Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Sahuarita, 25 year old

Date a guy from Arizona, United States. I'm looking to meet someone that likes to go on trips, who likes to go out for a nice dinner, who likes to grill or cook every once in a while, someone who enjoys reading a book, talking over a cup of coffee, and so on.
As far as describing myself I'm an easy going guy, I really like what I do for living and enjoy the work I do. A good comedy movie will make laugh out loud. I like to build strong friendships and am very happy with the friends I have.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. My name is Matt and I take life as it comes, everyday a new adventure. I've been described as a weekend warrior because I'm always on the go, finding too many fun things to do! I love getting outdoors, whether that is hiking, running, biking, or grilling out.
The guy whistling in the next aisle at the grocery store , yea, that's me. I am very lighthearted and believe that life is too short to mope! I would consider myself a spontaneous fella. I love bright colors, especially orange (go Illini!). If I wake up early on a Saturday, I'll head out for a hike or a long bike ride up a mountain. I like to make shapes with my pancakes, write down my crazy dreams in my "dream book", and eat as many fruits as possible... I end up buying too much fruit and can't finish it all by the time they're going bad :( sad day. I don't currently have a television. Tends to keep me from doing things I like more, or being productive at all. This computer is getting close though!
I'm a very picky guy, but I'll give you a small dive into this random head of mine... I'm searching for that fun loving girl that is sweet as peach pie, loves a good country song, and has the energy to keep me on my toes! If you've got an open mind and a willingness to laugh, we're on the right track.
Never broken a bone in my life (probably should have multiple times), never had a cavity, don't have any allergies, and I've never experienced this hellish thing they call a headache. I'm very close with my family, and hope one day to introduce that special someone to them.

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. Much like the Mama's and the Papas: I need somebody groovy. If you know who The Mamas and the Papas are, we should probably talk! Anyway, I'm new to Tucson looking for new friends, hopefully a relationship, or at least someone to share some adventures with.
So some key points about me: I love to cook and try out new recipes, I like to learn, I listen mainly to classic rock, older country, some indie groups, live music is always the best (concerts anyone?). I’ll watch almost anything good on TV as long as it has a good plot. I also like to read, I’m currently working on reading Stephen King’s “Dark Tower series.”
I love meeting new people learning about them, I’ll talk to total strangers just for the conversation and to know more about them. People interest me.
I love telling bad jokes (much to the chagrin of my friends) and breaking out into song in public (much to the chagrin of society). I believe in being myself and try not to let myself be held to any specific standards, because while standards are nice, I feel they can be used to keep people from being who they really are.
About my ideal match: I’m looking for someone who wants to learn more about me, learn more about themselves, and maybe the rest of the world. You like experiencing different things, and defend your own values and beliefs, even if I don’t agree. You have a great sense of humor, and can enjoy the occasional pun, or witty banter. I love to travel and see new things, and I'm looking for a travel companion that wants to go along for the ride.
If you read through this and feel that I’m not your guy, I wish you luck in finding love, and if I’m someone you feel like talking to, then what are you waiting for? Hope to hear from you!

Meet single boy from Arizona, United States. I am hoping that I can find that special someone who is willing to look right through the b.s. and see people for who they really are. Someone that i can confide in without worrying about them laughing at me.

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I love to laugh but enjoy making others laugh. I've been told numerous of times that I'm different, someone that they've never encounter before. In a good way of course..I'm real easy to get along with, and have friends and aquentances that has a great deal of respect for me cause my intentions are always good.
I am a old fashion type of guy, I do open doors, I do make sure the girl comes 1st before me.example, with the weather being cold and if me and my date happen to be somewhere where she gets cold I'm that type of guy to give up my coat so shes nice and warm.
Wanna know more, I'll be glade to answer any of ur questions just ask. I'm. Not a shy guy....

Meet a boy from Arizona, United States. I am a very dedicated father to my son first & formost, very family oriented love to have cookouts with family & friends. My hobbies include hunting, fishing, and like to play a little golf when I can find time. At this point in my life I am trying to better myself for the future I am attending a University & am working on my Bachelors Degree in Small Business Entrepenuership. I am truly looking for someone who is serious about having a friendship and just to spend some time with. I enjoy going out on Friday nights and do some dancing and just have fun. I also enjoy going to the movies or spending time watching T.V. with my son. What I am looking for is a person who loves the outdoors and enjoys going out into the mountains whether it is to go hunting, fising or just walking. My career plan is to go into the Arizona Game & Fish Department as I love the outdoors.

Date single girl from United States. Self discovery is quite a process and one I am learning more about every day. I used to think that I had my life all figured out or at least planned out and then things changed and I was cast adrift in a sea of possibilities. I am still paddling around and trying to find my niche but I am learning to enjoy the journey. I recently moved to the Tucson area and am having a great time exploring all the desert has to offer. I would describe myself as easy going, honest, independent and adventurous. I can be a little bit of an introvert at times, but I enjoy spending time with my close friends.
I am hoping that I can find someone with whom I have shared interests and life goals. I believe that your partner should also be your best friend and someone who challenges and supports you to be the best person that you can be. Along with that mutual attraction and trust are also essential.

Meet people from United States. i will be honest if i meet some one i can connect with and have a great time with, whatever we decide to do together wouldbe outstandin. i love movies music going out i realy enjoy truley getting to kno new ppl