Date men and women from United States / Colorado / Denver, 21 year old

Date someone special from Denver, United States. Ok... My name is Michael some people from school call me Z for short. I love to just hang with friends and have a good time on the weekends. Most people say i am caring and polite. But i do have my times where i can get wild and crazy. I love my family they are my backbone and hope things always go well with them. In a relationship i am looking for a woman that likes to know what she wants to do and lets me help her do it, someone who is not afraid to chill with me and my friends and have fun partying on the weekends.
some of my fav artists/bands and Dj's are
Deadmau5, Tiesto, AVB, BARE, Styx, and way to many to list them all.

Meet men and women from Denver, United States. 21 young male about 6 '1 nicely built always stay clean cut dont like to look like a hobo. i am in school studying to be a chef so if you like to get cooked for i am that person. black but i do not descriminate so you shouldnt either because you may not know what you can or could miss out on in life

Date single boy from Denver, United States. average guy .. living my life .. smile to go for it .. wanna changes .. believe that impossible is nothing .. in love with sport .. how i met your mother biggest fan .. addicted to movies .. don't shake a baby but shake it baby !!

Meet a soulmate from Denver, United States. I love biking, camping, skateboarding, frisbee whatever sounds fun at the time. I also love movies and video games nothing like a snuggle session or a good gunfight :) I love texting all day long unless I'm busy at work lol might as well do what I get paid to do. I loved trying new things and meeting new people but it takes me a while to open up. Id love to chat and bother you all day long so lets talk!

Date a boy from Denver, United States. Hey! I'm Patrick I like to go out and have fun and have a good time! I just become a correctional officer and i love it. Im all about family and hopefully one day I'll be blessed enough to have one to. I need a girl that likes to play around and can be herself around me. :) she has to love sports especially baseball jk. Isn't afraid to go out with me and the boys to have a beer but no lie when I have money I like to blow it on my lady so a nice night at the movies or at home or going out to eat would be nice to. But someone who's caring loving and wants to have a relationship for real just not a fling. So if this is you please don't be afraid drop by and say something :)

Meet a guy from Denver, United States. I like to live life and take in every day I enjoy getting outdoors and weather from talking a walk to going camping I love doing it all. Indoors I like to play on my guitar and write music or even watch a movie and relax. My family and friends are very important to me they're there for me when I need it most and there to make me laugh as well. I'm outgoing and optimistic and try not to take anything to serious but when it comes to it I'am serious and level headed when the situation arises. I'm looking for someone who can have fun but be serious when need be and who likes to go out and have fun and is also outgoing. But I would like them to also be able to just focus on us when it is just us two when we are on a date or just spending time together.

Date people from Denver, United States. I want somebody who can find peace and happiness in the little things with me. I want somebody that will smile just by holding my hand, but at the same time be independent enough to go off and do their own thing. I'm not looking for a woman, a girlfriend, just another girl, but rather I'm looking for my other half.
I'm the kind of guy that is open to trying anything, because the best memories come from little experiences, and I want somebody to create those memories with.

Meet someone special from United States. I'm a relaxed, straight forward person who likes to better myself in my job. I'm old fashion meaning i'll be sweet, caring, and respectful towards you but it doesn't mean i'm a person who is weak. I like to make people smile and laugh a lot with my corny yet dumb jokes. What i would like in a woman is that she must know what she wants to do in her life, doesn't depend on any person at all, willing to try new places or show me around since i barely moved to Colorado. Last but not least she has to be a person who wants to have a good time as in enjoying conversations and have fun all the time.

Date men and women from United States. Im honest, and to a point i believe that tmi isn't always a bad thing, open and flowing communication is the key to a good realtionship in my book, if you cant be who you are with who your with you shouldnt be with them, your partner is a part of you once that bond is made, and both parties must contribute in order to be happy and fufilled in their relationship, forgivness is also a big part of who i am, anything anyone does against me can be forgiven, none of us are perfect we will all fail and mess up, and thats ok. Were only human. I'm sorta awkward in my own opinion, but i am just real, i don't lie about what i'm thinking or how i feel. If you ask me a question i'm going to be honest if you want an opinion ill give you mine. however i'm not one of those people who thinks because you asked me you have to agree with me, i'm acceptant of new ideas and opinions and i try to think before i act, i'm looking for a girl who can and will be herself. no masks no games just be you, and ill be me. and one way or the other we will see if it works, i love all kinds of music, some of my favorite artists include but are not limited to, La Dispute, Radiohead, HORSE the band, Stray from the path, jack white(white stripes,raconteurs,the dead weather) the kills, copeland, ect. i can be really corny and hyper sometimes but not at the wrong times, i know how to be respectful, i only have a small handful of friends that are scattered throughout Colorado so i make trips to longmont and loveland every now and then. my friends do not have to be your friends but your always more than welcome to meet them and chill with us. Im sorta in limbo with my "career" but am currently working at Qdoba, but am looking to try and go back to working for Snooze A.M. Eatery (better money, lots of tips) basically i want to love someone, like really. i want to go on random walks, and hit up Pete's kitchen at 1:00 am, i want to go on a road trip, go bowling, hangout and watch wanes world, i'm a 90's kid i'm weird and messed up but aren't we all?

Meet single boy from United States. Fair warning! I am a nerd! If you don't like nerdy things, probably isn't the best place to look.
Anyways... What to say about me. well for starters I am a really silly person, who enjoys living life to the fullest. I play Video games, watch movies, venture the outdoors, and hang out with my friends. Most of all I love my two passions Acting and Art. I hope to one day become an artist for comic books, and act on the side. in cool indie cinema theater. I am a Junior at UCD and I am majoring in film art. I also tried playing guitar for 4 years. Sadly I have kinda put that on hiatus, but hope to pick it up again at some point. So basically I enjoy all things creative, and am a strong supporter of giving everything a fair shot. I think being creative is one of the most important things in life. :) I could seem shy at first. But when you get to know me I will prove to be out going, and down to try new things. So please give this spontaneous lovable goofball a shot! Thanks!

Date a soulmate from United States. what makes me happy and smile is a girl wit a beautiful smile and loves to have fun wit a great personality....imm a pretty outgoing guy with my mind on the right road to sucess...what im looking for in a relationship is a females that wants to be with me for me have a great life and lets just enjoy it well we can..

Meet a boy from United States. I am passionate about family, helping poeple, and being happy. I love to go to football games baseball games ect. I want to find a girl who loves to cuddle and knkws what she wants in life. Looking for someone to share life with and share love with. Someone who is attracted to me and is like my best friend as well as my lover.