Date men and women from United States / Colorado / Silverthorne, 21 year old

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. I’m Anthony and I moved to Colorado to work for a company in the mountains. I love the mountains, adventure, and snowboarding, but can definitely do a lay in bed and watch movies kind of day. I like older rock music and I really have a memory for it, I would make a great trivia partner. I am kind of a reserved person, in the sense that I have a handful of interesting friends and that works for me. I don’t spend much time with Social Networking sites, although I respect the power of them I just don’t want to know that much about everyone. I am the youngest sibling in the family, so I have a lot of successful family that has lead the way. I am a pretty balanced person in general, and I am looking for someone that compliments that. Although I am 21 my life is not a dedication to parties and drinking, I will go out occasionally, but I don’t like crowded places with lots of people I don’t know. I am not addicted to video games, I can play them for a while, but I would rather ride dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, go snowboarding, and many other things. I read a book by Gary Chapman called “The Five Love Languages”, and according to the book I am classified as a physical touch. I really enjoy sports, but soccer was my sport. I had a tight circle of friends and teammates and together we dominated the field. I understand right from wrong and I am sound in my beliefs, so I do not care for someone that constantly forces their values onto others. I am not looking for another mother or someone that likes what they see and can’t wait to change it. So, if I haven’t scared you off by any of this, then send me an email.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I was in the Marine Corps, so my friends would describe me as extremely active, spontaneous, determined, audacious, and creative. I love trying new thugs especially when it comes to food and out door activities. I wanna backpack around the world, learn to sail and be able to speak all sorts of languages. I'm still young and filled with energy, hoping to find someone who is as much of a go getter as I am! With all this energy I do truly enjoy sitting around and relaxing catching up on sports and the latest movies. Something unique about me is I was in choir and performing arts since kindergarten! Just wants that gap who will make me smile and always want to cuddle up next to at the end of the day!

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. I am very talkative and nice, I love meeting people, I'm sociable, attentive and detailed, I like to feel good to my friends, I'm looking for a pretty girl, pretty and nice to get out and walk together, I hope to know by this means!