Date men and women from United States / California / Santa Rosa, 79 year old

Date men and women from United States. i am a fun loving woman seeking a good hearted fun man. I am most. greatful for my family. i am a mother of 4 children who gave me 10 wonderful grandchildren and a handsom great grandson. I am just looking for a friendship:)

Meet a woman from United States. I am warm and friendly, outgoing, and feel comfortable in any social setting. I am physically fit and healthy for my age. I am a loyal and dependable friend. I like balance in my life, quiet time at home and interesting activities. I like going to the gym, biking, walking, I enjoy the country and nature (we had a beach house) and love cities, particularly walking cities (we made the most of our life in NYC). I enjoy music, especially classical (favorites: the Slavic composers, music written for the ballet, classical guitar, violin concertos), folk, ethnic, Jazz, New Age, Spanish and Latin American popular (I was raised in a European home that emphasized music and language). I appreciate architecture and all the arts, good manners, a good sense of humor, domestic and foreign films (especially British mysteries), decorating my home, gardening, good food and wine, keeping up with world events, attending theatre and concerts, social gatherings with stimulating and interesting people, entertaining, dancing, wine tasting, watching Spanish soap operas to keep up with my language and its regional usages, reading in foreign languages, playing Scrabble, and so many more things that it is difficult to name them all. And I am very comfortable with myself, whether alone or with company.
I am looking for a good friend. If this friendship develops into a more serious relationship, these are the things that are important to me:
I'd like a person with many interests and hobbies, who shares some of mine, and who is intelligent and a creative thinker. Someone who is sensitive, considerate, thoughtful, kind, supportive, and most of all, a good human being. I would prefer someone somewhat worldly and sophisticated, who has traveled and is educated and cultured, with a good sense of humor. Values and principles are important. Someone who is emotionally healthy, stable and comfortable with himself is basic. Someone who can handle life's frustrations and setbacks and is reliable. I would prefer a person who is organized and structured in his life, and has a curiosity about life around him.
There needs to be mutual respect in the relationship. And an appreciation that each one needs some space. Being truthful, open and trustworthy, and having good communication is also very important. And, obviously, a physical attraction.