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Date a soulmate from Fairplay, United States. My friends like to be around me and have some fun. I like to laugh at funny things like when some one is showing of and has an epic fail. Im looking for a fun girl who likes to have fun and watch sports.

Meet people from United States. Just want to have some fun, look around and hopefully find a girl who is looking for the same. Waking up every day makes me smile and all those little details that we sometimes forget they exist. Hope we can meet :)

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. Well let's see. I thought I would give this a shot and see what happens. I have a lot of different things I want to do with my life and hope to get them all done.
I am usually very calm and laid back, but can also be very motivated when I have to be. I am very adventurous and I am usually up for just about anything.
I would love to find a girl who likes to be active. Also someone who likes to just hang out and have a good conversation. Could that be you?

Meet a boy from Fairplay, United States. If i had to describe myself i guess I am a fun loving person that loves the outdoors and takes full advantage of what nature has to offer but not crunchy, is easy going, trustworthy and likes to try new things. Ideally Im looking for a woman that is kind likes the outdoors, enjoys being adventurous, Is not afraid to try new things likes animals and isn't afraid to live life to the fullest.

Date a guy from Colorado, United States. I'm fun outgoing. Work very hard so it's hard to find the right person. Like sweet down to earth girls. Looking for just that one guy to spend there time with. I'm over the whole drama thing. Time for me to slow down in life. Enjoy it a little bit with some one who is beautiful, inside and out. Been hurt so kind of on edge but trying new things is for the better. It only makes me a better more unique person. I want something serious tired of all the games and deadend people. Will have to see were it goes. I'm very into sports, music and cars.

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. I signed up on match, to try something new. Like you already know it is not that easy to find someone that you connect with. About me, I like to work hard and play harder. I like to ski a lot in the winter and and fly fish a lot in the summer when I have time. I am looking for someone that likes the outdoors and enjoys life.

Date someone special from Fairplay, United States. Looking for a woman I can relate to. I love to snowboard, hike, pick flowers & berries, go on adventures, hit hot springs and enjoy life. Want find someone like minded. Would like to find a gal to go to shows with or jus' chill. Ideally a woman who likes doentempo, reggae, hip hop, indie rock, funk, hard jazz...or at least someone with a passion for good music whichever genre.

Meet single man from Fairplay, United States. Myself: Bad points first or good ones? Hmm.
Well, I 'm stable and try to be responsible and prepared (ex-boyscout, heh).
I collect a lot of nonsense (toy's, games and such). I believe in courtship first, everything else later. Though deep inside I'd like a hot, steamy encounter as much as the next person, but I'm careful about it (if you get my meaning).
I have almost no experience dating, which follows suit with the rest of my experience in that arena. I like dressing up in costumes for various activities (ren-fest, gaming etc.), but I'm far more reserved than I'd like to admit. I'm also very shy around attractive women, to an unfortunate degree.
The living with my parents thing is far more involved and complicated than I'd like. I'd like to, and am able to, move out, but I have certain responsibilities, that I can't just abandon, so, I'm kind of stuck that way. I figure a girl deserves a fair warning about things like that.
In the last five years, I've been getting more active in my lifestyle, and healthier in my eating choices. Somewhere along the way I decided that if I ever wanted to get into a relationship, I want it to be with an attractive person, but it would be hypocritical of me to be this chubby, lazy slob in return. I figure I want to look good for the person I care for, and I want them to want that in return (hopefully that makes sense). But I'm not the type who can just up and change everything at once. But over the last 2 years I've gone from 260 lbs, to 218 lbs. With more to come, hopefully that counts for something. It certainly makes me feel better about myself, I can say.
I'm also, apparently, an A-typical nice-guy. Which women seem to not find very attractive. O well, such is life.
I'm also very patient, I'll wait years to achieve a goal. I believe patience is more than a virtue, it can be a way of life sometimes. So I guess I'm also not very spontaneous.
I'm fuzzy, so to speak, though not on top, heh.
I'm rather sarcastic and ironic in equal parts, but it doesn't come across very well when I'm writing something like this. Alas poor me.
My Perfect match:
Are they serious? My dream girl, as it were? That which I will compare all other women to?
That's mean, and quite possibly vicious. How about a compromise? I'll list some things I'm looking for in a girl, but not the whole enchilada. After all, "variety is the spice of life, opposites attract, and never go hiking in a thunderstorm on Tuesdays"......supposedly.
She likes to dress in costumes when appropriate, I'd like a girl who likes to go to cons as much as I do, not necessarily the same cons, but similar at least.
She likes to collect things, there's no girl on earth (I think) that collects GI Joes, but I can think of quite a few that have a similar collection of figurines as myself.
She's funny, maybe not in a "everyone laughs" kind of way, but funny to me. Sarcasm and a wonderful disdain for tourists.
She's into being totally lazy and equal measure.
She likes sleeping in, cuddling, shopping and going to the movies.
Must love dogs.....also a decent movie.
As for movies, she likes....movies (are there people that don't?).
She's not into getting drunk, it's not fun...or funny. (yes my chances just decreased...I know, but it's a personal thing).
She's attractive to me.
And especially, She's attracted TO me, hopefully for more than my extra manly chest hair, bet hey, I'm not picky.
That should be enough for now, there's always more detail we can go into, but I'm not looking for a person who would do these things for me. I'm looking for a person who does these things for themselves. A certain compatability as it were.

Date people from Fairplay, United States. I'am just A nice guy. I love life:) what ever else you want to Know? Just ask me. I'am pretty laid back. I'am just looking for someone to share this awesome life with! So if that is what your looking for? I love to go dirt biking, camping, crystal hunting, taking pitchers, hanging out with friends and family. I'am very independent I'am not looking for someone to make me happy, just looking for someone to share my happens with!!! I'am not cocky, rude or inconsiderate, I' v been told I'm too nice and that nice guys finish last, F that! I love being too nice it's just who I am:)

Meet someone special from Fairplay, United States. Now I will say this to start off, by the end of reading this. You will either want to strangle me, and think I was an A-hole, oooooor you just realize I just don't put up with any BS, I will be the first to call someone out, and I'm a good person. But hell don't take my word for it, just ask those prying questions your iching to ask.
Let's start out by saying I'm here for 3 months just visiting, checking how things work or don't work these days. Perhaps somes laughs, so relax ladies I'm not Desperate in any way.
Let's talk.. Can you hold a real conversation? not text or type all the time? Now is fine, I'm just saying. Maybe I don't like it because, I like to hear voices other than the ones in my head, haha Are you educated? Here's why I ask this. Would you like to Super Size that? No Thank you
You have to be secure in yourself, your life, your career, and have goals and dreams.It's what you look for.
You must have your own mind, which you use always and often, It's ok to be a follower. I'm just not interested in them (sheep I believe is the word)
You need to have the idea that you are a good person, and it better not just be an idea.
TEST: What was the last thing you did, out of the kindness of your heart, without pay or bitching and moaning the whole time? Not an obligation
You should have a career not just a job, or own your own business. Job's are for the followers have some balls, be agressive. You only live once. Job:the thing you go to 5 days a week and wonder why because you hate your job,that also has nothing to do with your degree, not good.= Sheep.... use your brain thats what it's for.
Ive been told my typing is angry. What does that mean? How do you type angry.
MOST IMPORTANT: She needs to know how to treat a man like a man, period, old skool. Not into selfish woman in anyway shape or form. But they are nice to look at. If your hear to possibly make your life easier by making mine harder, hit the road jack oops jill. In other words I'm no sugar daddy.
So a real, honest,caring female who can talk,laugh, and be real, who loves life and lives it too.Is that even possible.Sure it is, country girls know what I'm talking about.
No loose woman need to apply I've seen a few of you whoring it up in the mountains. Did the 60's Come back, free love man?
not looking for a one nighter, looking for real people, good people, honest people, new people to meet, might get a new friend. You want to get layed go to Breck.
Oh by the way if you are interested in bs-ing don't wink, I won't respond it's to cheesey. Just email me some questions. Not trying to be a Richard. This should seperate the real from the unreal, or I just sealed my fate. Either way I live an awesome life, I have excellent friends which took many years. so good luck ladies on that hunt for the perfect guy. were are all messed up in some way or another, just find one you can tollorate.. bu dump bump

Date people from United States. I am new to this whole internet thing, so please bear with me. (Well, I've been aware of its existence for a few years now; but I also just learned the benefits of making fire with matches.)
I consider myself a kind, compassionate, and relatively intelligent man; fairly well-read and well-traveled. I am a native of Colorado, but have also lived in California, Costa Rica, and Hawaii.
I am a self-proclaimed Rugged Individualist. I love the Great Outdoors and free-spirited people. I have a slightly twisted sense of humor (love Python) and what I would classify as a true lust for life. I enjoy levity, travel, snowboarding, subsistence hunting, fishing, literature, and film. I work to live--and take great pride and care when doing so--but do not live to work.
My best friend is my 11-year-old Yellow Lab, Missy. She has finally given her permission for me to seek-out another female companion. Her scant requirements: she must be witty, affectionate, and capable of treeing squirrels. Realistic parameters, she tells me.
I suppose I have sewn my wild oats and would like to find a friend and partner with whom to share this wondrous, wistful, and oft-wacky world.

Meet a soulmate from United States. It's the answer that you give when the question is "Who are you?" The answer isn't about what do you do for a living or what are your hobbies(though that says a lot). It's the essence. I have been chasing the essence of my being. As a virgo I'm inquisitive. I'm a man looking for answers and happiness through completeness. My ideal mate is assertive and compelling in thought and body. Communication is key through the eyes. Our words are seperate and can be inflenced by our personalities but shoudn't impose upon the trust that we can achieve without saying anything at all. Sounds like a pickup line but I live alone in the middle of the rocky mountains. Trying match was a way to abate the winter's isolation and perhaps meet some like-minded people. I don't have much else to say. Life is an adventure. In our demographic we're all on chapter 2 or 3 and can skip the drama. Looking forward to gardening and travelling and enjoying the moment.
Love to talk. Not afraid to be emotional. Strong person without macho insecurity; which I see as a weakness in a male's character. Have nothing to prove. Won all the battle's I needed to win...maybe it took a little longer than usual but I wanted to be sure. Now it's time to get real. If it hadn't been for my decision to live in such an isolated place for so many years I would have settled down a long time ago. My parents are about to be married for 40 years(3/11/12). I've been missing a soul mate and think I have a lot to share. Ready for the next 30 years.

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