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Date people from Ola, United States. I'm a single 19 year old college freshman at Tech in Russelville, Arkansas, and live in Ola, AR. My family and people who know me would say I'm a kind, sweet, caring person. I listen to what people have to say and avoid judging or criticizing them, cause we all have problems.
I am a gentleman. I believe a girl deserves respect and proper treatment, and I like to make a girl feel comftorable while also trying to please her.I tend to spoil a girl I am with. Beautiful girls with great personalities attract me most. I am loyal and trustworthy. I refuse to cheat or play a girl along. I beleive breaking up is easier than cheating.
I can be quiet at times, but once I get to know people I open up and get comtorable. I am easy going and laid back. I am not a partier and I do not drink. I think there are other ways of having fun. I like bein with friends and always enjoy my family, they mean the most to me, so I am always hangin with my fam.
I want a girl that is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. A nice, kind, wise and fun kinda girl. I want a girl I can be myself around and have fun with and trust. I do not enjoy being led on, played, or lied to. Also, I want a girl that gives me straight answers instead of trying to confuse me.

Meet men and women from Ola, United States. Hnm well I'm not very good at this but... I'm a country guy looking for a good woman. One to be faithful and truthful overall my best friend. I work at a juvenile detention center for a living but am becoming a police officer.Yes I'm only 21 but I'm looking for the real thing so to say. I want a real healthy trusting relationship. Even though im young my life and up bringing has forced me to mature faster than others. I'm not a player or a cheater never have been. My grandparents raised me like they were raised so I'm an old style traditional southern gentleman I open doors both car or house doors just to give you an example of how I was raised.If you wanna know anything else just ask.

Date people from Ola, United States. Blatant honesty:
My gut tells me that it's unattractive for me to just list all of my qualities outright. But then, how I see ME is a big part of who I am. You might as well know it up front.
A huge capacity for love/affection.
Not afraid to cry/not a cry-baby
Great genes
Natural musical/artistic talent
Massive life experience
Considerate/intuitive lover
Very healthy
Believe in God
Not religious/zealous
Rarely angry
Great since of humor
Financially stable
Not materialistic
Very open-mindedTolerant
I have to work at clear communication
I can be unmotivated
I am easily blinded to my own mistakes/flaws
I am opinionated and stubborn
I swear like a sailor at times (but I can hold it back when I need to)
I have a skeleton or two in my closet. (although, I guess it's not in your closet if you're willing to say it)
This blatant, Pro/Con style of describing myself is not like me at all. I tend to be passive and fairly quiet (not shy, just quiet) most of the time. I dream vividly of a better world with more peace and understanding/tolerance. I try to apply those dreams to myself - which usually means I'm politically correct and not very blunt. However, my small close circle of friends - the people I can trust to love me and not get offended by what I say and do - know me as a visionary. And, I'd like to think we are all trying to make the world a better place - one example at a time. We can't change people, but we can be responsible and change ourselves for the better....and still have a f$%#ing blast in the process.
A few words about my lifestyle:
From the outside, most people would see me as a square. I don't have any piercings or tattoos (that you can see). I dress conservatively and do my hair conservatively.
However......(this is where it gets tricky - keep in mind, I'm just trying to be honest from the start. Some of the things I am about to list were "young and stupid" moments, but many are not. I don't regret my life or my decisions. I have learned valuable lessons and gained valuable experience from each decision and each action. There are things that I would do differently, but I don't believe in feeling guilty about my past. It's a waste of time)....
I have...
...done more drugs than not (if you want the list, just ask)
...donated weeks of my time (at once) to people who are unable to help themselves
...a black belt in Tae Kwon Do
...ridden with the Hell's Angels
...never been in a [real] fight
...had a loaded gun pointed in my face
...never stolen from anyone or cheated anyone
...spent the night in jail
...loved with all my heart
...never cheated on anyone
...driven over 150 mph in traffic
...wanted to die
...had a couple (ok, 3) one-night stands
...carried a briefcase full of cash
...looked into a person's eyes and knew he was lying
...ridden a bicycle over 250 miles in one go
...built a mansion with my own hands
...built a church with my own hands
...hiked the Pacific Crest Trail
...made and lost two fortunes
...completed a triathlon
...performed in front of thousands of people
...gone skinny dipping
...There's more, but that's enough.
None of the above is intended for bragging rights. I actually don't think any of those things are very impressive.
Here's the kicker: I need a woman who can hang with me. I need a woman who wants to throw caution to the wind and LIVE. I don't want to spend my life wishing and planning. I don't want to try to fit things in nice neat little boxes. I still intend to make life mistakes occasionally.
What I won't ever do is take my lover for granted, cheat on her, abuse her, lie to her, hold her down, or hold her back - to the best of my ability, so help me God.
I take love seriously and I give it everything I've got. Sometimes it means I get a burning hole in my chest for a heart. ...

Meet a soulmate from Ola, United States. Im spontaneous person. Love the outdoors. Work 6alot days week. Would considered working less if met the right person. Outgoing its not all about me. Enjoy taking of and seeing things cooking out. Or going out. Japanese food i like. Movies concerts.

Date men and women from Arkansas, United States. im a christian try to go to church every sunday im also a poultry and cattle farmer so im busy alot of the time ! my hobbys are deer and turkey hunting ! i spend alot of time outdoors ! i enjoy being outdoors ! the time i spend hunting is therapy for me enjoying nature and gods creation !

Meet a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. I'm quite till I get to know you. I'm looking for a friend, and hope it turns out to be more. I'm buying a home with just 4 more years till it's payed off, yay!! I have my own auto. Sooo I'm not here to find someone to support me. I have 5 kids, 3 are grown. The other two are 8 and 4. They live with their mother's, and visit me on weekends. My 20 yr old son lives with me, but is hardly ever home. Mostly to eat and sleep lol.

Date single man from United States. Recently devoriced about a year ago! Drawing medical disability not much going on while hunting
season is almost closed. Just hanging with friends !! And taking easy during this cold spell. Ready for spring.

Meet men and women from United States. my name is doug i live in ola i am a truck driver i havent done over road in over seven years so i am home every night and weekends even if i drive all week i still like to take long rides in the hills or take a good long ride on the four weeler big truck job little truck adventure iv got a lot of likes and would like to meet someone to share them with.

Date a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. Easy going and laid back I do not like drama or problems. Iam am looking for a friend I can spen some quality time with a couple of times a month. I live alone and I am very happy doing so. But I do miss having someone to talk to and laugh with.

Meet people from United States. my name is brandi im 27 140lbs and short 5'5 almost so i might need your help reaching the top shelf i love life and it might be cuz im a little crazy but i realy just call it fun. im new to my area and would love to meet someone who can be real with me on every level. i am who i am and sometimes thats a princess and sometimes im just a mess thats reality but if u realy want to know abt me put on your big boy pants and get at me oh and please dont forget your smile

Date men and women from Arkansas, United States. Well first and foremost l love the Lord and because of Him l have 3 wonderful kidos who are the center of my world they keep me running with ballgames and practices and outdoor adventures. I basically consider myself to be a redneck...l love camping hunting fishing mudding four wheeling hiking swimming and just about any kind of sports. I have a passion for anything camo and l love Chevys. I enjoy riding motorcycles over the mountains and through Arkansas.l love going to church and calling the hogs...l presently attend Arkansas Tech University persuing a teaching degree and one day hope to attain my masters in special education. I am generally an upbeat out going kind of gal who enjoys seeing and trying new things and places. Im recently im kind of new at this....just looking for someone who enjoys life as much as l do.... a good old country boy who is driven and motivated to achieve their personal goals in life. Anything else just ask me.

Meet a soulmate from Ola, United States. Farm Country Girl!!! Before you go getting too crazy, I am not a big fan of freezing my tail off to hunt, but if you like to that is AWESOME!! You kill it, I can grill it or batter and fry it! I think it is important to be self sufficient and while I am not totally there yet, I do try to be ready for the creek to rise, the road to wash out, or the economy just going to total crap.
I have my own business that I work from home, which allows me to enjoy the country air and the critters. I work A LOT, so it will be important to understand that I am on call most of the time with my phone sounding off a lot. A good margarita on the back porch at night is a fantastic way to wind down.
I like back roading--if you don't know what that consist of I can teach you and we can take my truck if you don't want to get yours dirty. I enjoy singing A LOT.
You must have your man card! That doesn't mean you have to be John Wayne. There are a lot of ways to be manly without being a caveman.
It all starts with Friendship!!!

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