Date men from United States / Alabama / Opelika, 25 year old

Date a guy from Opelika, United States. tall,black handsome cute funny cool down to heart like to have fun go travel bar go out to eat have a drink not to much feel free to ask me anything non kids own place and own cars, i want a short pretty girl who like to cook and go out to bar and stuff like that

Meet single boy from Opelika, United States. I am an honest person who enjoys helping others, and my ideal match and I would have that in common. I am pretty knowledgable about a wide variety of topics. I've got many skills that will come in handy in life. I try to be a well rounded individual who knows a little bit about everything. Of course, nobody knows everything! I hope that my partner has an interest in learning new things. I can't stand someone who is ignorant about something and has no interest to learn, especially when it could prove beneficial...
I have gone through some changes over the last six to eight months. My outlook on things has been wandering a little bit lately. I guess this is what they call growing up. Either way, I do have some character flaws, but everyone does. Sometimes I can come off as a little abrasive. I've got a big mouth sometimes. Also, I am as stubborn as a mule. Sometimes, these traits get me into trouble...
On the plus side, I try to be forward with people. I don't like to beat around the bush when I speak. I don't like telling lies. I don't like to misinform anyone, so I try to keep myself informed about things. Also, I actually know how to read, write and speak English. (Which is more than I can say about most people in this area!) I can get my point across pretty well.
Even though it still happens, I try not to be critical of others because a lot of times, things aren't just what they seem. I try to be tolerant of different lifestyles. To each his own... After all, we really aren't very different from one another. We all bleed the same color...
I do have quite a few skills and I try to expand on that continually. I am into computers. I studied computer science in high school, so it wasn't exactly college level, but I did learn a great deal about what makes computers work. I also studied computer maintenance, so the repair side is familiar to me also... I guess you could say I'm both hardware and software trained. I know a pretty good bit about windows operating systems and how they behave, and I can customize their functionality. I can find just about anything on the internet. If its out there, more or less, I'll find it.
I have built and repaired several electrical and/or electronic circuits (yes there is a difference), and I have a pretty firm grasp on how electricity behaves. It is predictable. I don't like cutting corners on these kinds of things because it can get dangerous in a hurry!
I was in the high school choir for a few years, and in many other music classes all through school. I do enjoy singing (for real) and playing either guitar or keyboard. I'm not really that good at any of it, but some people say that's not true... I do have a musical ear.
As far as what I'm looking for in a woman, my ideal partner is not interested in being wasteful. I need a partner who is interested in starting small. There really is no need to go into debt for anything. Most women are in a big hurry to buy a new car and a new house and all that crap. Instead of taking out a 30 year mortgage, why not just save up and buy land outright? Then put a house on it... I definitely refuse to go into debt for an automobile. My partner would not have to drive a Mercedez-Benz or a BMW in order to feel loved. Basically, I'm saying that I'm interested in living a minimalist lifestyle. Consumerism is destroying this country, and I am interested in participating in that as little as possible. (And it's not for the sake of the country either...) I'm not saying that we can't have nice things. I'm simply saying that financially, we have to be wise and not live above our means... Besides, many things that society believes to be nice really aren't nice at all. I hope my match has either had her eyes opened or has at least begun to see the picture. Things are not what they seem... I can assure you.

Date a soulmate from Opelika, United States. I just moved to the Auburn Area from South Georgia via South Florida.
I'm probably the most easy going person that you'll ever meet, but am also the most energetic person that you'll ever meet and kind of a goof, but that's what make life interesting and fun. I love to work out, stay active, hang out, play guitar, pretty much anything that keep my mind and body sharp and in constant motion.
All in all I'm looking for someone with a great sense of humor and is not afraid to sweat a little in the gym. Someone who is down-to-earth and someone I can learn from.