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Date a man from Alabama, United States. Im easy going fun loving guy like to dance ride motorcycles throw darts play golf anything outdoors.Looking for someone to have fun with and see where it takes us.I work out take , to do things with my two sons 19,and 13.If you like movies dinners,evens at home with candles email me. Someone who like to know how to be with some one and care about that person ,someone who likes to take walks hold hands,sitting at home curlded up watching movie or out dancing They like romantic evenings like to be cooked for and pampered

Meet single man from Alabama, United States. I am a nice guy. I am old school in that I believe a good woman should always be treated with respect, honesty, and kindness. I am in good shape and I am at a time in my life to relax and try to get more out of life. I love to travel, could live contented on the beach or in the mountains, I enjoy most outdoor activities, I love trying new places/things to do/new foods, I love to read, draw, and listen to all types of music (not big on rap), and I love to dance (but, I sure could use some lessons). I am a romantic. I love the the simple things, especially if I am sharing the moments with someone special. I want to be with a woman that will be thrill to be on a special vacation or having me hold her hand in the grocery store.

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. I am from here, moved away, moved back. Love to meet someone for friendship and companionship. I have a strong shoulder when you need one to lean on and a soft heart when you need understanding and compassion. I love to share and most of all make you laugh.

Meet a soulmate from Alabama, United States. Artistic and open minded individual seeking friendly companion who can be conversant in the arts and is open to non-conventional / nontraditional lifestyle - that means, work may be sporadic or constant - feast or famine, but always there somewhere. Retirement is not an option by choice, not necessity. Might be here today and tomorrow and then gone for a couple of weeks. Comfortable at home or out and about - prefer quiet times to hubbub.

Date a man from United States. Like everyone else here, I'm looking to find someone that I can look forward to being with.
I enjoy the sun, sand, and water, which is the reason I moved to Gulf Shores.
I am a father to a wonderful girl. She lives in Miami and we stay in touch frequently.
Things people have told me about myself (only the good things, of course): I'm upbeat, I have a good sense of humor, I have a good heart, I look ten years younger than my age, and they enjoy my company.
I have done some interesting things and have some interesting accomplishments in my life. I've traveled a bit, and I keep trying to live a full life. I can be spontaneous and easily get in the car for a weekend excursion.
I'm looking for somebody that's not too rigid in their ways.
It's a nice feeling to look across a room at someone and know that that person is feeling the same. I would like that a lot.
I'm pretty close to my family and speak with my daughter, brother, and sister often. I enjoy my nieces and nephews and think of family as important and necessary in my life.
It's all about chemistry. You never know who that special person will be, and it doesn't take too long to know when the chemistry's there. You just hope everything else is there too.
I'm a creative person and love the thought of being able to create something out of nothing. It just feels good. I've written two non-fiction books, the first was self-published but the second was published by a major publishing house. I just completed writing a screenplay, and have begun writing a novel based on my screen play.
It would be nice to see a photo. Mine were taken the first week of September, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Meet single man from United States. Well what an order... No big breasted, blond, bubble headed Mercedes drivers needed. I admit I like the tall school teacher type. I would say I am looking for someone who is looking to live in a safe and friendly universe and would like a new a new friend to explore and enjoy life with. I am very comfortable with women who are secure in there sexuality and I am very gentle with others who for what ever reason are still learning about intimacy.
Yea I am looking for the one not into multiple relationships, just too messy.

Date someone special from United States. I was with my wife for twenty years raised three kids and was living the american dream a house ten acres two cars and four dogs but in 2004 I had a very bad car accident the subsequent medical care maxed out a million dollar insurance policy and left us in deep financial trouble and the constant medical needs put a strain on my marriage that it could not stand in the divorce I gave everything to my wife so that she could care for my daughter it took years but I am back on my feet and would like to find that certain some one to share my life with I am intelligent my last measured iq test was good enough for Mensa I am some what well read and I love good discussion I tend to be logical in my thinking I have been in management most of my life I stay within five pounds of my ideal weight I'm a Izod and jeans kind of guy but do clean up well when needed I wore a suit and tie for most of my work I was raised an Army brat and lived in Germany for seven years.when I was younger I like good restaurants and a movie when I can and I would like to have some company some one to hold hands with in the dark of the theater some one to cuddle with on rainy afternoons and wake up to in the morning it has been a long lonely time for me and now the rest of my life is back on track I'm ready to fill that empty spot in my life now I see a lot of profiles that make money important money cannot buy love and if that is what life is about for you I am not the man for you life can be full without a six figure income there are many adventures left in this life come share them with me

Meet a soulmate from United States. The attached "self portraits" were taken on 11/15/2011.
Who am I?..... I'm a caring, giving person who will do all for family and friends without hesitation. Young at heart and in mindset, I'm often told I look younger than my actual age. I'm laid back and easy going, but can be impulsive and spontaneous. My sense of humor has been known to go a bit off the wall at times. If you ask me my opinion on a given subject or matter, my answer will be straightforward and an honest one. I'd say that I am middle-of-the-road politically, but do lean conservative. Don't do, and have never done drugs. Not into the bar scene. Most importantly.... I don't mind growing old physically, but I refuse to "grow up."
I am retired (but looking forward to starting a new business soon), responsible, debt free, and don't have any baggage.
I'm the type of guy who enjoys opening doors for a lady, or taking her arm or hand to escort her across the street.... Or just giving a hug for no reason. I believe any form of a relationship is best built slowly.... One has to know the other before a emotional or physical relationship develops, Whatever is meant to happen, will happen... Or won't.
I enjoy late afternoon or at sunset walks at the beach or sitting to listen to the surf. Attending concerts, going site seeing, and visits to museums and historical sites. When dining out, it will usually be Mexican, Chinese or seafood, But it could be sushi, Italian or occasionally a steak.
I like most all styles of music (except for rap). Movies.... most categories (prefer the classics and comedies.) TV, when I do watch it will be usually be NCIS, History, Discovery, Fox News, DYI, and Food channels. My hobby interests include model making and photography.
My family roots are in the Alabama, but I was born and raised in Southern California where I lived until my mid-thirties. I would consider relocating back to the Western US.... to the Southern Nevada area. Looking for a reason to keep me in the South.
If you have any questions, all you need do is to ask.

. The pictures...the sunset is over the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Tanzania, Africa! The flower bush is a lilac! Lilacs don't grow well at all in the South...but this one does! Of course, there are stories behind these..., why I am here? Some of us, I would hope, are here with a sincere desire for a special connection. If you're one then read on about some of what appeals to me. Are you familiar with this? Do you believe something can be forever lasting? A forever love? :)
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."
If you are familiar with those words then read on a little more...
You are a kind and gentle spirit, someone who cares about others and makes an effort to help if you can. You are compassionate and passionate as well...for what you believe in and who you are with. You are educated and capable. You are forward thinking and positive. You are mindful of others and the affects we have on each other. You are tolerant but also know injustices when they arise. You have strong convictions...
Well, I guess that's enough for now. You're human too as am I. A forgiving spirit is helpful as we're all rife with weaknesses and make mistakes. I know I have.
Do you have a dream? I have a dream of a mountain home someday (in Tennessee). It would be just grand to have a partner to explore property with and then design a home together. It would be jequally grand to travel too as there are so many places to know, "Oh, the places we will go!" :-)
My work...hmm, it's important as it's something like a mission. I'm in education and am building something rather interesting as it has potential to impact young people all over the world. It's what took me to Africa last summer and has taken me all over this country over the last few years. A few more pieces to fall in place and maybe we can turn it on...
Well, maybe this is enough to write here. We can only give a glimpse of ourselves anyway. Hope to hear from you...
Oh, War Eagle!!

. I was originaly an Iowa farm boy who decided a farm was too limiting and went to university and graduate school. Since that time I have not looked back. I am Blond if not a little sparse, blue eyes and a smile is my normal expression. I have lived in Europe and both coasts and I have settled in Alabama and called it home.

I’m a reasonably intelligent, dedicated man who has worked hard to serve my family and my country as best as I possibly can. I have great appreciation and passion for life and would like to find a woman who enjoys getting the most out of every single day. I love to laugh and have fun and want a woman who has a great sense of humor…someone who would rather have a smile on her face than focus on the negative in a situation. I like someone who has a great wit and can keep me on my toes. I hope to find someone who I can talk to about anything and everything that’s going on in our lives and in the world around us. Ultimately, I’m looking for that special woman who knows how to take a big bite out of life and enjoy every minute of it. I want a partner who can be my best friend and so much more. While there has to be a certain level of physical attraction, it’s our ability to connect on an emotional and intellectual level that will keep us going in the long run.
Before we can keep anything going, though, we have to get things started. If you’re ready for a kind, caring and responsible man in your life and like to laugh and have fun, too, then let’s talk and see where things go!

. MAY 2012 UPDATE:I'm recovering from Heart Surgery and won't be checking for or replying to messages for some time. The prognosis is good, it's just going to take some time. Thanks!
This may be more than you really care to know (lol), but here goes -- Born and raised in NC, I moved to Birmingham in October of 2011 after 12 years in Atlanta, South FL, North FL and New Orleans.
I'm a Sales Training Manager with a Fortune 50 company that I've worked with for the past 19 years. I've had 15 different job titles and reported to 18 different offices in those years [I'm either really versatile or I'm not very good at anything, but I'm just too nice to fire -- LOL].I really enjoy what I do.
I'm 6' tall, 235 pounds,with blue/green eyes, dark blonde/light brown hair, and average looks (in other words,people don't come asking for my autograph thinking I'm a model - but they don't shriek and run away either). By the way, my primary pic was taken in March of 2012.
I have a pretty good sense of humor.I love to tell jokes [sometimes a little corny, I'll admit] and recount funny family stories.I have been known to laugh until tears run down my face :)
I enjoy various types of live or recorded music (listening--no musical ability, I hate to say). If you need a trivia partner with a pretty good knowledge of lyrics and musical groups [especially from the 60's and 70's], I may be your guy.
I enjoy going to movies. However,if you somehow talk me into going to see a horror/slasher movie, you'll have to tell me what's happening, 'cause I'll almost certainly have my eyes closed!!! I really like action films [Braveheart, the Bourne series, James Bond, for example], but I actually like romantic comedies as well [i.e.You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle]. And know this, even if we JUST finished dinner, I MUST have popcorn and a soft drink at the movies!!!
I think "The West Wing" was one of the best shows on TV (what will I do now that it's over?!?!). I also enjoyed "Ed", a quirky comedy about one man's quest to find "true love". And even though I usually know the plot within the first 30-45 seconds [because I've seen them so many times] - I STILL enjoy "Seinfeld" episodes. I enjoy watching sports on TV.
I believe that Sean Connery was the best James Bond (although I liked Pierce Brosnan in that role as well). If you think Roger Moore was the best James Bond I worry about any long-term future for us! LOL
I love playing board games and cards with friends and family (however, in fairness I must tell you that I'm kinda competitive). I enjoy an occasional night out [dinner and a movie, theater, etc.] or hanging at home.
My family is extremely important to me, so I understand that yours is important to you (as it should be). You having children is certainly no prerequisite, but it's fine with me if you do. I like kids, younger or older ones.
Okay--more than enough about me,what about you?
Looking for friends from mid 40's to early 50's. Dinner, movies, music, theater, sporting events, etc. would all be activities I'd enjoy sharing with you.
You certainly don't have to be a big sports fan. However, if you are and you DESPISE either the UNC Tarheels and/or the Carolina Panthers, I may have to make it my life's mission to show you the error of your ways!!!! And, I haven't been in Birmingham long enough to establish either an Alabama or Auburn affinity,so I'm trainable - LOL!
Tell me about yourself.Likes,dislikes,favorites?
I would hope you are a basically happy person,because I am.
If you're interested in meeting, let's have lunch one Saturday or Sunday,or dinner almost any night.It'll give us a chance to talk and get to know one another a little. Based on this profile, it may seem that I'm WAY too talkative,but you'll find that I'm a pretty good listener!! Try me!
IF something develops between us that's fine. If not--well hey, I can always use more friends!!

. At work I'm a serious person, but away from that, I love to have fun, adventure. I'm a very gentle kind person, likes to show tenderness, respect, attention.
I have designed alot hardware for various military organizations.
I'm looking for a serious relationship, someone that we both can share the fun times and what life has to offer.
I like to go sailing, swimming, enjoy the outdoors, music, still a drummer.
I am grateful what life has given so far, and hope it continues

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