Date men from United States / Alabama, 70 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. After a long marriage, I am simply desiring an opportunity to meet someone interesting, someone positive, and someone that enjoys life.
You probably would agree that a cup of coffee at Starbucks is adventuresome enough to quickly determine if there is any chemistry for a dinner.
Although I am retired, my entire career was as a computer technical leader with many major banks, including Citicorp, Sun Banks, and most recently BBVA/Compass where I was a Senior Vice President. I continue to love and stay active with technology.
Since I am financially independent, my interest in a companion is to share, enjoy, and live life to the fullest. I am not looking to replace my wife of 43 years; rather adding to the love of life we both enjoyed.
I am not a hunk but I can be a lot of fun and make you laugh by not taking ourselves too seriously.
I am - because of my wife - a devout Christian, have a great sense of fairness and due to her, my softer side is visible that allowes me to love, to cry, to not be over judging of others. I am now able to smile again after losing her knowing that she would have wanted me to continue to live, to love and to share.
ps...I do not respond to profiles without pictures.

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. i 3ant to meet a nice sweet lady as a commpantionthat loves talking qnd drinking coffee aqboiut the way thew country iw happens to be going the wrong way.i am not ve4ry gooe q5 thi8s writing

Date single man from Alabama, United States. Its been my good fortune to have had a successful business career. That is winding down now. I'm ready to enjoy all life has to offer.
I marvel so at the vastness and diversity of this universe and the intricacy of life itself. I love to learn more about these things.
The balance of life will be to enjoy the fruits of my labor through travel and meeting and relating to interesting people. I want to share my resources and essence with others. Life has so much yet to offer and I'm ready to get started - with just the right lifetime parner.
I recently acquired management free retail real estate off loopnet. I found this in Memphis of all places. I never had been there and never would have looked there. But that is where the ideal purchase for me was found. This would not have been possible without the internet. Can this same universal (and accurate) search be done for just the right life partner?
So where will this search take me? We shall see. I will do my part. Will you be a part of it? It could be the trip of a lifetime.

Meet a man from Alabama, United States. Starting another chapter in my book of life. Had some good times and some bad times. I now am enjoying some very good times and would like someone to enjoy them with me. I am a country gentleman and know how to treat a lady. I enjoy what life has to offer and try to make the best of everyday. I like a good glass of wine, a cold beer.. I especially enjoy the company of a southern lady. I am adventurous and enjoy going places and doing things that I have never experienced. Enjoy laughter, and making people laugh. Its good for the soul. I believe in God, and thank him for every day. Looking for someone to enjoy with me, what the next day may bring. Grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and now live on the gulf coast. Work everyday and enjoy my time off. Working on my bucket list and making it longer. Enjoy traveling, movies, theater, picnics, camping, golfing, baseball, football, and my Harley.
There.s nothing like fine dining and a romantic evening with someone who you care for and she also cares for you. How sweet it is. If you would like to see what the next day may bring, just let me know.

Date a soulmate from United States. Active, healthy, energetic, honest, and sincere gentleman looking for that special person to enjoy life with. I am a sincere believer in trust, honesty and integrity in all that I do, whether it be day to day activities or in a relationship. I'm genuine, romantic, passionate, caring and unassuming, and I want to share these values with that special someone. Enjoy any activity as long as it is being done with that special someone. I am not comfortable with people who play emotional games or infuse drama into every situation. Seeking a mutual relationship based on trust, honesty, friendship, love, compromise, peace and happiness.

Meet someone special from United States. I am loking for someone who is easy going, down to earth,happy, and a good listener,someone who is devoted and honest.I would like someone who iSomeone who is kinds well kept and fairly organized and likes people.I like someone who is positive and enjoys life and is versatile and who likes to share her thoughts and dreams with honesty and sincerity.

Date single man from United States. Kind, compassionate, loving honest to a fault. Enjoy dining out, grilling out, the outdoors, staying in reading a good book. Helping others, teaching a trade to young people that want to better themselves.

Meet a man from United States. College educated likes to travel but enjoys quiet times at home cuddling. Ienjoy God and nature and all that is in between. I have no hidden agendas. What you see is what you.get.
My mate must be honest caring and loving woman with no hidden agendas , no games.

. I am a southerner by birth, widely travelled, was very happily married, am in good health for my age, and am not rigid. I enjoy reading, plays, travel and conversation.
I hope to find someone who is not judgemental, not paranoid, and expects to be treated with dignity and respect and is willing to do the same. I do enjoy an occasional drink but do not find drunkenness amusing, have no patience for gossip, am not controlling and don't need a controller.
In sum, I am not lonely or bored, but would enjoy again having someone to share life with.

. no comment i judge not but await Hopefully fine a person of great understanding due to certain circumstance recently gon thrugh . good humor and happiness for each other sharing and I am not going to write any more other than to say I am going to be very honest in any meetin and of relaionship no shadows or baggage

. I am a widower that was married to my wonderful wife for 44 years. I have been widowed for 5 years. I am a very healthy 68 years old that travels a great deal. I had a very successful business career in animal health and the lumber industries. I retired at 49 years ( following the college graduation of our youngest child). Built 4 houses for the fun of it and stated a hobby business that became quite successful. I restored old classic movies and released them on video (LaserDisc and DVD)- I sold this business - due to my wife's illness. And retired again.
I spend most of my time at my Alabama lake cabin on the Chattahooche River. It's beautiful but can be lonely - so I travel with my 11 year old, one-eyed yellow lab.
I love to cook for my guests. And dine on my boat house.
I am a collector. I collect old movies, old comics, electric trans, old time radio and art.
I have 3 children that have given me 5 wonderful grand children. I'm a 2 drink occassional drinker that does love Bailey's in his coffe.
I have good teeth, all my hair and am healthier than most men 10 years younger - my doctors' opinions. And more active. I swim in the lake (Lake Harding) and hike in the mountains at my SC mountain house.
Speaking of my travels - my dog and I have put 114,000 miles on a new car in 29 months. I love to go and visit.

. I am intelligent, creative, romantic, considerate, polite, and I respect women. I don't smoke. I like to occasionally drink a glass of wine with dinner, but not alone. ...I want to find someone who's comfortable to be around and is easy to talk to.