Date men from United States / Alabama / Florence, 70 year old

Date a man from Florence, United States. I am a mature male with a youthful spirit. I can be strong and daring or quite and gentle. I am confident and secure enough with who I am to allow the other person to be who they are without the need to control. "Live and Let Live" is one of my favorite mottos. I enjoy a good conversation. I consider every person I encounter as a friend who I have not yet met. I am a good listener and I appreciate a good listener. I am very attentive to the person I am with.I am soft spoken, but I get told frequently that it is easy to listen to me when I speak. I am quite affectionate and I enjoy being close and intimate with my partner, but I also appreciate our time apart. I enjoy helping in the kitchen, if I am wanted and permitted. I am good natured, easy going and "laid back". Although retired, I find plenty to keep me busy. I love to travel, be it on a weekend trip to the mountains or beech, or on longer trips to new places. I have a rather large adventurous streak and love taking on new challenges. I learned to fly a small plane when I was a teenager and received my pilot's license. I have wanted to do some parachuting from a plane but have not taken time to do it yet, but I will soon. I am a positive person who does not enjoy a lot of negativity. I have a great sense of humor and appreciate it in others - can be quite funny if I am with someone who compliments that part of myself. Although I am quite content when alone, I enjoy the company of another person - like adding spice to a great dish. I love to have someone with whom I can share my thoughts and feelings when reading a book, watching a movie, planning a trip, experiencing a new adventure, sitting in front of a fire, sharing a meal or a glass of wine, or at the end of the day. Character and Intergrity are essential; personality and great looks are bonuses. Would like to have someone around I could share and ENJOY life with. I love the outdoors. I love hiking/walking in the woods, especially to interesting places, overlooks, waterfalls, caves, etc. (my son calls them "destination hikes"). I like quiet evenings with good conversation, watching a movie or reading a book. I love cuddling, whether watching a movie at home or/and especially on a cold evening with a fire in the fireplace. I love giving compliments and acknowlegements and enjoy receiving the same. I am very tolerant and slow to anger. I have no problem letting someone know that I am unhappy or not pleased with the way something is happening. However, I do that with tact and try diligently not to escalate a tense situation. I enjoy eating out at good restaurants. I also enjoy grilling out when weather permits. I like finding isolated places for a picnic or driving on Sunday afternoons and seeing if I can get lost. I welcome new ideas, suggestions, recommendations and constructive criticism. Life is for LIVING. I am committed to enjoying the rest of my life, whether working, playing, traveling or just relaxing. I know I can do it alone, but I also know that it is a heck of a lot more fun, enjoyable and meaningful when there is someone with whom to share the defeats, difficulties, struggles, victories, joy, and pleasures of life. If this sounds like someone you could enjoy being with, give me a call (or an email) and let's get started.